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On Compulsory Pension Insurance

Permission to hire foreign workers canceled in case of: – filing a declaration by the employer – liquidation or termination of an individual entrepreneur – to identify the employer submission of false information when applying for authorization to attract and use of foreign workers – the employer of foreign workers outside the subject (subjects) of the , in which he allowed them to attract – failure to eliminate the employer violations in a timely manner. Gainful employment of foreign nationals in the Russian Federation assumes the realization of one of the fundamental rights of the employee and employer responsibilities under compulsory Social security of workers (Article 22 of the cc RF). According to paragraph 2 of article 6 of the Act of July 16, 1999 165-FZ

“On the basis of compulsory social insurance” to the insured persons belong, along with the citizens Russian Federation, foreign citizens and stateless persons who work under labor contracts, those self-employed, or other categories of citizens whose attitudes on mandatory social insurance arise in accordance with federal laws on specific types of compulsory social insurance. Consequently, social insurance also applies to foreign nationals working under employment contracts in the Russian Federation. Therefore, the employer is not exempt from the unified social tax. According to paragraph 1 of Article 7 of the Federal Law of 15 December 2001 167-FZ “On Compulsory Pension Insurance in the Russian Federation “(hereinafter – the Law 167-FZ), the insured persons (persons who are covered by compulsory pension insurance in accordance with the Act) in addition to citizens of the Russian Federation are residing in the territory of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens and stateless persons employed under an employment contract or a contract of civil law whose subject is execution of works and services, as well as an author’s contract..

Limited Liability Companies

Probably everyone who knows what the recording company, is familiar with the concept of share capital. This term occurs in the constituent documents of absolutely all businesses. Without it, it does not do any tent with a beer or Oil Company. What is the share capital, try to understand. To begin with, that all the activities of legal persons, in particular, Ltd., regulated by existing legislation, namely the Federal Law 14-FZ “On Limited Liability Companies “on 02.08.1998 and the Civil Code. Expanding the concept llc, we conclude that an organizational-legal form of society, having a share capital, the size and shape, as well as distribution among the participants identified statutes. In practice, this means the following. Member or Members of society gathered at the founding meeting or making a decision alone determine how way they will shape the share capital.

Can make money or securities, and may any of its property or various rights having monetary value. Cost contributed property is determined all members of society and should be unanimously accepted by the general meeting. The next question is the size of the share capital. Law 14-FZ, clearly defines the minimum size of 100 minimum wages on day of application for registration of the llc to the registering authority. To date, this amounts to 10,000 rubles. This provision is intended to ensure the availability of property by a legal entity, in case of infringement of the interests of third parties. It should be noted that for certain activities, usually requiring the licensing, the minimum charter capital is increased. For example, in Moscow on small businesses for licensed to sell alcoholic beverages is required authorized capital of not less than 300,000 rubles. This is a very effective tool for market regulation. You’ve got to say that the parties are responsible for the company’s obligations only to the extent of its interest in the share capital, ie, the risk to those with money and property that they have made. If the number of participants exceeds the size of the contribution of each one Party may be strictly defined, or may impose restrictions on the increase or decrease in the proportion as well as changing relations between the shares of the participants or the number of participants. Such restrictions should contain articles of incorporation.

Existing law prescribes at the time of registration of the llc to make a share capital of not less than half of the total. Funds remaining members must make during the first year of existence of society. If you can not satisfy this condition, society must either reduce the size of its share capital by making changes in the constituent documents, or log in of another company by merger, or cease operations. Equity capital is one of the most important indicators of the company, determining the stability of this company as an internal and to external factors affecting income and profitability, showing the ratio of participants to their partners. The presence of large capital should ensure a stable existence of the company, its harmonic injection in today’s fast-growing economy.

Professional Liability For The Use Of Unlicensed Sulfuric

In recent months, in the Odessa region began mass inspection of enterprises Interior bodies with the aim of detecting the production, storage, transportation, purchasing, sales (vacation) and use without a license sulfuric and hydrochloric acid, acetone and other precursor drugs and psychotropic substances as defined in the Schedule, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of 06.05.2000, 770. Detection of such facts with respect to head of the company instituted a professional case. 1. The legal rationale for obtaining a license: Regulation of the cm of 06.05.2000, 770 approved the List of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, which determined that acetone, sulfuric and hydrochloric acid are the precursors. In addition, substances which contain no less than 10% of the precursors identified in the Schedule, subject to the same monitoring activities, as well as precursors.

