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Kabbalistic Consumption

If there are a hundred powerful economies on the planet, fifty-one are large companies. But really outrageous is the fact that both dishonesty and little transparent methods that use these companies are brought to society as honest practices, as something to which all human beings should aspire. Somehow they have brainwashed us so that we end up thinking that we have to be at the height of the nearby front and have, as a minimum, the same as he. But how we got to this point in which the average United States citizen consumes twice what they consumed fifty years ago? According to Story of Stuff II shortly after the second world war, did not know what to do to make the economy from entering a growth rate. Victor Labow business analyst made the solution that has become the norm that now governs the entire system.

He explained that a so terribly productive economy as ours demands we make consumption a way of life, that we convert the purchase and acquisition of property in a ritual, that consumption will provide pleasure to our ego and our spirit. We need things to be eaten, are used, which become unnecessary and are replaced each time more quickly. And perhaps worst of all is that this disease of the soul is sweeping the country spreading also to other Nations. Never before people felt so empty as now we are taking account of the truth that was that proverb that said money does not bring happiness. While we have everything that we want and more, fourteen million Americans have fallen in the consumption of narcotics and twelve million are heavy drinkers.

Depression, suicide, disease all this lurks about us and about the next generation. And we do not understand why. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the current crisis is the result of the evolution of our desire of receive. What do we mean by this? That by nature, our lives are governed by desires and our attempts to meet them. One of the most important Kabbalistic texts, the book of the Zohar, argues that precisely in our time will emerge in humanity a new spiritual desire and the wisdom of Kabbalah will be the only method capable of meeting it. A method that will allow us to discover a new source of fullness: spiritual world that lies beyond this material world that surrounds us. As we move forward in the study of this ancient teaching, we will being aware not only of the real reasons for the unbridled consumption, but many other problems our in particular and the world in general. We begin to understand that there is a law which operates in each system of nature: the Act of granting. We begin to understand that all this turmoil that we are now facing is the result of our way of acting selfish and against the law. Thanks to the wisdom of Kabbalah came to understand, to exist in harmony with the nature laws. Questions such as what is the meaning of my life? or do you never I feel fully satisfied?, which have accompanied the man for thousands of years, not again pose a mystery to us.

The Subject

If a manufacturer gives always your goods for the same amount of money, per 1,000 pounds, for example, their profits will depend on the price of the work required for its manufacture. They will be less then, with wages of 800 with salaries of 600. As wages rise, by simple logic, the profits will decrease. Smith also said on the subject: in the primitive State it precedes the appropriation of land and the accumulation of capital, the whole product of labour belongs to the labourer. There is no owner or owner with whom need to distribute (wealth of the Nations). If this State would have continued, the salary or the natural rewards of the work would have increased as its productive powers had acquired all the improvements that engenders today the division of labour. Say defines a worker as that rented its industrial capacity or sell his work and therefore renounces its industrial profits by a salary (Treaty of economy policy). By methodological and chronological appropriateness of this seminar, for now we will focus to speak as clearly as possible to the matters dealt with in the first three chapters of the first section: the goods and currency.

FIRST chapter the goods: It is the object that rather than be consumed by the producer, is intended to change or sale, is the basic form of the wealth of societies in which prevails the regime of capitalist production. Merchandise is, firstly, an object, a thing that satisfies human needs of the type that were thanks to its properties. Thus, the starting point of our discussion should be the analysis of the goods. If we consider two objects, for example a lamp and a quantity defined salt, thanks to its particular qualities, each of these objects are useful to man that requires them. So then, to transform an object into merchandise, you should firstly, one useful thing that help meet human needs of any kind.

