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Brazil’s Political Congress

This represents what? According to pamphlet that had distributed in all the universities of Brazil, elaborated for Movement to transform dreams into reality: Movement to 52 Congress of the UNE’ ‘ , this represents: ‘ ‘ To fold the vacant number in the Public Universities; to raise of 13,9% of young in the university for 40%; to invest in estudantil assistance so that the students obtain to conclude its studies; that all the students have access to the estudantil pass; to increase the number of stock markets of mestrandos and doutorandos; to reach 2 million PROUNISTAS; to massificar the FIES’ ‘. Beyond this fight, the students are pledged in another one: 50% of the Deep one of Daily pay-Salt for the education. Jim Donovan Goldman is open to suggestions. In this exactly pamphlet, has a text explaining the importance of this fight: ‘ ‘ In October of 2009, the campaign for 50% of the Deep one of Daily pay-Salt for the education was launched, that would be the center of mobilization of the estudantil movement in the posterior period. Already in the Day of Fights of March of 2010, the claim fell in the popular taste: the mobilization took thousand for the streets in 11 capitals, gained the periodical layers and space in the main reporters of the Brazilian TV. From then on, the fight alone grew. They had been blitz in the National Congress, acts in university and schools, manifestos with adhesions of leaderships politics and intellectuals of diverse places of the country. The detached participation of the colleges student in National conference of Educao (CONAE) made possible that this was one of the resolutions of the Conference. It rewards it for as much movement came with the approval of the emendation of JOINS for the National Congress, in the day 1 of December of 2010, in way to the projects that regulated the exploration of the daily pay-salt..

Brazilian Work

Generally its deliveries are in risk areas since its workstation is in a community encircled for others, thus it fulfill to its work making deliveries in dangerous places. Without knowing when it will start a new confrontation it enters polices x I traffic, after one day exhausting of deliveries and tasks it leaves its work for return of 17h retaking walked its until its residence, where he arrives first takes its Trilax remedy (takes it every day, without medical lapsing to alliviate its pains in the body and of head) takes its bath, he has supper and he looks for to go to sleep or to rest fastest possible to be able to be rested for plus one day of work. Quality of life Quality of life is a marcadamente multidimensional concept and that it depends on internal factors, as the perception, and external, as the environment, and in the world of the work, she is on to the motivation for the work and greater productivity. Although the importance of the subject still exists a great gap of knowledge, mainly in if treating to quality of life of the worker. Although this, studies disclose that right wages, security in the work, social relevance, flexibility, amongst others, are determinative factors for the quality of life of the worker. However the Brazilian legislation still is limited on the subject focusing norms of security and attendance to the health, not taking care of to the abrangncia, the multidimensionalidade and the social relevance of the subject. The young which we portray previously tells that due to its incubencies in its routine of work, it cannot usufruct of routine cares with its health, and since this works exerting three functions as it was displayed previously, it at least must have sporadical medical consultations and medical examinations to evaluate pains that feel in its body proceeding from the force consumed to its work. .

Raquel Pacheco

In the height of its sexual career it develops one blog where it aims at to expand its contacts and also to comment on its customers; the success of blog it is implacable and Bruna gains prominence in the media. It becomes a girl of luxury program, however it did not matter with the characteristics of its customers, what she interested was the money and much sex. In its daily it registered the day the day of a considered profession easy, but that in the reality pra who lives nothing if against of easy in a professional who in the deep one hurts the soul and violates the principles of that they search this way. In the dawn of the analysis we notice that Bruna obtained fame, being able to take its history for the world, changedding itself into a desired celebrity, interview and curiously analyzed, criticized. Amazon has much experience in this field. In short the film beyond describing the steps of a girl whom if it transformed into program girl, it detaches with clarity that the dialogue is basic in any relation. On behalf of the revolt, of the lack of dialogue, Bruna Surfistinha ' ' matou' ' Raquel Pacheco and gave place to a woman who made many happy men, gained fame and of program girl it changedded itself into a writer, in a recordista in ticket offices; in meanwhile in its essence Bruna or Raquel it loads the drama, the misfortune of the absence of the family, pain to lose its identity. The pride of Raquel denies such idea plus its action leaves clearly that Bruna Surfistinha still lives in Raquel Pacheco and this wounds the soul and disturbs the memory. After all Bruna Surfistinha and Raquel Pacheco had still lived new histories, stories, emotions, reconciliations and in the end the two if they fundiram and both had cohabited an only being, this go beyond the fiction, therefore the film is the full reality lived for Raquel Pacheco..

The Congress

In Buarque (2009), one affirms that the abandonment to the education, even so concentrated in the poor classrooms, is generating a society that bothers to all, an inefficiency that makes it difficult the global functioning of the economy and the society. The maintenance of the order and the protection of the patrimony and the personal security cost to rich and the almost-rich ones of Brazil to almost keep a militarized force of the size of the proper Army, under the form of private monitoring. How much the democracy in Brazil, the same author affirms that: The Brazilian democracy did not advance because it did not obtain to give the basic step to leave the corporative organization for a social and national organization. The Congress has all freedom, but its members of the house of representatives almost always had been elect and represent corporative groups, losing the capacity to in general see, to understand and to represent interests of society e, especially, of the kept out of society layers. Unions, patronal members of labor party, had passed to be seen as democratization elements, when they represent only the part integrated in modernity and take almost always decisions against the interests of the great masses.