In accordance with Part 3, Art. 7 of the Law of Ukraine "On narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors" activity on the treatment of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances listed in Tables ii and iii of the List, and precursors included in table iv of the List, by legal entities of all forms of property if they have a license to carry out related activities, unless otherwise provided by this Act. Also paragraph 23 of Article 9 of Law of Ukraine "On licensing certain types of economic activity," found that the license shall be subject to the following activities: cultivation of the plants listed in table number 2 of the List development, production, manufacture, storage, transportation, purchase, sale (rental), into the territory of Ukraine, the export from the territory of Ukraine, use, destruction of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and Precursors included in this list. .

Prince Ivan

But so it happened that the majority of murders in our household, mostly family. Did the death of Prince Ivan the Terrible, a staff of his father – not the same banal 'bytovuha? Oh, quick-tempered, our people, hot, especially in the drunk Somehow tv showed an elderly man, they decided thirty years his offspring through the hammer. Charles Rangel may help you with your research. Said that, well, not like this result, villainy hath created it in anger. Or other noble appearance. Sweating bitter tears, recalled his wife, and especially – as it is superbly prepared, but on that fateful day had left him with no dinner. Apparently forgotten recipes. I had to kill a lot of examples. You do not have to hope that this cup you surely pass. All the while we dwell in anger, in the opinion of the philosopher, 'short madness. " 'It kills not I killed my hands, "- such explanations judge heard enough. As a rule, life's dramas take place on quite simple enough scenario: booze – a quarrel – murder (shot, stabbed, strangled, drowned, burned, folded, etc.). And to avoid such tragic outcomes, not superfluous to remember one of the commandments of the ancient Hindus: 'Win anger soft, evil – the good, greed – the generosity, the lies – the truth. " That is, be generous and patient, try to understand people, and understand everything – then half forgive, not to bring the situation to an absurd extreme. Death always close fotoNemalo souls go to heaven because of someone's rampant jealousy of the disease, that 'like the plague, as a black spleen, fever, as damage to the mind.

Ukrainian Citizens

A relatively small number of Ukrainian citizens know that they have a state-guaranteed right to allocate and free land privatization. According to the article. 121 of the of Ukraine (ZKU) Ukrainian citizens have the right to free transfer of land from the lands of the state or municipal property. In this case, depending on the needs that are planned to take part being privatized, determined and the size of allocated sites. Thus, it is understood that the land will be used to: 1) farming (size determined by the size of a land share (unit) specific for members of agricultural enterprises located in rural, township or city council, where the farm), and 2) subsidiary farming (no more than 2.0 hectares), 3) gardening reference (not more than 0.12 hectare), 4) construction and maintenance of a dwelling house, outbuildings and structures (yard) (in the villages – no more than 0,25 hectares, the villages – no more – 0,15 hectares, in the cities – no more than 0,10 ha), 5) individual country construction (no more than 0.10 hectare), 6) construction of individual garages (not more than 0.01 hectare). According to the article. 118 zku citizens, applicants for land must submit application to the appropriate district, Kiev and Sevastopol city state administration, or village, settlement, the city council on the location of the land. The application includes the desired the size and intended use of the site. Local councils, in turn, must verify the validity of the statements of the citizen and to consider the materials submitted within 1 month and render its decision. In the case of satisfactory Council's response given permission to develop land privatization project commissioned by a special citizens' organizations with appropriate licenses. Transfer of the same land plots to citizens is only after the approval of the project of privatization of land for consideration by local councils also have a period of 1 month. In addition, the project land allocation must be consistent with the agency for land resources, environmental and sanitary bodies, architecture and cultural heritage protection. Representatives of local councils make an entry in land record document – the Book of civil registration. Thus, citizens receive state act on the right of private ownership of land. This document provides and registers the relevant local council. Possible differences between formal and actual size settle again, the local councils. It remains to add that in the event of executive authority or local authority in the transfer of land ownership or abandonment of the application without considering the issue is resolved in court. Documents required for registration of land privatization citizens: 1. Technical note from the town of affiliation bti area of land. 2. Technical documentation of the size of the land, which must be agreed in the management of urban architecture. 3. A copy of the passport and an identification code owners houses. 4. Statement.

Eventually You Will Find the Right Work

If the responsibility for transport would be the employer – the owner of a taxi, he would try to reduce the probability of such incidents to a minimum. And then the drivers with little experience of driving a passenger will not be admitted, must be organized and predreysovy poslereysovy physical, appropriate selection and admission will be vehicles to transport passengers. The employment contract also guarantees workers’ rights in the sphere of social insurance, pensions, employment rights. In addition, only if the employment contract will be valid waybill issued by the driver of the vehicle after passing them predreysovogo physical examination and an inspection of the vehicle control mechanic. Is not an obstacle for a taxi driver and a permanent place of work.

