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We could make a text enaltecendo the soccer. Half half verse, proseados verses chats. with this we would have enough elements and sufficient for a laudatrio text to the advances of Brazil in the pantry of the world. In this and the passed others already. This text could, also, have a patriotic heading: My country.

Something thus: My Country My country has coloring, of beauty without equal. February is joy, is school, is carnival. the time goes passing, repicando berimbau. For the fields, in the bare ones, it has shout in the soccer, therefore the faceira garotada one faces the afternoon of sun and if it shoots against the ball, rolling making goal. My country has five goblets and sixth soon it comes.

We are penta, nobody tasca and it does not have pra plus nobody. Way can Argentina, Italy and France also, that our squadron of gold, canarinhos, said somebody, will raise caneco: it absorbs the finger baby. My country has soccer and the twisted one cries out goal. In one only shout that if raises underneath of the blue sky: We want to bring hexa, is not nothing cheap, but it is the dispute that it counts, in the country, of tip the tip in this great championship. My country, my city, if dresses of green yellow. For the streets, quarters and squares, are everything very beautiful. Child, young and adult, twisting for what she comes. in this world, a ball, in passing of letter, six stars, plus nobody. In my country, in each alley or fertile valley, it has a talent field. While some are had fun others already give show in the wind. If it has one that pedala, another one is bamba in the hat, and the ball enters canelas balances the net in the talent. My country in two a thousand and catorze will host the pantry.

Organized Society

Some social segments need to be represented next to the State to guarantee its claims, rights, necessities, etc. the politics appear with proper History Between the vote and the force of the weapons, all inhabits a varied gamma of forms of actions, developed, historically, that they aim at to decide the demands of the citizens generating a Social Contract that configures the action politics in its basic question: its relation with the consisting power! The politics is a product of History, the institucional apparatus of the State. It privileges and supports the Collective one. Contact information is here: Connecticut Senator. Public good, the social order, the security, the civil laws, all is assured and endorsed in the Constitution that registers and legalizes the actions politics and executive of the State. In a democratic system to be able they need them to be decentralized and operacionalizados, as the nature of its attributions: The Executive, exerted for the President of the Republic and the Ministers of State, has the institucional mission to manage the wealth of the nation, the state treasury, the common wealth and the had application of the taxes natural, aiming at the Common good; The Legislative understands the National Congress: the members of the house of representatives and the senators, whose task is the creation of laws that legitimize to the interests of the society and the rights and duties of the citizens; The Judiciary Power has the incumbency to guarantee the fulfilment of the laws, to fight the crime in all its specialties, to judge the illicit one, also, with the use of the Armed Force, if necessary it will be. To be able constituted them to all they are independent, and harmonic, between itself. The improvement politician of the society contemporary, essential, would have to try to reduce the social inaqualities, the injustices, the racial segregation, the preconception, and the social exclusion, establishing a social order that benefits to all the citizens, guaranteeing, also, these conquests for the future generations

Legal Research

Inevitability of social Progress is determined by the inevitability of victory (in the end, regardless of the possible partial lesions) revolutionary propaganda by the fact that it mainly reflects the truth: the fact of exploitation, its mechanisms of opportunity to build relations of production, excluding the existing forms of exploitation, etc. A counter-revolutionary propaganda mainly reflects misconceptions about the reality: there is no exploitation, that further democratization leads to chaos, idealizes the existing relations of production, etc. Therefore, even just the general development of the social consciousness of the exploited and the natural (unfocused) forms of dissemination of the information revolution, ultimately, will inevitably lead them to realize the truth. Although sometimes with a very talented counter-revolutionary propaganda revolutionary consciousness of the public may experience in its development regressive moments, but endlessly fool the people is impossible. The inevitability of the progressive development of social revolutionary consciousness in particular defined by the inevitable progressive development of social consciousness as a whole. That is as inevitable development (discovery and dissemination) of knowledge of reality as a whole, just as inevitable development (discovery and dissemination) of knowledge about how to destruction of existing forms of exploitation in the society in particular. The driving force of social progress is people's need for social justice, and this need, just like everyone else, can be satisfied only with full awareness of the ways and means to satisfy it by the will of the people who have this need.

