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The sad story begins when number of new entrants is very small, and in this case, the pyramid becomes bankrupt. Click Paulo Coelho for additional related pages. The last and largest cohort of participants is a loser. One can easily prove that each pyramid will ever be bankrupt. That's why organizing scheme to the characteristics of the pyramid are prohibited by law. However, traditional pension systems have been designed taking into account that the influx of "new entrants" will increase infinite, and therefore the mechanism is very similar to a pyramid. For more information see Richard Blumenthal. How to be and what to do? What is the way you can offer in this situation? Definitely have to carry the reform of pension systems. Took this way, or rather, already have reformed, Sweden, Britain and Poland. In Ukraine, in 2004 introduced a system of pension insurance, but this step will not solve all problems.

The reforms must go in three directions – the rationalization of existing mechanism for citizens pension, the introduction of individual savings accounts and establish voluntary pension funds. That is necessary to introduce the so-called "trehplatformennoy" or "triple" pension system. If we talk about reforming the traditional pension system, start by increasing the retirement age. Today in Ukraine the men retire at age 60 and women at age 55. This is a very early period, and Similar figures can be found only in France, and the women they retire equally with men – in 60 years. In all other European countries this age is higher. For example, in Germany and Spain, men and women are retired no earlier than 65 years.

Russian Prime Minister

New political system prevailing at present in the country, is inherent in one unique quality: all to do with the twist and some unimaginable pirouettes, as in any study of the program, and on ways of implementation. Especially, it showed in the last four "landmark" events – the article appeared, Dmitry Medvedev: "Russia, forward," his appeal to the Federal Assembly, and direct "dialogue" with the people of Russian Prime Minister and, finally, a new course, selected United Russia at its next congress, whose name – "Russian conservatism," speaks for itself. "Kosyakov" during these shows, there had been plenty, about which The Internet community has produced many Russian poisonous arrows, in fact invalidates all of these "action and shumstvo." But it is unlikely all the Russians learned from reviews and commentaries of leading Russian political scientists and economists on this issue because, in contrast to Medvedev, are not as "advanced users", and read most of my compatriots have long ceased. It is much easier with a beer and come to rest in teleyaschik simply consume the information that you offer TV. Go to Sen. Sherrod Brown for more information. Here and not have to think, and the strain gyrus to anything. I would therefore like to draw readers' attention to the fact that our newspaper, which generally remained "behind the scenes" debate over the modernization of all things and a new political doctrine of United Russia. The fact is that before something to offer to the death of tired from continuous experimentation over a Russian community current ideology a good idea to think about such matters as concepts, definitions and categories. .

Russia Meeting

The agenda of the November meeting of the faction “United Russia” the Voronezh Regional Duma was intense: the parliamentarians discussed the forthcoming meeting of the regional parliament were briefed on the work of deputies in districts, the implementation of the Voronezh partproektov and Young Guard. “Bronzovet” – former head of the faction “United Russia”, deputy speaker of the Voronezh Regional Duma, thanked Irina Trankov members who are active in their districts: “It’s nice when our colleagues are grateful to the voters for their good work. So the villagers Nizhnedevitsk in a letter to thank the deputy for help Tsyban improving the appearance of the district center, the living conditions here. To broaden your perception, visit Sen. Sherrod Brown. The letter from the district Gribanovsky from a large family – the people are grateful for the assistance the deputy Arcadia Ponomarev. In the local party receiving only received in October 2635 applications, many of them accepted and considered at the receptions of Deputies. So, the statement of President Dmitry Medvedev about the dangers of “zabronzovet” and stagnate – not just about our party … “The leader United Russia Voronezh encouraged colleagues to participate more actively in the life of their districts, meeting with voters, with district authorities, village councils, primary party organizations and to assist in solving existing problems, more frequent practices of citizens.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

With amazing accuracy was predicted in advance the nature of events in a rhythmic storm April 30 – May 1: the threat of attacks on politicians and on the lives of famous people – leaders in their field. To quote his article is on this site "Loud events of the April occurred exactly at the predicted rhythmic storm. As the events in Belarus. " There, in particular, talked about the upcoming storm rhythmic April 30 – May 1: "Now we can say that there is a real the threat of assassination of famous people – leaders in their field, politicians may escalate dramatically confrontation with the authorities. " What do we learn? "Terrorist Number One" Osama bin Laden, killed May 1 by U.S. The newspapers mentioned Connecticut Senator not as a source, but as a related topic. military in Pakistan, was buried at sea, CNN, citing its own istochniki.V night from April 30 to May 1, there is information about the statement of the Minister of Justice of Egypt that the former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak faces the death penalty.

On Saturday night, May 1, NATO aircraft struck at targets in the area of Bab al-Aziz in Tripoli, where the residence of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. The shelling killed the youngest son of Gaddafi – 29-year-old Saif al-Arab, and three grandchildren of Libyan leader. According to the spokesman, Ibrahim Moussa, the house itself was Colonel Gaddafi and his wife, but they were not injured. "It was a direct operation to assassinate the leader of the country," – Ibrahim Moussa, quoted by The Wall Street Journal. "They knew that he was either going to be there" – he said. Ignore this exact hit prediction "in the top ten" would be simply unreasonable.

