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The Pilot Amv Jonathan Barragan Gets The Medal Bronze In The Supercross Solidarity Of Madrid

More than 5,000 fans attended, yesterday, to the Palace of the sports of the community of Madrid which hosted the 19th edition of the solidary Supercross. The most important figures of world Motocross, among them the insurer of motorcycles and quads AMV Jonathan Barragan pilot, got large doses of emotions to an audience completely entregado.2.000 cubic metres of Earth that covered the Palace of sports, over one hundred trucks of Earth used for the mounting and 30 containers strategically placed in the circuit, which formed the basis of the jumpsthey are some representative data that show the magnitude of the event. The 19th edition of the competition saw 12 of the best drivers in this discipline are vying for precious throne solidarity after performing 2 sleeves of 12 laps each. The pilot AMV Jonathan Barragan, who was the runner-up in the last edition, had to settle for the third position final. Josh Hill Californian pilot was second while that gold medal the current world champion took her from MX2 Marvin Musquin. The AMV pilot, could not shine in the first two rounds, despite being very comfortable with his new mount.

Later, in a Face to Face of the most exciting, Barragan, Florien Richie, Josh Hill, Joan Cros, Manu Rivas, Maxime Lesage, Marvin Musquin and Carlos Campano faced by couples in sinuous Madrid circuit. The purpose of the event was basically, raise funds for the Association of spinal cord injuries and great physical Madrid handicapped (ASPAYM-Madrid) and the charitable foundation by a smile in Africa. Part of the money raised from the solidary Supercross XIX, will go towards the purchase of vehicles adapted for disabled people and projects of cooperation and development in the African continent. Jonathan Barragan (Kawasaki, Supercross rated third in Madrid): has been a duel exciting despite not having much luck in the first two rounds. Josh Hill and Marvin Musquin have been fantastic, I congratulate them because they have been piloted in wonder. The base, from which the event was created has a solidarity purpose to which we must support. I think that the different associations, sponsors and the community of Madrid, are building a path of long-haul, of vital importance for those who need it most. For our part, we are delighted to be able to contribute our grain of sand to the project.

Wedding Dresses

2010 Trends in bridal fashion, which can be seen in parades and collections of dresses, presented a radical change to the classic image of an innocent bride in white.This new Millennium seems to breathe freedom, and after the first decade, the spotlight seems to be pointing to the brides. Away from what is known, new trends show us brides dresses full of personality, where white, smooth and uniform dresses seem to be the last option. The combination of colors is the protagonist of these parades, including the red and even black, which were chosen more by Jordi Dalmau, Duyos, Camila Elbaz and star Roch; either painted with original designs, as we showed Jorge Terra. Another option can seem delicate embroidery with beadwork. Also noticed the tendency to hand Raimond Bundo and Devota & Lomba ocher colors.

Very outside traditional found wedding dresses shorts or short forward and long at the back, tableados or pleats, puff skirts and the necklines closed with buttons, in the form of heart or with a just taut. In addition to the Japanese-style that brought us Charo Peres.To combine with these quirky wedding dresses, some designers spared in hats, big bows, Crystal brooches and decorations with flowers.Apparently, new brides, will manage to be all eyes on your most special day. Now the time to leave behind old conventions and renew the somewhat archaic and ancient image we have of the bride entering the altar. However, there will be many brides who will prefer the traditional white of lifelong marriages. At Amazon you will find additional information. The traditions are always difficult to change; they not only have to unlearn their own ideas, but also they would have to fight against family members, friends and other persojanes whose gossip unwieldy which, supposedly, will be one of the happiest days of his life.

The Power Of The Congruence

Congruence between what we say, think and do is essential for the achievement of the goals and objectives in our lives. When what you say does not agree with what you are doing you lose power, you lose credibility. When that ask the universe with your words this marred by what you think really inside of you, things you wish you were not. Consistency between what you say with your words, you think in your mind and do in the real world when you act, becomes a powerful beam which crosses a Prism and light the flame of the manifestation in the pages of your life, only when the three points and are aligned towards one place, toward a common goal. On one occasion I was with a friend, and asked that he thought about women and quickly answered me: the women? They are all about witches, this friend even though you try having a partner and do many positive statements cost you much have a harmonious and healthy relationship with someone who thinks that she is a witch in her unconscious! You can imagine! , I likewise heard in countless of opportunities to very close friends asking the universe the love of their lives, but when they provoke them, openly manifest men are about dogs, or are animals, so verbatim, then as the universe will conspire to the achievement of love with such unconscious thoughts dancing in mind and in your heart? Likewise happens to money and financial success, the person who fails to rise above what investigationg survival level, is often by that inside the thoughts about money are opposite and contradictory with your beliefs and values more profound. That to do then? If you would like to achieve consistency in mind, words and action? Definitely with the self-observation.

Faculty that we have human beings to act as silent witnesses of our thoughts, words and actions. He begins to observe your thoughts on an issue of vital importance for you. record them in a journal, above all those subtle, those that are constantly bombarding your psyche and that both run, run not even you realize that they exist, but they will undermine your ability to achieve your goals, those thoughts which, it is worth comparing, are like a noisy air-conditioning, you get used to the noise and do you think that does not exist, but the noise is there, interfering in your dream. The self-observation allows us to put a stop to those ideas that fall incessantly dripping on our mind and allows us to keep the boat headed to fruition. Self-observation allows us to take actions and measures to heal the internal and external contradictions. The observation car you can practise it through meditation. But better still, observe you constantly hear you when you speak, observe your thoughts, observes your actions, and accurate if there is congruence between what you ask to the universe and what you do and say.

