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You don’t want him to, you know what hurts be unrequited and from your powerful post, soon feel much you keep calling you, how you put the willies you across your path and see in their eyes a full submission and one desperate supplication. Etched fire chasing the impossible to well safeguard the survival of our species is in our genes. So, now you know it: If you want away from your life to someone who is annoying, tell him that you want him. In the majority of cases, it will serve to make it disappear. Now, if someone tells you who you are in love with go up to the seventh heaven with more momentum than a NASA warehouse. The mantra of the loves me, loves me, loves me! will not stop ringing in your head.

Both peleareis by who comes more, who sacrificed more to make happy the other. No honey, I love you more. On the only occasion that does not have any effect is when you know the one who tells you uses it as a compliment. Husband, wife, anniversary, flowers, chocolates, a love between teeth, confusingly whispered to the ear with a volatile cheeks rubbing. Already and I also you.

It is the best of the te quieros because produces relief. A deception between two built that leaves live and breathe. Poor of the unrequited lover to confess his love wanting to cause joy, not located but loneliness! And it is that love is selfish. It is as if the community of neighbors tells you you want. Are you the President. Oh, well, what. To I care for all. Which tells you I love not just the phrase. You would have to add at all hours. I want your body, your eyes, your thoughts, your attention, your time. I hear that I attend, I mimes, which you spend only to me. Come, man! And what is left for me? Your love, that I have asked or I searched? It is as if I have a bike in the lot of a hypermarket. And if I don’t like motorcycles? They already make me bother me in performing a lot of paperwork and seeking buyer. Conclusion: Never give that you are not asked. If they don’t need, they won’t want to use it. If you give with all your good intention, they will use it by decency and they will immediately begin to detest it. That, If not pull directly into the trash. Or if not they give it to another. Pity that love isn’t interchangeable! Do you want me to? Already, but it is making me not no failure. You better not want my friend Paco, which is very lacking in love?. The human being longs always difficult to get. If you love someone and want to make you happy, do not tell. There are thousand ways to see him and check it before you hear it. The beloved is known wanted unless they say so. Love looks, feels, feels. Better do not tell, and if you want to experience such a splendid state of hormonal Merrymaking, crosses his fingers to not hear it, even from someone who I love in secret. Craves, longs, hopes, dreams: once you have it you know: you fix a new target. While neither you say nor they tell you, you can still enjoy.


For many people it is difficult to accept that the abundance is present, is possible that they begin to argue an endless ones of situations where is not indicated the wealth, those situations occur because the people conscious and unconsciously insist on an opposite idea to the creative forces of the universe. From a philosophical point of view Andrew Corentt I declare to us that the wealth exists therefore is, in his book I am Happy, I I am Rico, then from the reading of this book you will learn the processes of mental and inner development that allow you abrir their conscience and thus to begin to undergo wonderful things in their life. You will be able to observe that this world is full of opportunities that are necessary to coordinate a series of conscious efforts to aim to see beyond the obvious thing, in fact at each place of the planet always only exist appropriate conditions so that diverse gifts can be operated in wonderful form. Please visit Richard Blumenthal if you seek more information. It is important that you know clearly that the opportunity is necessary to conquer it, does not only try yourself to read a paragraph of a book and to leave to street and to see as thousands of opportunities touch our door, the truth that does not work of that form, so that the world offers a series to him of opportunities before you you must demolish great obstacles that only are you are same you. I can assure to him that if you are painter, sculptor, accountant, engineer, economist, lecturer, etc. Exist million people who are anxious to contract of their services, then Why you do not see them? Because inner not yet it is convinced of his own idea of then success its message that it sends to the universe is too lukewarm. Andrew Corentt in his book I Am Happy, I I am Rico teaches the mental processes to us to obtain an enormous conviction and of that form to be in the capacity to materialize and to make reality all our dreams, this life must be one pleasing experience if you use his internal power suitably.

