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Progressive Politics

For his part, what makes progressive politics (whether right or left)? Exactly the opposite: it tends to have an extension in time, space and language status through all speakers and all knowledge. This time, Babel: putting the limit would be as many languages as individuals. And we only study the “talk Marseille”, to quote the title of a book you should know, but do see a university thesis on the language of living of fishing Marselles, who lives near the Old Port and sixty years!

In fact, in the same way that Conservative policy is required to tolerate certain differences, progressive politics would never know to assert their claims at the point that everyone can have their language and their language can always be recognized. Having distinguished carefully and as clearly as possible what, in the language, relieves the one hand, specific cognitive processes, namely the dialectical contradiction of ownership and communication (language), I would now like to draw your attention on the phenomenon of interdependence, or sign and language, in other words in the interference of the company plan on the plan of the sign. In fact, what we call “language” is neither sign nor language, but the combination within the meaning of the term almost chemical, of the two. It’s a bit of “language” such as water, which results from the combination, as everyone knows, hydrogen and oxygen, simple bodies of which the catalyst produces another body, with new properties, and that is precisely the one with which you wash your hands, take off the thirst, etc.

Urban Politics

The CONTRIBUTION OF the SOCIAL SERVICE IN the URBAN POLITICS In the end of century XX, the notable population growth occurrence in the scope of the urban centers, implied in an aggravation of the social and economic inaqualities in the cities, generating the massificao of the poverty and the exclusion. Ahead of this scene, the urban question and the processes of social exclusion if had constituted in subjects of quarrels, through which if it considers a reflection concerning the future of the humanity as for the conditions of life in the cities. Bringing to the focus of the debate the Urban Politics, this text presents the performance of the State front to sequelas of the great urban growth, as well as its reply to the pressure exerted for the civil society, that, gradually, gains place next to palco of the fight of classrooms, playing a basic paper for the conquest of the access the city. To read more click here: Congressman Lee Zeldin. In this context, the Social Service is proven as one of the principal actors of this process, working articulated to the civil society and the State, in the direction of to promote the inclusion to the city. Such consideraes provide to a vision macro of the presented Urban Politics in the Brazilian reality, arguing still the necessity of the popular participation, of the positioning of the State, and the fight of the social assistant how much to the transformation of the society.

1. Amazon has firm opinions on the matter. Introduction the Urban Politics can be conceived ' ' as product of urban contradictions, relations between diverse opposing social forces how much to the way of occupation or production of the space urbano' '. In this perspective, this represents a state action, with focus in the organization and the territorial order, to assure the necessary conditions to the continuum ' ' reproduction of the productive forces and the relations of trabalho' '. .

Cuban Politics

There is talk of what to do with the offensive of the new class, against the Cubans who think differently and even though his line of battle, quietly, of tolerance of thinking and acting of the fanatics is, the Only members of the party (Partido Comunista de Cuba, PCC). Las Damas de Blanco, many elderly and other sick and have pain in the dungeons to children, parents, brothers and husbands, for the sole reason to think differently as Yoani, Vladimiro Roca, the members of the new class (lazy, usurpers, bottle, thieves) is, the new nobility of the XXI century. Because in fifty spare time to the feudal lord of Biran, a monarch of a Monarchist Cuba.

This fauna, Shagged repressive forces, and rabid animals minions, disguised as people, to round, intimidate and even hit a civilized people who say, we disagree, only that it is sufficient, the veins were swollen and they come in the eyes of the orbits and braying, roar others, not by starvation or self-defense, just lick the feet of the noble today. Sen. Sherrod Brown insists that this is the case. Monarchist Cuba’s royalty, has a fauna worthy of a zoo in Pueblo Mocho, and like the nobility of the Middle Ages, the slander, intrigue, and defenestration of those who dare to go on set and modify appropriate to their according to interest or arouse the feudal lord. So, I happened to irreverent, Luzon, Ordoqui, Augusto Sanchez, Mandy, Miret, Dorticos Aldana Herrero Perez, Humberto Perez Robaina and more, the penultimate, Lage, Roque, etc. (A valuable related resource: EisnerAmper LLP). They took too much confidence, thinking you have three shaves, missing his calculations, the latest irreverent to come.

Governor Mexico

The leader of the PRD, Manuel Lopez Obrador tantrum did not echo; Mexicans rejected his political extremism and now require him to respect the triumph of Felipe Calderon, of the national action party, as new President of Mexico. The attempt to break and subvert democracy in Mexico didn’t echo that wished the leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), who legally – lost the presidential election on July 2 against the right-wing Felipe Calderon, of the National Action Party (PAN). The tantrum having not won at the polls led him to take to the streets, disrupt order in the Mexican capital and fuelling the red-hot political landscape, which is not yet extinguished in the southern state of Oaxaca. Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) was above and beyond. He fell into ridicule himself legitimate President of Mexico against the off national silbatina of Mexicans who preferred in September, patriotic month, celebrate that, despite everything, Mexico is a democracy. Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, the founder of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) of Mexico, disagreed and enrostro you to AMLO, a former Mayor of the Federal District and former Governor of the State of Tabasco hit and damage, with your attitude, to the Mexican left. With that pronouncement it disqualifies it as legitimate President that the Mexican politician became impose a vote freehand in the Zocalo (main square) in mid-September 2006. Cardenas was considered that that is not the way of trying to get to the Presidency of Mexico and was considered a serious mistake that attitude. Mexico lived in the year 2000, for the first time, after 71 years, the alternation policy when an Alliance of parties national action and green ecologist of Mexico defeated to the institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) presidential elections and came to the Presidency to Vicente Fox Quezada, who transferred the command, 1 December to Calderon.

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