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The Legislator

in first term is to be noted that in the general companies Act, the legislator is careful not qualify to society as a contract, does not thereby denying its contractual character (Oswaldo Hundskopf). So, is it would have then opted only not qualify it normatively. And it is that this topic is reason for deep and intense doctrinal debates. In effect in society, the contract is presented in two moments (Walter Gutierrez Camacho): the first, (where much of the legislation and comparative doctrine are in agreement), the Act of Constitution, i.e. the social compact or partnership agreement, and second, as an organization (unilateral benefits autonomous). This work will be based on basically develop the first above mentioned moment. I. legal nature.-this agreement exists legally as an act of Constitution and as an organization. but not as a legal entity because it has not met the requirement that the Act requires that this arises. Therefore, the absence of legal personality, will be irregular (Arts. 144 cc and 423 LGS). II. elements-to) contributions from partners. (b) forming a common fund, with some autonomy. (c) make a cash profit. (d) Covenant support losses and gains. (e) Organization III. TYPICITY.-our corporate system is closed, therefore not them allowed partners create new organisational, choosing only among those proposed by the general law of (anonymous, collective, limited partnerships, commercial) civil and limited liability companies. IV. cases in which not is no contract of society.-occur in so-called legal society, i.e., when required by law to hire doctrine qualify to act as forced contract. Article 4 LGS plurality of partners when the only partner is the State, or in other cases expressly identified by law is not enforceable.

Marathon Barcelona

Jazz enthusiasts can enjoy until October 18 in the history of this genre, born in the early 20th century, the exhibition the century of jazz in the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona) in Barcelona. More than 1,000 documents display the relationship between the sound of jazz and the art world in the exhibition curated by art critic Daniel Soutiff. The century of jazz is a chronological sample of the influence of the jazz sound in painting, photography, cinema, literature, graphic design and even cartoons. Attendees can see a total of 150 works of art, audio-visual 80, scores, covers of albums and posters, photographs, books and magazines of this musical phenomenon from its roots in 1917 until the present day. In addition, a large number of jazz concerts be carried out in different areas of the city such as the popular Auditorium of La Pedrera, which will sound from Louis Amstrong or Benny Goodman swing to more contemporary jazz. With reason of the 20th anniversary of the Association of Jazz and modern music of Catalonia different groups of participants also have organized a musical Marathon.

Between September 10 and October 15 jazz lovers have an inescapable meeting every Thursday. A total of six jam sessions between jazz musicians which will climax with a performance by the Nova Jazz Cava de Terrassa. Interested parties may also attend a number of conferences and film screenings (cinema al fresco) in VOSE in which music, and especially jazz, Jazz fans have had a very important role have an appointment with the most important event in recent years in Spain. LateRooms.com has the best deals and discounts on hotels in Barcelona as: Silken Ramblas Barcelona 4 * from 97 double room and H10 Montcada 4 * from 89 double room. Original author and source of the article.

HTC Touch Diamond

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Smart phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson delicately designed, the mobile Samsung that is trendy and very captivating creations of Motorola. There are many more manufacturing companies of mobile featuring renown and popularity with their magnificent creations have Bewitched their customers and captivated the market. Among these famous manufacturers HTC name shines different. HTC has produced majestic and various mobile devices, enriched with various functions. And it provides excellent communication services and solutions to customers. One of the geniuses of HTC is HTC Touch Diamond mobile phone to this full of varied functions and has an extremely charismatic and captivating design. This fantastic mobile device works on 2 G GSM and 3 G HSDPA networks. Its weight is lightweight, weighs only 100 grams and has dimensions of 102 * 51 * 11, 5 mm. Do that more it can be described of this beautiful mobile phone? Its screen is impressive, 2.8 inch TFT touch screen and a resolution of 480 * 640 pixels, looks very appealing with its capacity of colors up to 65 K.

The Mere

Policy has a major importance for society, because she is that should keep the governability of the peoples and the physical and mental well-being. There are many ways of doing politics, but the best of all, is that its inhabitants have covered their physical needs in a grade a safe, i.e. that their rulers have put at the top of the pyramid, the physical well-being of his people, as a whole. Society should put each thing in its place and if we do that with intelligence and non-profit, we can have a society well fed, healthy and cheerful. When I say put every thing on your site, I am referring to resources that we possess.