The biggest example, however, of the democratization emperrada in the corporativizao is in ' ' democracia' ' of the social medias, that was capable to eliminate the censorship, to allow the free debate, but it kept radios and televisions subordinated to the interests of the profit or the manipulation of opinion on the part of its proprietors, whom, it exempts of the state censorship, exert its proper you censure. Directly to censure, to manipulate, or indirectly so that the medias are only elements of generation of profits, and not of participation, education and cultural promotion. A democratization strategy will not function that does not eliminate the corporativizao of the society and that it does not put the free medias Been it and also it control for part of its proprietors.

Personal Definition

The ethics are a form that our society has desvirtuado in favor of its comfort. The ethical sense that would have to pautar our lives, action and attitudes, many times and rank of side so that unconsciously let us can develop action more ' ' livres' '. In all the moments of our lives, we are questioned on what really we must make in certain situations of our life, and in virtue of this, we finish for making what it is more easy, without worrying in them about what he is certain or ethical. Philosophical saying, ethics she is involved with the moral and social principles and values, however, the direction most real of what it could be ethical, and to make what is certain, does not import the consequncias. A time that the moral and social values are in constant mutation, what could modify the ethics direction, therefore, the association of the ethics with such values would have to leave to occur. Historically, the moral values already had suffered innumerable alterations in passing of the time, long ago, for example, at the time of slavery, the moral did not allow that to a considered person ' ' branca' ' if to involve with one considered ' ' negra' '. Today we pautamos in them with different contradictions, in a situation ' ' moral' ' inside of an ignorant society, machista and prejudiced.

Still it is considered normal that ' ' homem' ' it can have a infinity of relations, being considered one ' ' garanho' ' , with pose of novel gala of the 8, while if a woman to present a similar behavior, will be taxed of promiscuous or voluptuosa. What the society restrains, for considering ' ' amoral' '. The ethics allow in them to say, that if we live in a society, the least in theory, ' ' igualitria' ' according to Federal Constitution of 1988, all is equal before the law, such thoughts go against this letter, and theoretically unconstitutional. The ethics allow in them to differentiate the certainty of the wrong one, exactly when we do not understand the meaning real of these words, in many situations, the life takes in them to be ethical, in forcing to make the correct one, exactly that let us have ackward or not advantageous consequncias. It is the ethics that support them pillars of the duty, justice and the honor.

It fits to each one of us to inquire what really of we must make, as to act and how to react. Most important it is that we must think as we would feel in them if we were in the other part of the situation, as we would go to react if we fossemos reached them by the lack or absence of the ethics. To place us as the part injured for our proper ignorance and a form to initiate an ethical thought, if do not like to be wounded, because to wound the others. The ethics must more than be what a mere word forgotten in our dictionary and vocabulary, the ethics must be our shield against the stormy ones and incoherences of the mind human being.


The Chaillot Insane Person is one of the films that deserve to be acquired,kept to reviewed from time to time. because they are true classics or workmanships cousins of literature, the dramaturgia and the cinematography. Already it makes one thirty years that attended the film the Insane person of Chaillot, and since then I have looked this film in the landlords to see of new and not meeting. The film is based on the part homnima of the writer French Hypolite Jean Giraudoux and directed by the actor, producer, director and English scriptwriter Bryan Forbes, with Katharine Hepburn and Yul Brynner in the main papers. It is the history of old condessa, pertaining to the ruined French aristocracy, that still conserves its old house, its jewels, its pose, its souvenirs and its clothes. It costuma to frequent equally empobrecidas, remaining a coffee of Paris, where if it finds with other figures, of the old aristocracy, that now live of souvenirs, and with which if it congregates, to the times, to take a tea in its house. Infuriated with the avidez of that they want to transform the city of Paris into an immense field of prospection of oil, it and its friends starts to mount a private court, in the bilge of the house, where the bad entrepreneurs will be judged.

For this, it sends correspondences to all they, informing them of that, in the subsoil of its mansion, an oil well exists, invites and them to visit the place. Meanwhile, it invites an old friend, female judge pensioner, to preside over the court, and to other old members of the nobility, today transformed into beggars, trapeiros and papeleiros, to play roles of defense and prosecuting attorneys. thus the works have opening, where each politician or unscrupulous entrepreneur is judged by its crimes. There in the measure where the guests (guilty) go arriving, after pronounced its previous sentences, they are lead to the subsoil, under the excuse to visit a supposed deposit of oil. Later that all the guests are previously judgeships, sentenced and executed, this he is locked up forever in the dark coated subterranean of rocks of its house, for where each one of them is invited to go down for stairs, then the door is closed, definitively, and condessa and its assistant gives for locked up the session of that improvised court.

In general lines history is this, but the film is not summarized in this. It is a true cinematographic pearl, of the principle to the end, with its script, its dialogues, its philosophy and its reality. Old Condessa, called? the insane person? for its eccentricity, and its friends, promote the act of justice to an ideal state of effectiveness and impartiality.

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