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Russian Federation

November 8th, 2017

We must not allow this adventurous venture because of Ivanovo – this is our city, our motherland, we will not allow for such pseudo-fool idea and, once again, rob our people! City brides renamed in Ivanovo-Ivanovo Voznesensk In a campaign for the return of the historic town names – Ivanovo Voznesensk. As Gazeta, the initiative made by the representatives the public, journalists and Russian Orthodox Church. Governor of Men has recently discussed this idea at a meeting with the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy ii. Due to lack of money in the city budget referendum decided not to pursue. However, as announced by City Hall, according to preliminary results of considering the opinion of residents, 64% of them are against the return of the historic names, and only 13% want to change the name of the city. Two years ago, the mayor has already spoken with Ivanov This initiative, but the regional parliament was not supported. City brides back the old name of the Ivanovo-Ivanovo Voznesensk In re talking about the return of the city its historic name – Ivanovo Voznesensk. And initiative this time comes directly from two sides – from the Governor Men and the City Duma deputies who have formed a working group to prepare the documents.

This last fact makes the supporters rename optimistic, because under existing rules the final word in such matters belongs to the urban representative body, which then must approve the Regional Duma and the final approval President of the Russian Federation. Here, in Ivanovo, namely, the urban deputies in the 90 years are not allowed to carry on this citywide referendum that the public has repeatedly attempted to initiate. And in this new century, when to restore historical justice in the toponymy urged the leadership of the local diocese, already their regional colleagues refused even to consider her appeal, as in the documents missing Finally, the governor. If the diocese had only itself to christen the Ivanovo-Voznesensky (decision taken at the Synod of the ROC). All habitually referred to the high financial price to rename, although, according to calculations previous Ivanovo Mayor Aleksandr Grosheva, if the transition to the new name gradually, using documents of the practice of double names of cities, the budget expenditures will not exceed three to four million rubles. In general, the city Ivanovo and in post-Soviet era has not only maintained its rustic name, though turned into a time of a provincial village into a powerful industrial center just as the Ivanovo-Voznesensk, but has now become one of the few Russian cities, where all survived the entire Bolshevik toponymy. That is not a single street and the area is not returned its historic name, although it sometimes even came to the mass protests of the city. Say, after the events of the hostage-taking in Moscow (Fall 2002) residents of the street fighters organized a rally demanding to immediately change its name.

They were supported by then and the former mayor Groshev. But the city Toponimical Commission ultimately decided that fighting squads rsdlp – this is also our history. A history should be respected. Remained untouched city of Ivanovo toponymic reserve Bolshevism. In addition to the governor and the City Duma in renaming Ivanov spoke a year ago and its current head Alexander Fomin. True, the above should, as he said then, the city 'to comb and wash. " In this regard, the work of government done a lot. Indeed prettier and tidied up a new name for the city of Ivanovo-Voznesensk will to face. And you 'FOR' or 'AGAINST' Rename?

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Moscow University Professor

July 14th, 2017

It is strictly adhered collegiality, was established by the editorial board, published only original literary product, was introduced and the distribution of income from the publication of the anthology as a fee. In an almanac published in including young Pushkin and other Romantic poets. Almanac became known in Europe – Translations and reprints from "North Star" were published in several countries. Click James Donovan Goldman to learn more. After the uprising of the Decembrists and the reign of Nicholas I, Russian media have been under severe conditions of censorship. Seriously strengthened and conservative publications, led by fw Bulgarin, ni Grech and oi Senkovsky – newspaper Northern Bee, "magazines" Library for Reading (1834-1865) and "Son of the Fatherland" (since 1825). "Moscow Telegraph na Field (1825-1834) was one of the most popular editions after Karamzin "Review Europe "and wore encyclopedic in nature. The reader is already interested in literature and news, and news of the economy and politics, and much more, and suggested that the public editor. In political terms, the Field criticized the nobility and sought to equate it with the merchant class.

The result has been hostile to the government's attitude to the Moscow Telegraph, and he was closed. In 1831 Moscow University Professor ni began publishing encyclopedic in structure to the magazine "Telescope", which put forward the idea of realistic art, and attached great importance to the literary department of the magazine. A literary-critical department "Telescope" has blossomed with the advent vg Belinsky, who drew attention to the works of young, nv Gogol and criticized mediocrity and imitation in literature. Leaving abroad requested editing a magazine young Belinsky, who took creation of a new theory of journalism in Russia, declaring criticism of the leading department of public journal, because "without criticism magazine is an image without a face. "The telescope was closed in 1836 for publishing" Philosophical Letters "PY Chaadaeva, which sharply criticized the autocratic Russia. Chaadaeva declared insane, while was exiled and deprived of the right to engage in journalism.