United Nations Security Council

If the water is vital to health and housing, much higher quality is much better. For this reason, you want to help with a series of filter systems for debugging by full chlorine, lime, sediments, bacteria and toxic particles into the public mains supply. In this way, you can have an excellent water quality in your home. How protect your facilities and appliances for the plumbers, lime and sediments are silent but implacable enemies. Over time accumulate in pipes, coils or parts of appliances such as washing machine, and they can destroy them completely. Lime in the water circuit is especially harmful in areas of hard water. But it is also easy to completely eliminate these problems by installing the appropriate filters. Tea cobntamos the characteristics of some few: filter anti-sedimentos.

Removes airborne particles that are detrimental to the pipes. Installed at the entrance of the House connection. Water softener. Deletes 99% lime. It is advisable to install a filter antisedimento before to ensure their proper functioning. Installed at the entrance of water. Antifouling filters. They protect all the deposition of lime House appliances.

Connects between the tap and tube of each appliance. Combined double filter. It removes airborne particles and prevents scale. Installed between the tap and tube feeding of each appliance. Water treatment plant. Complete system with UV treatment. Destroys the bacteria in water for drinking and protects facilities to eliminate scale and lime. how to improve the quality of the tap water? If you take care of your food and your health, you will understand the importance of consuming water in the best possible conditions. The different filtration systems treated drinking water supplied through the public network to achieve higher quality water. These systems of reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, filter tap, filter pitchers, etc. are easy to install and maintain even more than. This is an good employment of plumbers. In an essay of a few years ago, lucid and prematurely deceased historian Tony Judt pondered some aspects of United States foreign policy in the early 1970s. They were, you must remember, years in which the foreign policy was (rather than never neither before nor after) in the opaque hands of two men: President Richard Nixon and his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (national security adviser above). From the secret extension offer work for plumbers (at the back of the Congress) of the war to Cambodia in 1970, until the 1973 Paris agreements, for supposedly agree a way out of the Viet Nam war, passing through the international recognition of Mao’s China (permanent) member of the United Nations Security Council, and ending with the debacle (not defeat(: debacle) of United States in Southeast Asia.


It is better The question of the future (or present) of the children and their education – a basic that connects your young family and parents. However, each has its own views, principles and priorities. And the mother-son forced to share with the "foreign woman" does not accept the need to give her the same and their grandchildren. If it weighs on you, convincing bear "right now", to clearly identify its (of course, common with her man) position: "We understand your feelings, but in the next couple of years Child did not start planning. " And after the baby born with a newly-minted grandmother developed a unified strategy of education, rather convincingly suggest to her and mind you its reasonable adjustments.

And yet, no amateur! When she realizes that you are not simply cast it to the dustbin of history, and appreciate the experience and felt instantly become a reliable assistant and ally. A grandmother's assistance in child care, must agree, is important. 72% Women-in-law were able to establish good relations. Scout catchphrase: "That's just I do not need to deceive to hang!" what does IT: At acquaintance found out your biography to the fifth generation, recorded the passport data and fingerprinted. My son asked how much he comes home from work and where were you on Saturday at 14-00, then asks the same questions you and compares readings. When the case certainly "nastuchit" it to you. If the bride does not wish suspected, but an ally, it would start with a zeal to deliver "intelligence information" on your part: as he is in kindergarten fell in love with Masha from a nearby yard, said that his ex when she found out about your union, and with whom she had seen him on the street last week.


So a very interesting question, I decided to pick it up. Many people, when I worked as a jeweler called me with a question: – I have a dark ring, perhaps I was deceived, gold does not darken, but I have and so on My head comes a story from the mid 90-ies of the 20 th century, when they were dashing 90's and customers often become people with professional experience – 'Bandits', and so once I did the same customer seal, and it comes two weeks after the adoption of order and not very happy that the gold was dark and brown. I naturally have always worked with the test metal and was sure to sample the product, but the man was convinced of the contrary. As a result, we have made independent examination of this product and it concluded that was wrong. As it turned out he had health problems and of course gold is dark, when a person has such a problem. So when you have a dark gold, causes can be much, but if you did not buy gold ornaments on sale in Turkey or elsewhere – ever. Typically manufacturers and sellers do not want problems with gostorginspektsiey and and vparivat you will not! This is simply as an indicator of how the first call you are not yet very pleasant. Therefore, take care of yourself and all you will be fine!

Golden Wedding

"She stood at the plate in his ironed apron, cooking, as usual, a few dishes at a time. It was a normal day. But not for her! She was waiting for this day for a month. You bet! After all, today's visitors come all of your favorite relatives – children, grandchildren. The whole family is so rare in the collection, but she (and her favorite also, though apparently it does not show) misses the family and pleased to meet each and every call. – And what is there to eat? – My husband comes from room Manima seductive scents prepared dishes.

– Do you have wiped the dust and put the table? – Put your hands on your hips and pushing his gray eyebrows on the bridge, she said. Suddenly there was a sharp ring at the door. – Come, see, who's come to us! "Golden wedding – it's little wonder the modern world. Amid so many couples whose love has not stood the test of strength and those who may have separated the death, there are a handful of people whose marriage has shifted fifty-year milestone. And it's a miracle happens in your family! Make this day memorable for their heroes. After all, you see, this pair are the real heroes! How to make a golden wedding celebration of this memorable and event? Of course, arrange a holiday with gifts! In tradition, this day is supposed to mark a circle of children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, best friends and, of course, witnesses.

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