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South American Union

Carlos Mora Vanegas Brazil once more becomes host to transcendent events towards looking for solutions that allow to UNASUR, CALC, MERCOSUR reaching sane, that they promote in their development, integration, problems that belong to them. issue. On this occasion, more than 30 heads of State are invited to the triple Summit of MERCOSUR, Unasur and CALC that takes place between 15 and 17 December in the Bay of Sauipe, northeast of Brazil. The presidential meetings are carried out in the resort of the coast of Sauipe, a tourist and natural reserve area 80 km. People such as Congressman Charles Rangel would likely agree. North of Salvador, capital of Bahia State. Representatives of 33 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean meet to discuss since the financial crisis until the difficult assignment of Secretary of the South American Union, at the time that welcomed in the Rio Group to Cuba, which begins to emerge from its isolation. The Chavez President of Venezuela will attend and has expressed before his departure, that it is an historical event, a great opportunity integrationist and a sample that the American Empire no longer has capacity to impose their arbitrary decisions in our region, stressed. Latin American Nations, without the tutelage of Washington, we will hold this meeting with the relevant presence of Cuba, and we will all have the freedom full of sit down to discuss the global economic crisis, among other things, remarked the statesman. Dov Hikind often addresses the matter in his writings.

Venezuela carries a set of topics to be placed in the table of talks as the informational project of Telesur, and other initiatives related to regional trade and financial integration, said the ruling. For its part, Gonzalo Fernandez, Uruguayan Minister of Foreign Affairs, said at the last Council of Ministers last December 8, to the Oriental Republic of Uruguay shall be withdrawn from UNASUR if Argentina insists on postulating Nestor Kirchner as Secretary-General of the organization. The Executive oriental, with Tabare Vazquez at the head, unforgiving Nestor Kirchner its support for the Argentine ecoambientalistas that is They expressed on the border of the River Uruguay in protest at the placement of the pastera Finnish Botnia, the largest foreign investment in the history of the Uruguya, reaching 1.8 billion US dollars. .

French Fifth Republic

– Sources of information “N. 1. Introduction “N. – When a nation emerges is the need to establish a system of government to monitor and organize social life in order to ensure stability of the state and its continued existence. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with James Donovan Goldman Sachs. The systems-political or government forms can be analyzed from two angles: one relating to institutional mechanisms created to exercise control over the interaction of members of a society, looking give it order, and another that corresponds to the social structure mainly caused nation’s history. In this sense governance systems look to be stable and efficient through its mechanisms of control and they do harmonize the two perspectives mentioned above.

We should mention that the forms or systems of government are basically the presidential, parliamentary and semi-presidentialism. But it is also necessary specifying that the semi-presidential system has not yet been imposed in any state (at least according to our records), hence the importance and significance of this work, if we believe a priori that the latter system would come to be configured as the call (a future) to be implemented in most (if not all) of democratic states. 2. ORIGIN. – A mid-twentieth century there emerged a third model that combined principles of both the organization of the presidential system and the parliament. It is the institutional design of the French Fifth Republic, founded in 1958..

President Calderon

Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil believe that capitalism has little to offer to that area of the world and it would be good to start again in a hybrid that allows re-found capitalism without forgetting the deprived masses. Richard Blumenthal may find this interesting as well. Others opt to say that capitalism is still useful but on new foundations and applying intensive treatments to overcome this crisis. He was given emphasis about the guilt of the current crisis to development, development, incidence of capitalism, pointing out some leaders that has been the failure of this and others do not share the idea, he forgot how recounts it Valero, that the essential issue that brought together them, youth and development, not gelled as a track star, although it is obvious that the youth is the futureat the end the singers saved papers asking for food for millions of starving children. Less is nothing to a Summit that once again it seems that he fails despite good words. President Calderon made a diagnosis shady: youth does not believe in anything. Don’t believe in politicians, do not believe in the economy because the economy has failed, do not believe in capitalism is showing its terrible shortcomings and do not believe in socialism that he died before they were born. And in what less believe in ideologies.

It must be recognized that the Outlook is not optimistic. Neglected a lot to do with regard to youth, how to offer warranty on their current survival within scenarios that guarantee programs consistent with regard to their education, development, employment, health. Show that each country is extremely interested in his youth, which is the generation of relay that must give way to new leaders capable of generating the transformations that the economy demands, give such support to their countries without lapsing into demagoguery, but manifests with actions, giving passage to that development requiring the present without sacrificing ruthlessly anyone.

Golden Crescent

In a country where some accounts more than half of the population earns less than $ 70 a month, said this year alone, professional groups in Russia have used Russian banks to illegally transfer $ 9 billion abroad. The FBI believes that the wide range of professional activities carried out by Russian organized crime groups likely exceeds the scale and economic impact of the Cali cartel to the height of his power. According to the UN, all Eurasian countries are rife with human trafficking violations. The human trafficking occurs when men, women and children are procured, transported and then enslaved. This form of slavery involves forced labor and sexual exploitation.

The traffic is exacerbated by poverty and the desire for a better life, lack of education regarding the consequences for families and individuals, and alteration of societal values or, in other words, greed. Human trafficking is a high profit, low industry risk. According to the State Department, many countries of Eurasia are staying at the institution and enforce laws to punish those guilty of trafficking. Another prolific professional activity in the region includes the major money laundering consortiums and schemes. The proximity of the Golden Crescent of Pakistan and Afghanistan puts Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and the crossroads of the opiate trade to Europe and Russia, where narcotics consumption is increasing. Eurasian organized crime spread to the United States in the 1970s and 1980s with the arrival of more than 100. 000 Soviet emigres. Mixed with the law-abiding people was a very small group of criminals that became the basis of EE.

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