And regardless of their will and consciousness, there is no power that can determine are designed to meet this needs work, as an individual, and their various associations. With regard to the formula of social progress Marx: developing the productive forces of society, develop the relations of production, dump them and generate new ones – then it is true, but only to the amendment of Lenin: "the main productive force of all mankind is man, the worker" (1). The main point of mankind's productive forces is the development of public awareness towards the realization that based on this form of ownership relations of production in its development had reached the limit. Looking for a new industrial relations. We need a new form of ownership. Literature 1.V.I.Lenin Complete Works, T.38, s.359 2.A.I.Pershits, al Mongayt, vp Alekseev.

Prehistory. M: High School, 1982. P.175. 3.Tam also p.100. 4.Tam as S.183. 5.K.Marks, Engels Collected Works. T.23. S.189. 6. ga The dialectics of the evolution of wildlife. The essence of the dialectical contradictions; 7. ga Birth of the legal and public authorities. "Joint scientific journal 13, 2006, "Foundation for Legal Research 8. ga Physiology of thinking. "Joint scientific journal 21, 2006, "Foundation for Legal Research;

Social Politics

In this point the paper of the Council member is of vital importance, therefore it must, obligatorily, identify the causes of the familiar disaggregation and search the guiding of viable solutions for the evidenced problems. In such a way it Council member necessary to be duly prepared emotional and spiritual and enabled to the free and ample exercise of its function, counting on the necessary and indispensable instruments to its work, including itself there praised Basic the Social Politics however. To separate the children of a mother, or the parents, is the last measure to be taken and only in extreme cases, therefore this represents a violence stops with that, in the majority of the cases, they are only crying out begging for aid. Cases of Council members To tutor that, for ignorance, unpreparedness and abuse of being able use the ECA as capital punishment instrument need to be identified, to be refuted and definitively extirpados. A new necessary vision to be implanted. Urgently. REDUCTION OF the MISERY Through the perfectioning of the social conditions the new systematics of performance proposal for the Advice will allow a social and economic reorganization of wide reach, therefore it will leave of the valuation of the Human being, with emphasis in the child and the adolescent. Sen. Sherrod Brown recognizes the significance of this.

We cannot continue believing that the economic growth of the country will even generate all the benefits whose lack the entire population if resents, because, the model of effective economic concentration in the country throughout last the four decades privileges only the averages and great cities, for which the investments of the private initiative and the parcel biggest of the public investments are directed. A reordenamento of the Economy if makes urgently necessary to want itself really to invest in the social area and to dream of the elimination of the current inaqualities. We search the perfectioning of animal races (oxen, pigs, birds and others) with sights to the supplying of the population and attainment of bigger profits and fight for the preservation of the environment, but we neglect of the perfectioning of the Human being, exactly the well most precious one, that it needs to grow and if to develop moral and spiritual and this task if becomes more easy when searched through the work and of the Education.

Civil Procedural Code

To sum up, it is necessary to demand that the Lawyers and litigants present/display their demands with the petitionary one clearly and concrete than they request 5 and thus to help quick and effective administration of Justice. It is mortificante and sometimes impossible to back leave the canons that prevail to us, especially when these paradigms are stopping having use at present; the man of modern right must be permeable to the change, to the positive, to create and to accept new paradigms, the right never is static, is more, must go behind the needs of the man, the challenges always are there where one less it thinks, for that reason we must face the new thing abriendo our mind intellect, abriendo our capacity of abstraction, deduction and legal interpretation with speed with effectiveness and efficiency; we are here fulfilling different rolls, we must help us to an the other and serve as the right and the laws to us like instruments to maintain the harmony and peace in society. the Judge will have to take care of that the concrete purpose of the process is to solve a conflict of interests or to eliminate an uncertainty, both with legal relevance, making the substantial rights effective, and that its abstract purpose is to obtain social La Paz in justice. 2 LOUIS JOSSERAND. Straight Civil, Volume I. volume II, 3 MORA’N MORALS, Claudia.

Causal of food exoneration : In. Commented Civil code. Straight of Family Volume III. First Edition. Legal newspaper.

Julio of 2003. P 285) 4 Article VII of the Preliminary Title of the Civil Procedural Code. the Judge must apply the right that it corresponds to the process, although it has not been invoked by the parts or it has been erroneously. Nevertheless, it cannot go beyond the petitionary one nor base its decision on diverse facts of which they have been alleged by the parts. 5 Law 28439 of 28 of December, 2004, Article 2 that interjection 11 modifies: the demand appears in writing and will contain. 5) The petitionary one, that includes/understands the clear determination and makes specific than is requested. Original author and source of the article.