In the 30 years of 19 th century a considerable contribution to Russian journalism has made as Pushkin, actively participated in various and as a poet and a publicist. Pushkin has collaborated with "Literary Gazette, aa Delvig and edited several issues of this newspaper, the "Telescope" and in 1836 secured the right to publish its Journal of "Contemporary", which should be a purely literary publishing. Pushkin was printed in The Contemporary polemical notes, and original works of Russian authors, the materials of the Patriotic War of 1812, and highlights assesses recent developments such as the accession of the Caucasus to Russia. On Pushkin's 'Contemporary' high expectations – both readers and critics alike, Pushkin was planning to expand its content, but in 1837 followed by the tragic death of a poet, and his ideas did not materialize.

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In France

April 30th, 2017

This work is conducted the vii Congress of the Comintern (1935). Ray Dalio shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Representatives of the 76-communist parties in this Congress, it was recognized that the new conditions the process does not change from one bourgeois government by another, and forced a change of one form of state domination of the bourgeoisie – bourgeois democracy – another form – open terrorist dictatorship. A heavy blow to the governing core of the Comintern, the representatives of communist parties in several European countries have caused the Stalinist repression of the second half 30-ies. In these circumstances, the idea of creating a united front anti-fascist democratic forces was unrealized. (As opposed to James Donovan Goldman). In the second half of the 30-ies on the European political arena, a new phenomenon. In France and Spain in 1936, came to power the Popular Front government, representing the left-wing political party. The emergence of the idea of the Popular Front – a consequence of the onset of fascism and the awareness of his left-wing parties the greatest danger to democracy and the labor movement.

First, as a rule, arose united workers' front, – the union of Socialists and Communists – and then he became the center of gravity of all the democratic anti-fascist forces – both appeared Popular Front. The impetus for the beginning of rapprochement of the socialists and Communists in France has attempted fascist coup on Feb. 6, 1934. French fascism was much weaker than the German and the example he has never been organizationally unified movement. But against the backdrop of the bloody the suppression of democracy in Germany, the coup literally galvanized France. Began mass anti-fascist demonstrations organized separately at first the Socialists and Communists. At the urging of the socialists on February 12 started a political strike, demanding a ban fascist organizations.

To participate in it called on their supporters and the Communists. Thus began a counter movement of communists and socialists. That summer, they signed pact of united action, in 1935 they were joined by part of the Radical Party. July 14, the day the Bastille was held the first joint anti-fascist demonstration. It was headed by Leon Blum, Maurice Thorez and Edouard Daladier – leaders of the socialists, communists and radicals

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Socialist International

August 14th, 2016

The PC of Brazil appeared as Brazilian section of the Socialist International in the revolutionary wave created by the Bolchevique Revolution that occurred in Russia in 1917. Soon it assumes the hegemony of the Brazilian Working-class movement and formulates the theory of the Brazilian revolution. Of an orthodox form this theory tried to abstract rules in natura of other revolutionary theories of Vladimir Lnin, made for another different reality of the reality Brazilian. Another newness brought for the Communist Party of Brazil was the autocrtica as an attempt to promote the constant perfectioning of practical its. Therefore the party makes a series of adjustments in its program, its form of performance and the formularization of the theory of the Brazilian socialism.

Another factor that influenced this series of formularizations was the clandestinidade; up to 1946 the PC of Brazil had passed 80% of its existence more than in clandestinity. Such fact made with that the party acted in the embroidery frames of other legends as: the Laboring Block and Campons (BOC) and Aliana Nacional Libertadora (ANL). The period most prosperous of the party was in 1946, when acting in the legality, it disputed the elections, it chose a senator and 10% of the representatives of those elections. After to have its register annulled in 1947 for General Eurico Caspar Dutra the Communist Party of Brazil enters again in the biggest ideological crisis of its history. The direction of the party starts to make a series of modifications, of matrix pacifist, in its statute and programs from now on. Moreover, XX the Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, in 1956, represented the end of ' ' stalinismo' ' a demoralization of the organizacional system internationalist lead for that party since 1919. In such a way, the direction of the PC of dumb Brazil the name of the party for Brazilian Communist Party in 1957.