The Fox

For there came a pig Huayatan also came out in his defense, but in his mind he had the intentions of handling it, because his ambition was to have filled an entire chanchitas swineherd, only for him. People such as Sen. Sherrod Brown would likely agree. He was the most luxurious, but also the most skillful. He even had a joke to fool the fox who lived by the Cahuide. As had the consent of the sheep, at last campaign committee named in the deer. Arrival elections, the candidates offered the Moor gold, some grass offered throughout the year, that they would reach her home, to not have to walk to the fields to pick or eat, so they avoided wear down their feet and hooves.

Offered to another candidate under Chucorampi the biggest cave in when it rains everyone guarezcan and are also not freezing cold in the cold. The candidate who was posing as the friend of all proclaimed that if given the government of the people would give them hot water every day so you do not catch cold in the icy winters. And so on, all candidates seeking to improve their presentation, whether to the fox, which is the animal most cunning thief, who had been launched of the people by being a thief along with his brothers, had returned to town very plump and intended to govern the community. But did not the pig, and had gone ahead and had the spokesman and campaign manager by the way the deer had been favored by foxes in many robberies, but now betrayed them more money for giving his new protector.


Freedom? Freedom consists where you can make almost everything, established in rules that same it imposed. You can smoke, established in the hour that to give will to it, but looks at later the result of the bombing in the pulmes and in agreement. You can drink, but nor always the liver goes to want to deoppilate, it also can if ‘ ‘ encher’ ‘ of the trick and empapuar. Freedom is to be where to want well, but well-taken care of not to be confined in the gratings that its proper censorship created. It sings and it sings, until a throat to be rouca, but the freedom does not allow that let us hear discords and nor plastic songs. You can love who wanting, but the neighbor of the side already has owner, then if she does not risk literally in the love, because you can die of love. Freedom allows you to make what to want, but it does not want to dream of that will not be able to carry through. You can become a fool in the life.

He dreams of the probable one and he waits the impossible one, thus what to come more will be profit. Freedom consists of you to make everything, but all it can cause moral undertow. You can be what to want, but the weight de a Cruz alone you can load. Not escancare the doors of your life, therefore can enter who you does not want. It keeps half-opened the windows of the heart, pra that when you to call it you can look at and to know who calls to it. It walks with its identity, but it creates a personage to conquer the society. It keeps to its dreams and joys in a bank, therefore the sadness in data moment can come to assault to it. Freedom is to be able to order everything pra that place, but before it tries to listen to the sound of the life and perceives that it already ordered to it has much time.

It imprisons its desires and it domesticates its yearnings, the freedom and the libertinism walks side by side. You can beat in the bathroom, but well-taken care of that it is always busy in the hour that if more necessary. Therefore he always calls before entering. The freedom allows you to make what to give in the roofing tile, but before it places flagstone in its conscience, because the rock breaks glass roofs. He keeps then to its bodoque! Freedom consists of making everything that you want, established in the dictatorship that it imposed. The constitution of the life imprisons more than what the laws judicial that we create.


The most used browser after Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, seems to have its ultiva version release date: number four (which is now in the phase of testing or beta). The beta has been longer than expected, which has enabled to develop and fix errors that could raise the software.She has also been very progressive since it has allowed, apart from integrating more news, see how has gone extending by other languages (since it was only at the beginning in English) test today’s session has concluded, with all systems will be prepared for the launch of Firefox 4 on March 22, said the senior director of the FoundationDamon Sicore. The most prized novelty of Firefox, is obviously your new design: more modern, useful and that can be organized. It is also worth mentioning their internal news, and you can not see at first glance as greater compatibility with websites and CMS, better performance and accessibility (which until now could give problems) to all these developments, You will have to wait to next Tuesday’s March 22, where, if there is no any serious incident, will be releasing version 4 officially. _ _ _ TecnoAct news Spain (www.tecnoact.

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