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Civil Engineering

According to Picchi (1993), its participation decreases in the recessivos periods, whereas its growth is greater that the average of the country, at times of expansion. Civil Engineering is one of the branches oldest of engineering and its importance is Vital for the development of the society, as well as, for the interconnection between these. As producing of the technology the civil engineer it has undisputed participation in all the stages of the development of the societies human beings and the action of these professionals is the service of the improvement of the quality of life of the people. The civil engineer, as agent of the process of urbanization of natural environments, introduces alterations of intense character, fast varied in this way in its performance in the diverse sectors that compose the civil construction. The civil construction congregates the divisions of Civil engineering and Constructions, which understands the heavy construction and has led, the construction materials, the techniques of project and planning in civil construction, as well as, the constructive processes enclosing relative the ambient aspects to the activities of construction and occupation of the ground.

However, the Macrossetor of the civil construction understands the set of economic sectors directly related, as the supplying industries of insumos and equipment for the construction (long cement, steel, electric material, amongst others), beyond the sector of services associates to the construction (commerce of materials, brokerage of property, etc). The composition of the macrossetor is of 73,45% of the civil construction, 20.34% of supplying industry and 6.21% of services associates, what it involves a great parcel of the economy of the country. The function of the civil construction is to take care of to the basic demands of housing, to provide installations for the development of productive activities and the public equipment implantation for different social classes, thus providing, comfort, security and development. Engineering is the art, the science and the technique of good to conjugate the specialized knowledge of one given area of knowing, with the support of the technician-economic viability, to produce new utilities and to transform the nature, in compliance with well planned ideas, (Bazzo, 2002).

Universal History

Based in the book of Jose Carlos Kings, ' ' History of history: Civilization Occidental person and felt Histrico' ' we will make one analyzes on the philosophies of history and its historical development from the Greeks arriving until century XVIII, where historians had tried to rescue the idea of ' ' Universal&#039 history; '. The concern in if establishing Universal History in century XVIII have to see with an identity search. According to Jose Carlos Kings, the European world postwar period, with its religious spalling and its existenciais conflicts, needed to find a justification for its exspansionism. When establishing ' ' Universal&#039 history; ' , they had legitimized the reasons for the domain of the world, therefore they were agents of modernity, the ones that carried the tools to lead the peoples to the salvation. Jose Carlos Kings makes a return to the past so that if he can understand this expansionista thought of ' ' Universal&#039 history; ' that it is tried to establish at the time current, century XVIII.

History was creation of the Greeks, who live anti-history, for having mythologies and legends impregnated in its local History. It had an attempt of if eliminating myths between the Greeks, but this possible did not have to the fact of that these myths were taken root in its culture. Therefore, even so in Tucdides it has an awareness on the necessity of if searching the truth of the facts, the History of the Greeks still is repleta of anti-history, with its myths and legends. The idea of ' ' Universal&#039 history; ' it was not present in the Greek world, them they lived now, they did not think the future, but yes the perpetual one. For the Greeks the world age of cyclical nature, therefore, the future would not be different of the past and nor of the gift.


INTRODUCTION the current society possesss a position that is folloied of the globalization process that they keep relation with the acceleration of the time, therefore, currently everything is in full and fast change. The idea of globalizado market leaves well clearly that the professional of the gift is citizen. So that the human being is citizen is necessary to know that this is not a mentally ill human being, and that to be mentally ill it is not necessary to be worried about the education in Brazil, with the methodologies of education, the formation of the professionals in the mathematics area. They do not go to be the education methodologies the preparation of the professional of superior education that go to characterize of integral form the professional future of mathematics, this must have incentive, right to an education of quality since the first contacts with its school. Recently the mathematics professors had started if to acquire knowledge of that its paper of professor demands proper qualification and specifies that not if it restricts to have a diploma of licenciatura or same doctor, or only the exercise of a profession, (CORREA, 2001). He demands this everything and pedagogical ability, therefore it is an educator. TEACHING PRTCA OF the MATHEMATICS PROFESSOR Each professor possesss a style, that always will be distinct.

Ready prescriptions nor specific solutions do not exist, because to be mathematics professor it involves conflicts of values, are a process that if develops throughout labor practical its. When initiating the practical professional is that difficulties are verified, such as: to attract the interest of the pupils for the mathematics lessons.

The Pesimism On Stock-market Prevails

The crisis of the debt in Europe and its effect in the markets has left very hairdos to the investors. A 36.1 percent of the 360 participants in the survey of feeling of market of Morningstar and, the social network of investors, has been bearish the being asked for their expectations for the bags in next the 12 months. This number surpasses the other two options for the first time: the investors who have declared themselves neutral have located in the 33.8 percent, whereas only a 30.1 percent has been declared optimistic for the market from now until a year. Thus, the percentage of optimists has been reduced until 37%, the lowest number since it began to realise this study in December of 2009, far from 24% that was registered in March, when the falls of the indices tied down the investing spirit. The jump of the pesimism has been the major in a month until now. Since in the survey realised in April only a 21% of the survey ones were pessimist, by the 36.1 percent of May.

The transfer to the zone " oscura" it has arrived as much from investors who the past month were bullish like of the neutral ones. The reading " alcista" also she is lowest since one began to realise the survey six months ago, and is very far from the highest number of this indicator, registered in the 45 percent in the first month of 2010. The neutral ones, however, stay around the average zone in which it has moved in the different monthly surveys. The survey sample that the individuals are right now more pessimists than the professionals. In fact, between the professionals, who have been a 10% of the participants in the survey, the bullish option still prevails, with a 40% of the survey ones choosing it, although the bears also give a great jump from 20% of April to 33% of May.

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