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First Theme Park

Magician dreams come true for fans of the magic book series around the eponymous hero Harry Potter in Orlando is to fulfill a dream in the spring of 2010. Then, the first and so far the only Harry Potter theme park opens its doors in Florida. Amazon is often quoted as being for or against this. The travel portal reisen.de reports on the highlights of future amusement parks. As part of that islands of Adventures is universal in the US city of Orlando, the new area include the Roman scene of Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and the forbidden forest. So that expanded Orlando Resort, at the Universal Studios Florida and the universal includes CityWalk, to another attraction universal. The area where the visitors start their journey through the mysterious world of the famous magic student is five acres.

This includes the possibility to learn what fear was in the forbidden forest, or to visit the unique village of Hogsmeade. As in the novel, “Three broom” butter beer on the table comes in the magician Pub. It is also worthwhile to visit Madam joke shop and the taking the infamous extendable ears more closely scrutinized. In addition download chocolate frogs in the honey pot to the feast and enroll the Hogwarts official stamps in the OWL post to the letters. For the more adventurous, the roller coaster “The challenge of the Dragon” offers a unique opportunity during the Triwizard Tournament close to recreate Harry Potter’s adventures. A visit to Olivanders wand shop is just as exciting. There, visitors can observe how the wands look at their future owners. More information: ../article/948 contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

January Airport Parking

Super early bird offer various Airparks parking hotels and parking am-Flughafen.de offering online specialist for airport hotels and parking his customers this year a super early bookers rate on various Airparks car parks at. Customers who from now until January 31, 2009, book and travel in the period to April 19, 2009 until December 31, 2009, will receive a price advantage of 11,-compared to the normal rate. Return deadline is the December 31, 2009. All parking areas are secured and the offers include a free shuttle service to the airport and back. So are parking in Munich from 26,-or 15 days parking from 43,-8 days booked parking on the Airparks. At Dusseldorf Airport, the customer can choose whether 8 days on the Airparks Park parking Dusseldorf from 31,-or 15 days from the 47,-itself, or whether the car for only 3,-charge will be parked by the authorized service personnel. Furthermore, will the auto dish at the Airparks ServiceParken throughout the entire Stay safe custody.

In Frankfurt parking Frankfurt, as well as the Airparks Griesheim South to provide guests the Airparks. On two parking, travellers can park 8 days from 33,-, as well as 15 days from 43,-. Customers who prefer covered parking their cars, can book the Airparks parking Frankfurt for 8 days from 39,-and 15 days from 54,-. 8 days from 27,-and 15 days from 34,-available on the customer 8 days from 35,-, as well as 15 days from 64,-parking Airparks Stuttgart are the Airparks Car Park Hanover.

Tropical Paradise

The small sleepy fishing village Weligama on Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean is offered on the website by Diroll tourist excursions and overnight target from as little as 5,-in the large combination package per person. In the travel package is the transfer from the railway station of Weligama and back included in the typical TUC TUC, a city and shopping tour in the simple but very reasonably priced shops on-site as well as a temple visit, and also the overnight in the small guest house with the locals. Afternoon invites the beach and the Bay of Pandu to swimming. In the evening, a dinner in the village of Weligama on the coastal road is intended (not included in the price). The night takes place at the private guesthouse with shower / toilet and hot water, located directly on the tropical River and promotional price is included from 5,-. Staying for 3 days = 2 nights are available at the special price of 17,-for the called package per person.

The regular price for the interesting tour package is ubriegens 75,-for 2 nights! This Travel special is ideal to for example the nearby colonial city Galle with the Fort to look at, to test the beaches of Unawatuna and Pandu, or also to take a trip into the Yale game reserve. To book this coveted introductory offer at the special price of 5,-, a travel booking of a package holiday on the West Coast such as in Bentota, Beruwela or also Hikkaduwa for at least 1 week is also required. But also for this Asia experts provides already holiday – and air travel at travel prices, such as the 4 * beach and comfort Hotel \”Riverina\” for 2 weeks from 813,-including the flight from Frankfurt, transfers and accommodation in a double room with half-board at departure in June 2008 Ayurvedic treatment packages can advance with be booked or receive appropriate advice and recommendations from specialists.

Jet Caribbean

The most beautiful holiday destinations just a click away with the holiday it is in something like with the food: the tastes are different. One loves a relaxing Beach holiday and controls may be always the same destination year after year, the next like to relax on a cruise ship and the third prefers adventurous and embarks on any holiday to another country, as much as possible from our planet to discover and get to know. Anything else is pretty much the same when making this comparison: taste can not fight. However, there are some regions in the world that we want to say to the top destinations”are worth at any time once a visit. Travel book in the Caribbean mostly very pleasant warm weather aside from a holiday in the Caribbean offers a lot more.

The people in the Caribbean are friendly and there is always music in the air”. For travelers who prefer to spend a vacation on the beach, are the snow-white beaches in the Caribbean the ideal place to the Relax and the underwater world invites divers u breathtaking excursions… But also, who like adventurous or want to learn a lot from a culture, finds in the Caribbean the right vacation destination. As tourists, it is not difficult to move in many countries of the Caribbean in the footsteps of the locals and the first Spanish explorers. Still impressive bathed, witnesses from the time of Christopher Columbus. Holidays in Africa: a continent that does not let one go hear Africa, thinks a sweltering heat, pyramids and wild animals. All not quite wrong, although there are regions in Africa, where the climate quite mild is.

Who has ever visited this continent, knows the feeling, which give one when you think back on this trip. Africa never lets one go, because there so many different impressions and experiences made on the journey, that you a lifetime will remember back. The land of opportunity: the United States the United States as a tourist destination are ambivalent about seen. The one dream of the route 66 to Jet down to try his luck in Las Vegas, or to go shopping in the Big Apple. A holiday in the United States consider others would never, ever, pull for whatever reason. But the flavors are as previously mentioned, different and it cannot be disputed of course, that the United States a land of superlatives, which are worth a visit in any case. Holiday book in the old country”: Europe last but not least the travelers should look even on the home continent or even in their own country for a holiday. Because Europe has pretty much everything to offer, no matter what kind of vacation is preferred. Here can be found for people who are interested in culture, for people who want adventurous travel book for example to Norway or Sweden, relax on a beach and trips, which allow a wonderful winter holiday to spend travel travel. In this way Europe will all in one holiday continent probably one”of the travel arrangements not should be forgotten.

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