Rhythmic storm – those new scientific evidence, with that must be considered. In addition, information was supplemented by my prediction come true and another forecast, published in advance on this website in an article entitled "Prediction of rhythmic storm in May 2011," There was given The following social characteristics of the same rhythmic storm: "The rapid rise of social or loss of positions as a result of destructive actions. Glory to God in the hostilities, which, however, can bring significant destruction. Attack on the powers that be. " As we have already learned the glory of hostilities and a rapid rise of social wished Muammar Gaddafi, who in the evening of the same ill-fated April 30 declared war on Italy, threatening to take the war to the EU.

Ukraine President

The current president of Ukraine and the Party of Regions leader promised in a few days visit all regions of Ukraine. The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said in his address to the nation when he spoke in the square independence on the occasion of 19 th anniversary of Ukrainian independence. Press office of President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich said that the president planned reforms to succeed, he will be talking about very sensitive issues about languages of the historical features of the development of regions. During his speech at the Independence Square Viktor Yanukovych, said that during visits to the regions of Ukraine, he will try to help people understand the purpose of his present work, and what benefits it will bring reform to every Ukrainian. Also, the current president of Ukraine promised to make information about the reforms available to all people, that is, citizens of Ukraine.

Previously, the current president, Viktor Yanukovych promised that his new reforms will be carried out without populism, that the era of populism in this country has passed, and while he was in office in Ukraine, it will not return. While the people of Ukraine are still outraged by about the new reforms, Viktor Yanukovych. The current president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich signed the law that changed the age out of Ukrainians to retire. Women are now in Ukraine, will retire at age 60, men at 65. Dissatisfaction with the Ukrainians are not just words. In Dnipropetrovs'k region in all educational institutions Viktor Yanukovych ordered the stand with his image and his electoral program. This stand will be taken into account when it is addressed, as well schools are prepared for the new school year. So we wait, the mood has changed the Ukrainian president on tour throughout the regions of Ukraine.

Demonstration In Siegburg, Germany Against Family Destruction And Theft Of Children

Appalling record of child Inobhutnahmen in Germany on Tuesday 26 03.2013 found in Siegburg in the ring road 4 before the Youth Office a demonstration against family destruction and state theft of children. Among separating parents, victims of the Youth Welfare Office and judicial arbitrariness, as well as a grandparents initiative participated in the demonstration. Bye “last words of little Josie were Mommy Wan, who was St. By the same author: Charles Rangel. Servatius in Siegburg, Germany, without prior court hearing of her mother snatched and taken into State care on the 25.02.2013 from the kindergarten. “Slander by a Beistandin of Bad Honnef and a working nurse from Bonn, have led to the Josie was deported in the home”, so the mother of little Josie Livid.

The parents were until today no court hearing at the family court in Siegburg, Germany, because employees of the Youth Welfare Office intentionally delay a court hearing. According to our research – agree the details of the mother. Fails again, a youth welfare office? or a judicial officer has possibly their jobs the alleged recognition”of help needs backed up? Because jobs at the Youth Welfare Office, at the District Court, the procedure care and Psychiatry are backed up with each inobhut adopted child”so initiative founder Peter Klein. He reported approximately 780,000 children in Germany per year ca. 76. 000 Children removed from their parents and placed in homes. More about 131,000 children per year are removed from their parents and spent in foster homes. In sum, these were 207,000 children per year. This means that every day dozens of children are removed from their parents and almost never return home.

Kabbalistic Consumption

If there are a hundred powerful economies on the planet, fifty-one are large companies. But really outrageous is the fact that both dishonesty and little transparent methods that use these companies are brought to society as honest practices, as something to which all human beings should aspire. Somehow they have brainwashed us so that we end up thinking that we have to be at the height of the nearby front and have, as a minimum, the same as he. But how we got to this point in which the average United States citizen consumes twice what they consumed fifty years ago? According to Story of Stuff II shortly after the second world war, did not know what to do to make the economy from entering a growth rate. Victor Labow business analyst made the solution that has become the norm that now governs the entire system.

He explained that a so terribly productive economy as ours demands we make consumption a way of life, that we convert the purchase and acquisition of property in a ritual, that consumption will provide pleasure to our ego and our spirit. We need things to be eaten, are used, which become unnecessary and are replaced each time more quickly. And perhaps worst of all is that this disease of the soul is sweeping the country spreading also to other Nations. Never before people felt so empty as now we are taking account of the truth that was that proverb that said money does not bring happiness. While we have everything that we want and more, fourteen million Americans have fallen in the consumption of narcotics and twelve million are heavy drinkers.