If those resources are managed wisely, societies will be on the right track to achieve physical and mental stability of their peoples. We must think the world belongs to everyone and that everyone should have the same rights and opportunities. There are many people that by the mere fact of having been born in inhospitable land, its inhabitants cannot access a large majority agrees, by the mere fact of having been born in worst land. This is what needs to change, these terrible inequalities that today exist in day. Inhospitable lands to which I refer, with the knowledge that we possess today, can stop being them, with only a portion of those peoples are spent on armaments.

There are countries that spending on armament have at the top of the pyramid and its inhabitants spend all sorts of calamities. These rulers live wrong and the lack of intelligence make sure their people aren’t happy, but quite the opposite and also that people often live with fears, their same rulers. Still today and unfortunately for mankind, we must too many rulers who used to be able to stay in power, fear about their people, or those who are different from them ideas.


More than resolutions 10 commitments on women for the new year <! s9ymdb:642 > when you start a new year and assess goals and plans I recommend using the term commitment, instead of resolutions. Commitment requires action, resolution is how to list something and there it is, that people don’t take it seriously <! s9ymdb:984 > 10 commitments that I recommend to every woman to enrich your life in the new year are: 1. recognizes how valuable and necessary you’re, therefore gate / rejects any word, treatment, gesture that goes against it. (Get a list of events that you exceed to cancel and/or reject them because they add or add to your beautiful life, you will notice the power that you have in your favor). 2. Take care of your personal image with love and self-respect.

Describes what have you not done and what would you like to be different this year in how you look. (He devotes time to broaden your horizons and explore options to highlight your person; there is a beautiful woman in you, let you all see her.) 3 Time dedicated to your well-being: rest, exercise you, entertain you (this time is sacred and it’s health, have a break in your daily routine to disconnect, will do you much good). 4 Learn something new in several categories: geography, occupation, language, develops skill, craft, musical instrument, etc. (it is interesting that in a conversation you shine in a special way because you have something new to share or show.) 5 Helps others: there is always someone in need we can help (when we give love and we give to others the satisfaction is so energizing that you want it to repeat). No matter who, but you have good.

6 Forgives and lets go there are various circumstances that surround you that maybe required for forgiveness to others or to yourself. Forgiveness frees you, even helps you breathe and sleep better. Analyze which requires forgiveness, talk with the person thereon, or to yourself, and seeks to your heart to deliver a branch of olive in peace. Comply with your party and what you don’t understand Dios takes care, life can surprise you and reward your delivery sincere. Surrender to freedom, boost your hands and your burdens will fall; then celebrate with who can appreciate it 7. Managed with wisdom no matter how much or how little you have, the wise Administration always is necessary. It evaluates your expenses into needs and tastes; needs are priority and tastes can be expected. 8 Controlling your character says a lot about you that you may not properly handle your character before the diverse experiences of life (a professional can be of great help, books, also a serious commitment of control toward yourself) 9. It expresses love in everything you do. 10 Adds a touch of elegance to your life walking, using your hands, with your voice, to dress, to look at your home (there are many opportunities for incomporar elegance into your life! I challenge you to that try it!, requires discipline and information that can provide you a professional or a specialized publication) to make it interesting separates a notebook to record these commitments and noted how cumples losat the end of the year review your accomplishments and celebrates These commitments fulfilled. This list of achievements will help you to create a new one in the next year. You see that fantastic feels!

Frederic Mitterrand

But there are other hypotheses. Consists of the successes of Spanish sport since 1992 hither have come from the hand of our economic development. And that now, with a harder and more durable than that of other countries, crisis will begin the negative streak. Everything can be, since, if there is no money for the payment of mortgages, for the investment of the companies, for the summer holidays, for municipal budgets, are why you have for the sport? It is still too early to tell. The different sporting results the response give us in about a year. The art of political revenge say that, little by little, the Government of Patxi Lopez is changing in the Basque country directors, College. What could there be explained by the previous nationalist exacerbation happens also in Nunez Feijoo’s Galicia, of very different political components.

