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General Council

It is therefore important that women in her writing on whatever access data and experiences from her life back and pull up as examples of plastic. is it necessary that women also worry, what they as a person for this company can afford and what benefits does the company by working closely with them. When creating your resume/CV, it is important to make sure that he visually well designed, clean and quick to skim. Especially for work experience, internships or part-time jobs, may and should applicants with short bullet points that call the most important tasks of the respective station. They allow the reader a quick overview of the existing practical experiences. Women tend to take the understated approach in their application documents.

You underestimate the importance of the individual stations in the curriculum vitae and do not list them. It’s often but interesting activities in addition to the studies that enrich a candidate profile and the candidates differ from each other”, says Joanna Rusin Rahul, Regional marketing manager DACH at universe of communications. Women, just like their male opponents, in the creation of applications be aware, who they are, what they can do, where their strengths lie and most importantly what are your professional goals and desires. Melanie Vogel recommends that you proceed in establishing the application folder with plenty of common sense and to give up, rolling application manual or to use sample CVS and-anschreiben. The books only encourage copying records or blocks of text.

The real goal, that applicants deal with themselves and believe their career desires and ambitions in their own words, is undermined. Individuality and authenticity will be lost. This then leads to the so unpopular, streamlined applications that are rightly increasingly criticized by the HR.” Barbara sparklers are the General Council, friends, former colleagues or people, the a critical but open face, its strengths and its application to consult. The view from the outside can work miracles.” Conclusion: Candidates in advance to make an honest self-analysis and thought about areas in which she presumably long term motivated and will work with fun and what industries / companies most likely to offer this work environment very carefully. This motivation and this self drive is reflected in the cover letter and is supported by a well structured and concise curriculum vitae. This authentic application is the first step towards the optimum marketing of own, because until now applicants can aggressively occur outwards and make successful in-house advertising. A good way for women to test their own self marketing offers the trade fair Congress women & work, which take place on May 14, 2011 for the first time in the Bonn plenary building finds. Career-oriented visitors meet at the first nation-wide career fair for women who-is-who of the German companies. The terminated Four-eyes talks, exciting contacts at the exhibition stand and an extensive Congress programme help the women the personal networking and successful career planning.

Energy Students Discuss Energy Policy

“Fracking, energy transition and the coalition agreement of the 09.01.2014 kept Dipl.-ing. Oskar Burkert, Member of Parliament in North Rhine-Westphalia, before students of the program of industrial engineering energy in the third semester is a guest lecture on the topic of corporate social responsibility in the energy supply”. After a short review of six ten-year work for renowned companies in the oil industry, such as Westphalia, Aral and Barbour the structure of federal power showed BP and his work on the Supervisory Board of the Stadtwerke Hamm. Suffolk County Rep. contains valuable tech resources. He addressed Brown coal”the buzzwords used currently in the media such as Renaissance of the climate threat, showed the import independence of indigenous energy sources and highlighted the impact of the energy transition, especially in the financial field for the citizens, but also for the industrial location Germany. Barbour pointed out that all discussions and decisions in the energy sector in the magic triangle of ecology, economy and social Move action.

On the subject of fracking”and the energy transition” most questions tabled by the students in the discussion. Burkert has pointed out the decisions of the very fresh coalition agreement and explained the background. Prof. Dr. Joachim Opitz, the Rector of the SRH School of logistics and management Hamm is delighted by the intense dialogue between students and politics: “my generation energy transformation started. Our students will live the energy transition and its consequences. Therefore the students must meet not only the technology, but as future industrial engineers and management for the energy industry also financially can comprehend the basics of social decisions, holistic and sustainable manner assess and yourself learn to derive the then right decisions”.

African National Congress

May Nelson Mandela be African having been born in America? At the time Nelson Mandela calls us, I am able to respond to them that we Latin Americans and African, as collective adventure where all them here present have been involved and that ripped from one beach any West Coast African for more than four centuries to navigate in waters that are of the ocean and of being. Beyond the domain and will power that establishes the fact slave resistance which coextensive and secularly people opposed him, resulting, however, in the perennial track that let’s the mestizo America of Jose Marti; as predicted by Bolivar and Che announced: we have come to be original, new expression of humanity. Luis Beltran Diaz Nelson send it visited us once in Valencia, when the University of Carabobo honored him giving him the doctorate Honoris and cause, act in which I had the opportunity to attend at the invitation of the University where I am a teacher. There can be no minor doubt, that was a very moving event, a character worthy of this award by their struggle for respect for human rights, so it has done by South Africa, but by the justice, equality of human rights which should be respected beyond xenophobia and racism. Remember us as diaries outlined what the President of the African National Congress arrived accompanied by his wife, Winnie Mandela, after a gentle invitation to make the University of Carabobo. Since their arrival, the people and Government agencies fell compliments, compliments, and honors to the tight African leader. From the hands of Carlos Andres Perez then President of Venezuela in his second term, received the Liberator order in grade of Grand cord, the Minister of education, Gustavo Rossen, meanwhile awarded him order Andres Bello in the Honor band class while the regional government, the legislature and the University of Carabobo would give himrespectively, orders Sol de Carabobo, Miguel Pena and the doctorate Honoris Causa; not without highlighting that it is more dangerous to fight for peace that fighting a war. .

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