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Great Obstacle

June 24th, 2016

The lack of money and finance has become the major obstacle of our society, the more women entrepreneurs / I. This problem has grown with the global crisis. But as I have already taught you in other articles it is time that do take the reins to begin to do productive things in truth, and not stay paralyzed by fear, since this only brings more problems. Learn in this article how to destroy this great obstacle that is affecting so many people these days: the lack of money. Learn to save many women often tell me: does save? but it not me nor to fundamentally!. Save not always involves depriving yourself of things, but resorting to these costs common in those who unwittingly hand will be us and not learned, such as electric power, water. For example you don’t have more lights than necessary on, get used to leave unplugged appliances you are not using. The fridge open it few times as possible.

If you have power strip, tries to have her disconnected While you are not using any of the plugged in. The TV it do not turn off with the remote control, switch it off with the button on the monitor. Try to find you by your electric company (if you have any friendship best small habits that you can take to reduce your Bill). Also beware of water, do not leave open faucets. While you are enjabonando you in the shower, turn off the tap. Get used to occasionally talk to your phone company to negotiate reductions in invoice, or let you know of any offer. He also speaks with the competition. There are many more like these tricks.

Use your creativity. Get a month spending plan, takes control. It always considers your expenses for high, then you will be surprised of the amount of money that you left.

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The Importance Of The Religious Feeling In Daily Pay-History

March 10th, 2014

Introduction: To perceive the main aspects of the religion, in view of its relevance in the formation and development since the first moment of daily pay-history is of extreme importance for an agreement on the abstract thought that later will be called of primitive religion. Then, the present study it has as main goal, to analyze and to reflect on the importance and relevance of the primitive religiosidade for the life of the prehistoric man. Then, of beforehand it is I validate to stand out that, when approaching historically on Daily pay-History of the men is of basic importance that if has accepted the incapacity if to have an absolute certainty on this period and at the same time to inform the proper reader that the research approaches on a land of doubts and only illuminated uncertainties, for hypotheses basically concluded way found archaeological research and for certifications also made through comparisons made with the present time. In this context, when launching a more critical look goes up reality that the fence, the primitive man develops a reflected, or better, a capacity to express, through its directions, a symbolic translation for its material reality, observing the harmonious mechanics of the nature and also its proper contradictions. The few the imagination becomes the man a born creator of its existence. Here it is that its imaginary one is despertado, either in the obscure and inaccessible parts of the caves, sketching the primrdios of the Art, either in the animistic totmicos rituals or also in them you practise morturias of burial or collecting skulls of its ancestor. thus is developed not alone the religious spirit, but also the proper Homo Religiosus, endowed with all the values that conduct the life and the religious feeling. Where in the most diverse manifestations, the religious sacralidade if opposes to a profane reality, secular, practical and material.

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March 1st, 2014

They will be understood, consequently, happened or perfected the taxable facts and been born the tributary obligation: 1. In the sale of corporal personal property: b) In all the other cases different from the mentioned ones in literal previous (Sales to beings public) 4, when the invoice is emitted or equivalent document that puts record of the operation or is pleased the price or since the real delivery becomes of the goods, according to is what it happens first. Omissis 3. In the benefit of services: omissis e) In all the other cases different from mentioned in literal previous (Services Public and Telecommunications, other services of tract successive, served to Beings Public and Originating services of the outside) 5, when the equivalent invoices or documents are emitted by that the service gives, executes the benefit, is pleased, that is indispensable the return, or gives or puts at the disposal of the purchaser the good that had been object of the service, according to is what it happens first. Seen the previous thing, we can conclude then that our legislator raises four possible situations that make be born the tributary obligation as far as the sale from corporal personal property and or benefit of services to nongovernmental beings, first of them, is the emission of the invoice, that obviously would have to be the generating fact of the obligation par excellence as much and inasmuch as it constitutes a contentivo document of all the information necessary to determine the tribute. Secondly the norm makes mention to the emission of a document equivalent to the invoice nevertheless does not define as they are these documents, we could say that a document equivalent to the invoice could be a Note of Delivery which is discarded by virtue of which this document necessarily implies the delivery of the goods which constitutes in itself a generating fact of the obligation; we could also speak of the Order of purchase, which reunites the necessary elements for the determination of the tribute, except for being a contract obligee for the parts, despite the emission of this one depends on the buyer and not on the salesman, being who the generating fact of the tribute is the sale and it purchase is not then discarded; another document used by some companies, is Pre-invoices, which doubtless reunite all the requirements necessary to make be born the obligation and determine the tribute, despite it is not a document of spread use and much less of use obligatory.

