African National Congress

May Nelson Mandela be African having been born in America? At the time Nelson Mandela calls us, I am able to respond to them that we Latin Americans and African, as collective adventure where all them here present have been involved and that ripped from one beach any West Coast African for more than four centuries to navigate in waters that are of the ocean and of being. Beyond the domain and will power that establishes the fact slave resistance which coextensive and secularly people opposed him, resulting, however, in the perennial track that let’s the mestizo America of Jose Marti; as predicted by Bolivar and Che announced: we have come to be original, new expression of humanity. Luis Beltran Diaz Nelson send it visited us once in Valencia, when the University of Carabobo honored him giving him the doctorate Honoris and cause, act in which I had the opportunity to attend at the invitation of the University where I am a teacher. There can be no minor doubt, that was a very moving event, a character worthy of this award by their struggle for respect for human rights, so it has done by South Africa, but by the justice, equality of human rights which should be respected beyond xenophobia and racism. Remember us as diaries outlined what the President of the African National Congress arrived accompanied by his wife, Winnie Mandela, after a gentle invitation to make the University of Carabobo. Since their arrival, the people and Government agencies fell compliments, compliments, and honors to the tight African leader. From the hands of Carlos Andres Perez then President of Venezuela in his second term, received the Liberator order in grade of Grand cord, the Minister of education, Gustavo Rossen, meanwhile awarded him order Andres Bello in the Honor band class while the regional government, the legislature and the University of Carabobo would give himrespectively, orders Sol de Carabobo, Miguel Pena and the doctorate Honoris Causa; not without highlighting that it is more dangerous to fight for peace that fighting a war. .

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