It’s the art of partisan revenge affecting in this country, after alternating agreed by Canovas and Sagasta in the 19th century, until the ushers in the ministries. The same thing happened in the turbulent Italy of three decades ago, with cabinets of very laborious birth and which then lasted just a few weeks. For this reason, the lucid journalist Indro Montanelli ironic with that country was only stable when he was without a Government. Instead, in France or Britain, with highly consolidated States, already can produce an electoral revolcon that the country will remain the same. In France, thanks to stable public administration output of ENA, and in the United Kingdom thanks to the civil servants, civil servants who reach the highest levels. Something like that would be desirable among us, where the arrival of tripartite catalan power left in the street thousands of Jordi Pujol plugged to make room for new proteges. I do not aspire to happen here as with Sarkozy, which uses prominent Socialists like Kouchner, Rocard, Strauss-Kahn and even Frederic Mitterrand. But of that to our usual political beheadings there is an abyss. Original author and source of the article.

Wedding Dresses

2010 Trends in bridal fashion, which can be seen in parades and collections of dresses, presented a radical change to the classic image of an innocent bride in white.This new Millennium seems to breathe freedom, and after the first decade, the spotlight seems to be pointing to the brides. Away from what is known, new trends show us brides dresses full of personality, where white, smooth and uniform dresses seem to be the last option. The combination of colors is the protagonist of these parades, including the red and even black, which were chosen more by Jordi Dalmau, Duyos, Camila Elbaz and star Roch; either painted with original designs, as we showed Jorge Terra. Another option can seem delicate embroidery with beadwork. Also noticed the tendency to hand Raimond Bundo and Devota & Lomba ocher colors.

Very outside traditional found wedding dresses shorts or short forward and long at the back, tableados or pleats, puff skirts and the necklines closed with buttons, in the form of heart or with a just taut. In addition to the Japanese-style that brought us Charo Peres.To combine with these quirky wedding dresses, some designers spared in hats, big bows, Crystal brooches and decorations with flowers.Apparently, new brides, will manage to be all eyes on your most special day. Now the time to leave behind old conventions and renew the somewhat archaic and ancient image we have of the bride entering the altar. However, there will be many brides who will prefer the traditional white of lifelong marriages. At Amazon you will find additional information. The traditions are always difficult to change; they not only have to unlearn their own ideas, but also they would have to fight against family members, friends and other persojanes whose gossip unwieldy which, supposedly, will be one of the happiest days of his life.

Privacy Statement

In this article I turn to show my concern for the direction being taken by my country of residence, Ecuador, and several countries in the region, since in recent years the local Government has shown wanting control over the media, something never before seen in this country. Now, my concern is due to several new taxes that are being imposed, as the asset declaration, very apart from the annual statement that every citizen must perform, also very separate to the inheritance tax. I will mention some words from Dr. Gerardo Villacreces Carbo, Attorney with extensive experience, and I can’t express my concern with an article he published: the first question that arose me to read the legal text of the binding nature of the asset declaration, in his opportunity was why and for what the need for this rule? If the intention is to know the income of persons for purposes of the income tax, it is not enough with the annual statement that was made, with the severe risks that under the current legislation in case of evasion? In addition to this, we know that the State has already from various sources of information, in order to ascertain the situation of the people, then for what compel them to declare their heritage well been? Or is that the intention is another, i.e. knowing how much a person has violated his personal and family privacy, with a view to the creation and/or determination of taxes, such as heritage or the already existing and high estate taxes? What to think of this, when we are seeing a deficit State budget impelled resources, imprisoned between bear the high cost of exit dollarization vs keep it regardless with what Fund budget? Perhaps the way that would be you to the Administration is the Faculty determinadora, using for this purpose the information which already has, but without the boldness of unconstitutionally invade the right to personal and family privacy, which is sacred, and that does not support the wrong criterion, in the sense that collective rights can run over the constitutional rights of the individual. I hope that the citizens will do a little awareness in its decisions in the future, because this depends on us, yet..