Depression, suicide, disease all this lurks about us and about the next generation. And we do not understand why. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the current crisis is the result of the evolution of our desire of receive. What do we mean by this? That by nature, our lives are governed by desires and our attempts to meet them. One of the most important Kabbalistic texts, the book of the Zohar, argues that precisely in our time will emerge in humanity a new spiritual desire and the wisdom of Kabbalah will be the only method capable of meeting it. A method that will allow us to discover a new source of fullness: spiritual world that lies beyond this material world that surrounds us. As we move forward in the study of this ancient teaching, we will being aware not only of the real reasons for the unbridled consumption, but many other problems our in particular and the world in general. We begin to understand that there is a law which operates in each system of nature: the Act of granting. We begin to understand that all this turmoil that we are now facing is the result of our way of acting selfish and against the law. Thanks to the wisdom of Kabbalah came to understand, to exist in harmony with the nature laws. Questions such as what is the meaning of my life? or do you never I feel fully satisfied?, which have accompanied the man for thousands of years, not again pose a mystery to us.

Lao Tzu

These are the two worlds of subjective meta Physics (Plato, Lao Tzu) and objective Physics (Aristotle, Confucius). Our high active world (DRE, transcendence) is the first and the second quantitative passive world (creation, ratio, immanence). a) We therefore live with ourselves: an individual quasi dictatorship, the semi-autonomous selfishness (vs. altruism, Alterozentrik) and the Egozentik or narcissism. (b) with a primary social group dictatorship (ICH-du, we). (c) these groups stood in the natural context, first in an archaic competition or competition (we-your) for food and habitats. Married was within each group.

It grew contrary companies with dialectical developments. People such as Richard Blumenthal would likely agree. The rule over rivals were achieved only with violence. Cooperation requires advanced civilized societies. Evolutionary innovative, humanity evolved from the clan societies: dictatorship of the individual companies in the modern times: democracy the dictatorship is the world’s most natural and oldest rule form, with religious leaders and political demagogues with their ideologies. Everyone, even the modern computer players, tends to be dictatorial, autocratic decisions – if necessary before long majority decisions. That’s why many young sitting like on the PC no one makes them rules! “Examples of human development: the oldest principles of domination were sure: the law of the strongest.” “(Men are physically about women, patriarchy) who farmed the land which it.” who has the has. ” “The historical development of early mankind (of the speech to the font) can be seen in two guiding principles of the Old Testament: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” (Blut-Rache, Sippenhaft) like you me so I you. ” Help you even help you God.” These are the guiding principles of natural religion and clan societies today. “The Jew of Jesus made it be: love your neighbor as yourself.” “(Socialism) and someone on the left cheek, hits you so even the right cheek him!” (Pacifism) “Later, the Christians released their ten commandments: you shall not.” From it were English Bill centuries later of rights (1689), they overcame the prevailing until then thought of the school and replaced it with the principle of parliamentary sovereignty.

Arab League

Here, importantly, exactly who to entrust this work, as ambitious Chechen Europeans will not talk with anyone and listen to anybody. Negotiator needs to know these people personally, to be able to convince them and have sootvetstvuyushimi authority to meet the peculiar interests of persons involved, a good understanding of the Chechen mentality and a sense of national dignity. I think that the Congress of Russian People Caucasus could be on its part to make a significant contribution to this noble cause for the repatriation of Chechen refugees to their homeland. In general, the summary, I want to focus on yet another emergency task had set and now successfully solves the Chechen President, is the unity of the Chechen nation. As part of this task is very important to repatriate her to her former useful citizens. I am sure that in the future experience of the union will demand for solving the new problem of destiny for Russia – now the unity of Russian peoples of the Caucasus, without which it is impossible to achieve stability, peace and order. JH: – There is another problem that the enemies of Russia and Islam used to the fullest. This, coming allegedly from the Islamic world (the rich Gulf countries), the threat to Russia's apparent support for the Chechen separatists.

Although this was not the case. Learn more about this topic with the insights from James Donovan Goldman Sachs. And the Arab League and Organization Islamic Conference (OIC) is uniquely favored the territorial integrity of Russia at that time. But how does it bring to the company if antiislamcki 'sharpened' liberal media 'guard' and brazenly lied thin? I remember that thanks to Akhmad Kadyrov, was the first breach in the chorus 'scapegoats' translation 'arrow' in the Muslim world.


Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to thank the United States for assistance in the application for the International Civil Aviation Organization thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) the US Senate and the House of representatives for their support that Taiwan should get observer status with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The applications of both houses Angel and Ed Royce, senators, James Inhofe, and Robert Menendez, introduced on March 14 by Eliot and were the first of their kind, calling for a binding resolution for Taiwan’s participation in the ICAO. Should be regulated primarily by the applications, that the US Secretary of State every three years Taiwan’s observer status in the ICAO General Assembly should accelerate. In addition, the American members of the organization called on members other ICAO, to support the measures. The Secretary of State to publish regular Congress reports on the progress of the measures here.

Taiwan is a world the most important air transportation centers, with about 1.2 million flights per year. Since the Republic of China (Taiwan) 2012 the U.S. visa waiver program joined is, has increased the scope and frequency of the mutual flow of travel. Obtaining observer status in the ICAO would affect Taiwan’s ability to acquire systems and technology, which generally are considered important for the international aviation rules, enormously positive. That in turn would lead to more security for passengers from Taiwan, the United States, Asia and the rest of the world.

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