The Power Of The Congruence

Congruence between what we say, think and do is essential for the achievement of the goals and objectives in our lives. When what you say does not agree with what you are doing you lose power, you lose credibility. When that ask the universe with your words this marred by what you think really inside of you, things you wish you were not. Consistency between what you say with your words, you think in your mind and do in the real world when you act, becomes a powerful beam which crosses a Prism and light the flame of the manifestation in the pages of your life, only when the three points and are aligned towards one place, toward a common goal. On one occasion I was with a friend, and asked that he thought about women and quickly answered me: the women? They are all about witches, this friend even though you try having a partner and do many positive statements cost you much have a harmonious and healthy relationship with someone who thinks that she is a witch in her unconscious! You can imagine! , I likewise heard in countless of opportunities to very close friends asking the universe the love of their lives, but when they provoke them, openly manifest men are about dogs, or are animals, so verbatim, then as the universe will conspire to the achievement of love with such unconscious thoughts dancing in mind and in your heart? Likewise happens to money and financial success, the person who fails to rise above what investigationg survival level, is often by that inside the thoughts about money are opposite and contradictory with your beliefs and values more profound. That to do then? If you would like to achieve consistency in mind, words and action? Definitely with the self-observation.

Faculty that we have human beings to act as silent witnesses of our thoughts, words and actions. He begins to observe your thoughts on an issue of vital importance for you. record them in a journal, above all those subtle, those that are constantly bombarding your psyche and that both run, run not even you realize that they exist, but they will undermine your ability to achieve your goals, those thoughts which, it is worth comparing, are like a noisy air-conditioning, you get used to the noise and do you think that does not exist, but the noise is there, interfering in your dream. The self-observation allows us to put a stop to those ideas that fall incessantly dripping on our mind and allows us to keep the boat headed to fruition. Self-observation allows us to take actions and measures to heal the internal and external contradictions. The observation car you can practise it through meditation. But better still, observe you constantly hear you when you speak, observe your thoughts, observes your actions, and accurate if there is congruence between what you ask to the universe and what you do and say.

State Bulletin

Jimenez indicates that they lead years working with groups of Congress to achieve a parliamentary initiative in this regard and, as the situation is entrenched, the entity includes carry case to Spanish and European justice. Forced to surrender their savings in full Civil War, specifically in 1938, a decree of the Ministry of Finance of the Francoist, Burgos-based Government, ordered the prohibition of the possession of paper currency in course by the enemy, according to the official State Bulletin (BOE) of 1938. This ruling, moreover, ordered the seizure of paper currency printed by the Republican government from 1936, which also put into circulation some municipalities located in Republican territory and even cooperative. For this purpose, created the Fund of paper currency put into circulation by the enemy, and thus, neighbors of all Spain had to hand over their savings to the Bank of Spain, to the municipalities and private banks, and never claimed the amount paid. This is not the first case of victims of Civil war and the Franco regime which have not benefited from the Act of memory Historical going to court to claim their rights. This March the European Court of human rights admitted pending a lawsuit from the Spanish Evangelical Church (IEE), Protestant denomination oldest in Spain, Evangelical pastors who exercised during Franco’s regime are discriminated against. The reason is that the Social security of the era did not recognize the profession of Protestant pastor, so it could not quote, and the State still does not recognize your right to collect pensions for themselves and their widows. Source of the news: thousands of families of all Spain demand to collect the red money that was seized them in the dictatorship.

Governing Committee

The next EP 20 September will be a special meeting of members. Santiago Moncada has been appointed President of the SGAE. The Commission of inquiry will be directed by Ramon Lopez Vilas, Professor of Civil law and the Supreme Court escuchando. The Board of Directors of the society General de Autores y Editores (SGAE), gathered this Thursday, has unanimously approved all proposals adopted on 21 July by the Governing Committee of the management body, and has agreed to hold new elections next January 16, 2012. It has also decided to convene an extraordinary General meeting of partners on September 20, in which a Commission for revision of the electoral system, which will represent all the sensitivities of the collective authorial will be chosen.

Subsequently, on 25 November will undergo partners that amendment of the statutes of the society in a new extraordinary General Assembly. Finally, once approved this reform and expanded the democratic basis of participation, elections shall be convened at the The Board of Directors on January 16, 2012. Santiago Moncada (Madrid, 1928) playwright and screenwriter has been appointed President of the SGAE, in replacement of the filmmaker Jose Luis Borau, who has served for the past four years. Santiago Moncada will continue to be, at the same time, President of the Fundacion Autor. The Board of Directors endorsed, among other measures, leaving vacant the General direction of the company and the implementation of a Commission of inquiry headed by Ramon Lopez Vilas (A Coruna, 1940), Professor of Civil law, escuchando of Supreme Court and member of the Academy of legislation and jurisprudence, whose results will be transferred to all the partners and the national audience. In addition, the members of the current Board of Directors has been appointed Jose Maria Diez-Picazo (Madrid, 1959) as financial director of SGAE, whose first mission will be to re-examine all the procedures of budgetary control and launch a divestment plan in Artery. Members of the Board of directors who have flocked this afternoon to the headquarters of the entity have been, among others, Mikel Erentxun, Teo Cardalda, Inma Serrano, Caco Senante, Victor Manuel, Alberto Comesana and Jaume armholes.