Kabbalistic Consumption

If there are a hundred powerful economies on the planet, fifty-one are large companies. But really outrageous is the fact that both dishonesty and little transparent methods that use these companies are brought to society as honest practices, as something to which all human beings should aspire. Somehow they have brainwashed us so that we end up thinking that we have to be at the height of the nearby front and have, as a minimum, the same as he. But how we got to this point in which the average United States citizen consumes twice what they consumed fifty years ago? According to Story of Stuff II shortly after the second world war, did not know what to do to make the economy from entering a growth rate. Victor Labow business analyst made the solution that has become the norm that now governs the entire system.

He explained that a so terribly productive economy as ours demands we make consumption a way of life, that we convert the purchase and acquisition of property in a ritual, that consumption will provide pleasure to our ego and our spirit. We need things to be eaten, are used, which become unnecessary and are replaced each time more quickly. And perhaps worst of all is that this disease of the soul is sweeping the country spreading also to other Nations. Never before people felt so empty as now we are taking account of the truth that was that proverb that said money does not bring happiness. While we have everything that we want and more, fourteen million Americans have fallen in the consumption of narcotics and twelve million are heavy drinkers.

Depression, suicide, disease all this lurks about us and about the next generation. And we do not understand why. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the current crisis is the result of the evolution of our desire of receive. What do we mean by this? That by nature, our lives are governed by desires and our attempts to meet them. One of the most important Kabbalistic texts, the book of the Zohar, argues that precisely in our time will emerge in humanity a new spiritual desire and the wisdom of Kabbalah will be the only method capable of meeting it. A method that will allow us to discover a new source of fullness: spiritual world that lies beyond this material world that surrounds us. As we move forward in the study of this ancient teaching, we will being aware not only of the real reasons for the unbridled consumption, but many other problems our in particular and the world in general. We begin to understand that there is a law which operates in each system of nature: the Act of granting. We begin to understand that all this turmoil that we are now facing is the result of our way of acting selfish and against the law. Thanks to the wisdom of Kabbalah came to understand, to exist in harmony with the nature laws. Questions such as what is the meaning of my life? or do you never I feel fully satisfied?, which have accompanied the man for thousands of years, not again pose a mystery to us.

The Power Of The Congruence

Congruence between what we say, think and do is essential for the achievement of the goals and objectives in our lives. When what you say does not agree with what you are doing you lose power, you lose credibility. When that ask the universe with your words this marred by what you think really inside of you, things you wish you were not. Consistency between what you say with your words, you think in your mind and do in the real world when you act, becomes a powerful beam which crosses a Prism and light the flame of the manifestation in the pages of your life, only when the three points and are aligned towards one place, toward a common goal. On one occasion I was with a friend, and asked that he thought about women and quickly answered me: the women? They are all about witches, this friend even though you try having a partner and do many positive statements cost you much have a harmonious and healthy relationship with someone who thinks that she is a witch in her unconscious! You can imagine! , I likewise heard in countless of opportunities to very close friends asking the universe the love of their lives, but when they provoke them, openly manifest men are about dogs, or are animals, so verbatim, then as the universe will conspire to the achievement of love with such unconscious thoughts dancing in mind and in your heart? Likewise happens to money and financial success, the person who fails to rise above what investigationg survival level, is often by that inside the thoughts about money are opposite and contradictory with your beliefs and values more profound. That to do then? If you would like to achieve consistency in mind, words and action? Definitely with the self-observation.

Faculty that we have human beings to act as silent witnesses of our thoughts, words and actions. He begins to observe your thoughts on an issue of vital importance for you. record them in a journal, above all those subtle, those that are constantly bombarding your psyche and that both run, run not even you realize that they exist, but they will undermine your ability to achieve your goals, those thoughts which, it is worth comparing, are like a noisy air-conditioning, you get used to the noise and do you think that does not exist, but the noise is there, interfering in your dream. The self-observation allows us to put a stop to those ideas that fall incessantly dripping on our mind and allows us to keep the boat headed to fruition. Self-observation allows us to take actions and measures to heal the internal and external contradictions. The observation car you can practise it through meditation. But better still, observe you constantly hear you when you speak, observe your thoughts, observes your actions, and accurate if there is congruence between what you ask to the universe and what you do and say.

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