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The Africans

January 5th, 2014

As the slavery in Africa already she had been spread, causing a great enslaved demography, the Europeans even so they have not captured the slaves directly, they had promoted its capture through the military sales of horses and firearms. Forcing thus, exactly that indirectly, the war in order it capture of slaves. It is important to detach, therefore, that in the military, although to have been the method employee, the king more, in the majority of the cases, not vendia escravizao its subjects, only those that judged strangers. With the time the sales of slaves started to have a direction economic politician and, since the slaves had started to be sources of still bigger wealth. However, Thornton judges important to detach that some African regions as the Congo and the Benim, they had decided to interrupt the sales of slaves for European purchasers for reasons economic politicians and, why these regions were producing of fabric and pepper, and needed workers, conflicting with the European interests.

John Thornton, still makes a boarding on ' ' dynamic and independent African societies. For the Africans who had left its countries to inhabit in the new initiated Atlantic world in the islands of They are Tom or Green Cabo ' '. As it was said, the book comes bringing the all moment, the reasons for the coming of the Africans who had come to supply ' ' deficincias' ' of the aboriginal work. The Africans as well as all the societies have its culture and thus they had brought its customs and beliefs for ' ' new mundo' '. The first colonists when arriving, had used wage-earning free work but they had also used the enslaved man power that constitua in a force of permanent and thus very useful work for the cattle creation, agriculture, work artisan specialized and the service I domesticate. The author numbers some reasons for the arrival of the Africans amongst them is: the natives do not possuam great domestic animals and not if they adjusted for the cattle creation or would mount of horse the author looks for to clearly leave that the aboriginals had later learned and until they had become exmios in this chore, to put in this first moment had left behind the Africans.

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Brazil Empire

January 2nd, 2014

The Aquinas streets and alleys in Brazil Empire are the best form to transmitting notice, to make politics and to unchain movements socialistic of the press and said of it said and me of the population that transitory these places that are common to all; poor persons, rich, Elizabethans scholars. The streets in Rio De Janean between 1820-1831 pass grandees changes and transformations, narrowing the bows of convivial opening breaches for social movements. WORDS KEYS: influenced the press, power and politics, privileges, conflicts and abdication INTRODUCTION:

During the imperial period the streets of Rio De Janean had been taken by an atmosphere of intense debate politician. In way to the disputes between Lusitania and natives and different projects of construction it Been National, and in these spaces of sociability in the quines streets and alleys together with the press the quarrels are propitious, to the debate criticize, it, the action the conflicts and the politics. when it is said in the press we have that to consider that the proper ones authorities are that they were responsible for the majority of publications and even though of the departmentalizes of the social movements. They were members of the house of representatives, officers of the troops, members of the church, owners of the commerce, booksellers, writers Most important she is that all intended to be citizens.

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Jambalo Toribio

July 29th, 2013

In this way the mountain range that crosses longitudinally the department was functional to the rebel logistics, since much of the range, is strongly fractured in a fault system and a hilly, which allowed the guerrillas to establish zones of retreat and vital transportation corridors to the departments of Valle, Cauca and Huila. (See Figure No. 1) Alejandro Reyes Waterfront particular states: Tolima Southern communicate geographically in northern Cauca and Huila in the east of the Nevado del Huila, at the confluence of the southern regions and Marquetalia Saldana and Gaitania, by Tolima, with currants and Jambalo Toribio by the Cauca. Historically there is a communication corridor of social conflicts through the passage of guerrillas, peasants and indigenous refugees, government troops and population migrations in search of work circulating del Cauca and Tolima and Huila east to Caqueta, along the gorges of the Snowy Huila … one is at this stage where peasant to support official violence is organized to defend his family and to enforce their rights as farm workers, thus showing acute expression of social struggles in the field. Where the confrontation with the landowners backed by the state apparatus developed in the midst of a world historical moment characterized by a crucial battle between Capitalism and Socialism, which gave him a special ingredient to this race. 1 REYES, Alejandro. Violence and the agrarian problem in Colombia..

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