Intercept Telephone

In good Castilian Chuponeo, intercept telephone, is a medium which employ some people engaged in espionage commercial, political, thanks to which achieved with special devices, listen to the private conversations of the cell phones of politicians, artists, public authorities, etc. Telephone interception has shot down even Governments, parties politicians, to post to expose the trickery of entrepreneurs, bribes, corruption, in all parts of the world. Recently have been disseminated in the media many audios on alleged bribes obtained through telephone eavesdropping illegal (known as chuponeo in our country) is. Although they may uncover corruption, are not legal. They go against the Constitution and are punishable legally, though with much reduced sanctions because infringe on privacy and the privacy of individuals. In Peru, however, public opinion thinks different from what point to the laws.

The If you agree, that corruption will uncover both in Governments, such as that involving politicians, much more those who are candidates public opinion. The population feels that these liberalizations, allows them to know, who’s who in the country. Many politicians who are decades in power, as parliamentarians, because as mayors, shown before the people, hypocrites, Liars, with boring speeches of plazuela, but, one day .a recorded audio of his telephone conversation with another ruffian, is presented on television and just his political life. In cases is stopped as happened with Romulo Leon Alegria, former Minister, in others only receives national repudiation, as she is happening with the Dra Lourdes Flores Nano in Peru. But not everything is lost, there is solution so that UD not as chuponeen, so that not exposed it publicly. Now an application to prevent the chuponeo of cell phones first arrives at our country an application that allows to encrypt calls between cell phones and allow one 100% secure communication. The product is called Cellcript Mobile and is available for Blackberry computers, satellite, standard models of Nokia phones and will soon be available for teams iPhone and Android system.

The Main

There are three types of wheels called complete, Abreviadas wheels and Keys. The complete wheel will give you the greatest set of numbers from the numbers you have chosen so it is the most expensive type to play but it will give you greater options to win. The most popular type of wheel is the abbreviated wheel that will give you a smaller combination but will guarantee a winning ticket from the set of numbers that has. For a more economical option, consider key number wheel. With this wheel you can choose only a number of luck (for example his birthday) and the wheel will give you the combination that your chosen number appears.

Remember that when you play the lottery wheel strategy, you need to play within its own budget. If you play by yourself, you will need to use wheel system key if he plays in a Union, you can use the complete wheel. Another thing you can do is try to play using a generator based on Numerology lucky numbers. Numerology is a system that deals with the links between numbers and aspects mystical or physical. There are several lottery number generators online that take your name and surname, then your date of birth to generate your lucky for lottery numbers. They use multiple systems as the main number of your name, the number of the sum of your date of birth, the sum of the numbers of your name and thus, to choose numbers that have some meaning for you. There are no proven facts scientists or mathematicians behind these numbers generators but it is fun to use and taking the time to choose their own winning numbers! Whatever the strategy of lottery that decide to use, make sure you believe in their numbers and remember keep the ticket safe. Original author and source of the article.