The Future Starts Now

In the decade of 70 the GIP of Brazil, India and China was similar. In the decade of 80 Brazil arrived to have the superior GIP to the ones of China and of India Brazil competed in equality condition, but also it had its delayed industrial development. Today China is a economic, to militate and nuclear power that threat the world-wide economy and India is in the same way. One more time we lose the race. The inevitable question appears: where we erramos? The reply it is not simple and it was not only one reason. But the preponderant factors had been the weakness politics in the international scene and the internal administrative incapacity. While colony, our resources had been drained for and Europe.

After independence, the resources had continued being drained for the exterior, private safes, or wasters. International agreements badly negotiated and disadvantageous, the historical corruption and a gigantic managemental incapacity come atravancando the development of Brazil have 100 years more than. continues reigning, if covering and helping mutually. The politics lost its nobler direction and started to be synonymous of cheap petty politics, always associate the frauds and suspicious transactions excuses. This necessary cycle to be broken. If nothing it will be fact, the mediocrity will create roots and when to wake up, Brazil will be again colony.

Not in the molds of long ago, but yes in the modern molds, with Not Governmental corporations and Organizations dominating and exploring the territory, ours resources and making the laws.

Optimum Agreement

Thus for optimum agreement of the form the induction must be preceded by the experience, beyond the necessity to multiply and to diversify the same ones. The inquiry of the forms thus proceeds: on a given nature a citation must in first place be made exactly before the intellect of all the known instances that agree to one same nature, that meets in similar substances. this collection must historically be made, without premature speculations or too much requinte. (NOVUM ORGANUM, book II, aphorism XI). For this agreement it is basic to practise the true induction, a really probable, susceptvel induction of test that, a understood time the cause, ceases the effect. Thus all coherent experimental research, delimited well must be supported in three boards of inquiry, beyond the resources auxiliary of the agreement of the form. The three boards constitute the central nucleus of the baconiana induction, the method of inquiry of the nature that allowed a correct one knowledge of the phenomena leaving of the concrete facts, such as if give in the experience ascending to the general forms, that constitute its laws and causes, are delimited in the comment of the three boards.

The first board calls it of Presence, it deals with the collect and it collects of great number of facts. The researcher must write down its comments, to organize an exploration of the given nature, and to place questions to this nature, through the accomplishment of experiences, Bacon guides eight ways of comment, that are: Union, variation, prolongation, transference, inversion, compulsion, change of conditions and the repetition. The first step of the inductive method is to collect and to collect the most varied facts.

Civil Code

1) The exoneration comes when the call to do has undergone it remarkable reduction in its income of way like if it continued fulfilling contributing nourishinily would put in danger his own subsistence; this exoneration is given with reference to the survival possibilities that can have the forced one in the most personal form; not talking about the case to the circumstance that the call by law has so many or other obligations that to fulfill those its subsistence puts in risk, because in such case would be declared inadmissible the request; since it would be unjust to award the irresponsible father, who with the argument to have several family expenses cannot fulfill his other obligations nourishing, so that its survival is put in risk. 2) The second case this dice when in the alimentista has disappeared the necessity state and can the forced one to resort before the Jurisdictional Organ asking for his exoneration; some of the alimentista does not talk about here to age, reason why it could be that he is greater or minor; one talks about only the necessity state that has disappeared (although it is temporarily). 3) One third circumstance anticipated by our legislation to grant the food exoneration, and is that exists it stops governing the nourishing pension granted by judicial resolution for the person who has reached the majority of age. However, the law also has taken forecasts on the matter and creates regimes of exception for the previous cases, because the daily life allows that so peculiar events happen; it is so, when subsisted the state of necessity in the alimentistas of legal age or would return to appear in the juniors such circumstance, it will be able to be asked for grants a food pension again to them; and the other situation of exceptional nature occurs when the person of legal age follows studies or it becomes qualified successfully or satisfactorily with the aim of obtaining a profession or office; the obligation nourishing it appears again and it subsists in as much last these studies or qualification of normal and regular way; in order that it can be put into effect this will have to resort to the Jurisdictional Organ and to request itself that the obligation subsists, according to indicates article 483 in fine of the Civil Code..