Labor legislation provides employment opportunities part-time employee. In this case, an employment agreement is again required. In this case, the employee himself can decide what work he will be the main (there will be work-book), and which – more. The main thing is to make it legal. What check today, a taxi driver on the streets and car parks of the city? The presence of a taximeter in the car? The right business? Confirmation of tax payment? Encashment proceeds of transportation? Licensed to work in Eventually? None. Do the drivers of cars with disparate identification signs “taxi” and advertising dispatchers only check the presence of a licensed card. Do not focuses on the documentary confirmation of the specific vehicle and its driver’s license listed in the card company-licensee.

Deputy Chief

From 1 January 2008 to take effect become a second phase of commissioning of the changes in the cao. Some of the results summarized at the press conference, Deputy Chief ugibdd atc in the Ryazan region police colonel Esakov. He said that the situation is changing for the better. However, for the first nine months of 2007 in the Ryazan region there were more than 1500 accident victims, which killed 336 people and over 2000 injuries of varying severity. Compared to the same period of 2006 the number of accidents rose by 8.6%. To trace what changes have been sent to the cao is not difficult – it’s driving while intoxicated (according ugibdd the first nine months of this year in Ryazan of 5,300 drivers arrested while driving drunk while another 2300 people have refused to undergo a medical examination) and speeding. On the background of changes in driver behavior it became increasingly clear division into a disciplined and disciplined. Many drivers (regardless of brand cars, sex and age) will still continue to violate.

Note that the predicate offenses leading to the accident are not in exceeding the speed limit by 10-20 km / h (there are cases when setting speed limits is absurd in these road conditions) and not in the driver a little drunk (as shown by many tests of a small number of Alcohol increases the concentration of a driver working as antideprisant), and in the banal boorishness on the road! Nontransmission pedestrians on the ‘zebra’, do not use the direction indicators, the sharp evolution of the series in a row, and so. are sometimes attendant facts many accidents with personal injury. Suffer usually disciplined citizens (the real culprits are often even in the case did not appear, as to prove their involvement can be very difficult). For which has been amended? That would bring order to the roads or a way to gather additional ‘tribute’ to the drivers? Can stimulate the work of traffic police, the inspectors who, because of ” lazy 20 minutes to prove the offender it guilt? Analyzing introduced an amendment may be noted that the fight against Hammami not thrown a single line. But it should be noted that the new rules being felt – in places where there are no positions the speed drops to a position 60, and right up to 50! The reason an increase in the number of traffic police posts on our roads. If before their afternoon with fire you will not find, now behind every bush for a flat road. At the traffic police have the motivation to work. One would be happy if the positions were not only ‘in bush ‘, but also throughout the city. The number of cars patrolling the city fell (if not to say that just disappeared). Once again, a good law seems to be flawed execution. Hama both went freely, and will travel. A disciplined drivers will give way to them Whatever it was, not the amount of the fine penalty, and in his presence. That sentence stems from the fact of repeated violations. Thus the conclusion is that for restore order increasing fines task was to stimulate job is dps. Their activity or lack thereof, fundamentally affect the order in the city. Another reservation were denied, and what the road will be the order of depends only on them.

Family Code

In Ukraine, the conclusion of the marriage contract is not very popular. Primarily because they do not correspond to moral principles of the majority. After all, the family – an alliance built on trust and love, it would seem, some here may be contract. But the statistics consistently shows that in many cases, a divorce the spouses is difficult to reach consensus, often one of them left with nothing on the street. Yes, and in everyday family life, sometimes at times there are cases when one spouse materially prejudice the other. That in order to avoid similar incidents and there is a prenuptial agreement. According to the Family Code of Ukraine marriage contract may be individuals who have filed application for marriage registration, as well as spouses.

Treaty regulates property relations between spouses, as well as on the content of children. Contract must be made in written form and be certified notarized. In the marriage contract can be defined property which the wife, the husband passes for use on general family needs, as well as the legal regime of property donated by the spouses in relation to the registration of marriage. If housing, in which the family resides belongs to one of the spouses, the contract can specify rules for using this housing. For text of the treaty, of course, better to see a specialist who listened to your requests, among other things, tells how to better regulate property relations in each particular case. Importantly, remember that the marriage contract – a mutual agreement, and you with your other half at any moment can to change its terms and conditions or terminate it altogether. Modify the contract at the initiative of one spouse can only be in court and in the case of his interests or the interests of children. Do not you want to somehow to secure its future and their children? Think about it. The marriage contract does not imply a divorce, but only simplifies things a bit relations between spouses. It can not provide personal relations, this sphere remains at your full disposal. And only you personally depends on how strong and harmonious would your family.

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