Displacement Internal Sword

Mr Garcia seems to have learned, after the lesson of Bagua that traitor and dealer Yehude Simons Munaro achievement cover the backs of the crime of genocide committed with the Awajun and Wampis brothers. If you’ve learned but for the benefit of transnationals and his own by large commissions that you will receive the gift that is doing and intend to do already with laws of impunity which their friends in Congress are festinando. Therefore must be alert to all communities to undertake one of the biggest struggles that is against the same revisionism that it is her ally, put anti-corruption in more evidence matches the fujimontesinismo that has as its visible face the daughter of genocidal Fujimori, the will be Keiko Fujimori. Therefore all have the slogan disappear from the map to all the indigenous and peasant communities, to give them to large transnationals in order to plunder all the resources that you should be their interests. For rulers the D.L. 20653 of 1974 known as law of native communities and agricultural promotion de la Selva It is a dead letter, rather they have dedicated themselves to make life impossible for all communities with a zeal most everything that falls within the ethnocide, for which this legal protection systematically has been mutilated in order is of permissibility, which had its effects more harmful with the Baguaso, who incidentally a mantle of impunity has raced defending the Minister of that then a dona Mercedes Cabanillas BustamanteYehude Simons Munaro defector and others such as the current Minister of economy Dona Mercedes Araoz. Is that everyone wants to be Commodifying the lands, such as the neo-liberal express extremist Hernando de Soto. What is this seeing how my Mapuche brothers who were deceived in their territories and which are extinguished on the large Chilean cities, that this experience taking Alan Garcia. With this new Bill which has launched the Executive is intended to legalize the expropriation of ancestral territories to give them to the transnational companies, that have resulted in allies to some Metis to beset by the need for land for cultivation have invaded the ancestral properties of the indigenous communities, which have unprotected them to override the applicability of these.

Educacion Superior

Shortly you can fool everyone, all the time you can fool some, but not all the time you can fool everyone. John Fitzgerald Kennedy the reality of the present in the Venezuelan case, presents a scenario very particular, very different from which has been accustomed, because today manifests a great turbulence, uncertainty in topics that are very significant for any country, as it is the economic, political, social, legal certainty, justice, health, education, to name a few. All this is a consequence of a radical change that has occurred in recent years, when he took the driving power, the Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, who has been identified with what he called socialism of the 21st century, inspired in some respects with the revolutionary ideas of Simon Bolivar, until the end, which gave life to what is known as the Bolivarian revolution. The truth, that this has significantly influenced the lifestyle of the Venezuelan, in their quality of life, in many sectors such as business, health, housing, as well as where they are interested in addressing education, specifically at their quality of higher education, which at the present time, leaves a great deal to say. Very valid that thereon points Juan Carlos Callejas, that quality has become a major concern in the field of higher education.

And this because the satisfaction of the needs of society and the expectations raised by higher education depends ultimately on the quality of the teaching staff, programs and both students as the University environment and infrastructures. The search for quality have multiples aspects, measures to enhance the quality of higher education should be aimed at improvement of the system itself and institutional objectives. There are many Venezuelan universities, whether public or private in that it shows the absence of academic, significantly influencing the training quality, training of professionals adapted to the needs of the present, since is clearly noticeable in many of them, absence of efficient, effective, productive, University Management to ensure academic excellence.


Therefore, when designing the Administrator profile, the authorities, their teachers, must know that new scenarios have become increasingly dynamic and changing, requiring professionals not only, so know how to interpret that, but they are capable of providing knowledge and solutions to problems that arise in your environment. Before this reality, and more now that a serious problem in the industrial sector of the country, manifested especially by its low productivity, by the little productive participation of SMEs, product of his fear, insecurity, political instability, is when more schools should deal with the situation, guaranteeing highly trained professionals, with knowledge modern which at present being used in trade scenarios, thanks to the dynamic and aggressive competitiveness, which has allowed that they froze, proving that you knowing them using the results are favorable. The truth, as the career of administration in the present curriculum is not updated, which does not guarantee academic training of avant-garde future graduated from this school. From there, our insistence that the University authorities take more commitment demands that are being presented in the workplace in terms of learning and continuous training, where the quality of education plays an important role because this will allow the internationalisation of higher education, based on the nature of learning and research, where there is increasing the number of students who workthey live and communicate in an international context, connected in different types of networks thanks to the constant progress of technology and the communication. What deficiencies are perceived, are given and must be corrected promptly? These are derived according to the analysis that can be obtained from their teachers, programs, research, studies pensa, Mission vision, research, publications, analysis that can be supported by the use of a SWOT matrix. However, in general terms we can mention: there is no academic reformulation: what makes the profile of the graduate future is not chord to assume higher responsibilities in the management of a modern organization.

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