Deep Municipal

This device never was taken care of with the severity and the necessity that it justifies.Not all the States had created the Deep one of Infancy and Adolescence; the smashing majority of the cities also left WEAVES to create it. Of the 853 mining cities less than 150 they possess Deep Municipal theatre of Infancy and Adolescence and the situation is not different in the too much States. New suggested systematic aims at to eliminate these impediments that until the present date alone had harmed our children and young. 2) QUALIFICATION LACK: A composed team of professionals for general lawyers, doctors pediatrics and physicians, social nurses, politicians, tributaristas, assistants and teachers will elaborate one emends for training of Managers and Actors who will specifically act in the area of Infancy and Youth. This emends will be including, approaching all the inherent aspects to the work; it will have an ample and dynamic boarding, considering the innumerable social realities of the country; will be presented in an accessible and assimilable language for all the types of public, if not disdaining the recurrent values of the regionalisms. The Conanda can assume the elaboration of emends and each CEDCA, without modifying it to it essence, but being able to extend the content, will make the adaptations for one better understanding and easiness of application and implantation in the different regions. 3) INSUFFICIENCY OF SOCIAL POLITICS: She is necessary urgently to rethink basic the social politics, mainly for the cities with inferior population the 20 a thousand inhabitants each one, who are the majority and that they continue living, or in the misery or great difficulties, transferring income and population to the averages and great cities and, in such a way, producing and extending the ominous social consequences that we attend currently. Only through sustainable regional investments, prioritizing the areas most devoid, we will obtain to reduce the poverty and to stimulate the man to remain in its place of origin, annulling or at least reducing the migratory flows and disencumbering the averages and great cities, therefore: ) if the small city to offer minimum conditions of life and work the citizens will not search the cities biggest in search of professional accomplishment for itself and its children: b) the pure and simple transference of the irrisria income already has two negative faces: on the other hand it weakens the city, whose resources gotten next to the State are calculated by the number of inhabitants; on the other hand, the cities that receive the migrants see to appear and to grow slum quarters in the peripheries and if to aggravate all problematic the social one..

Ancient Philosophy

The origins of the classical concept of consciousness lie in ancient philosophy, in which the consciousness of those engaged in mind. Mind is synonymous with the universal laws of harmony. Cosmic world order and reason in the context of ancient culture is transmitted Heraclitean notion of "logos". Logo is both a word and thought and the essence of things. Logos in philosophy – that is objectively given content, the embodiment of reason in the cosmos and at the same time, semantic ordering of life and consciousness. This is opposed to all the senseless and irresponsible in the world and man. The value of the human mind, the foundation of conscious human activity was determined by the degree of his of belonging to the logo. Thus, in the early stages of development of philosophy of strict division of the ideal and the material in the treatment of mental processes was not.

Consciousness, soul and other mental processes Ancient Greek thinkers are often identified with the material (air, movement of atoms). Becomes the dominant natural-philosophical interpretation of the mind. In Democritus, for example, the soul, like other things, consists of atoms having a round shape, so they are able to penetrate everywhere. It is fire and heat. The soul is material, corporeal. Its properties are determined by the nature and form of atoms, their location relative to each other. Soul dies with the body.

With the introduction of the soul as a special effect, dwell in the body of man and animal (and sometimes plants), and move it at bedtime or in the event of death, due to the doctrine of reincarnation – metempsychosis. Country developed by the religio-philosophical metempsychosis – India (ind. terms "samsara", "Karma"). In ancient Greece, some spread of these ideas is due pifagoreystvu, which was characteristic of the first form of metempsychosis: "Any soul can be put on any body." In Heraclitus is a kind of protest against such an interpretation: "The heroic death, the better share." For the first time in ancient philosophy the distinction between processes consciousness inherent in the human and material phenomena, was scheduled Sophists. On the uniqueness of acts of consciousness compared to natural processes indicates Socrates. The objective content of acts of consciousness in Plato placed in special world of ideas, opposed to all the material, is unreasonable. The soul of man, according to Plato, as a special supernatural intelligent entity exists prior to man and beyond. The human body as separate things, is temporary incarnation, the seat of eternal souls. Plato, like other thinkers of antiquity, the cosmic mind, is synonymous with the universal laws and order. Just as for the whole cosmos disembodied mind is the prime mover, the source of harmony, each individual soul is the mind too, Plato active principle governing human behavior.

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