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Ukrainian Citizens

A relatively small number of Ukrainian citizens know that they have a state-guaranteed right to allocate and free land privatization. According to the article. 121 of the of Ukraine (ZKU) Ukrainian citizens have the right to free transfer of land from the lands of the state or municipal property. In this case, depending on the needs that are planned to take part being privatized, determined and the size of allocated sites. Thus, it is understood that the land will be used to: 1) farming (size determined by the size of a land share (unit) specific for members of agricultural enterprises located in rural, township or city council, where the farm), and 2) subsidiary farming (no more than 2.0 hectares), 3) gardening reference (not more than 0.12 hectare), 4) construction and maintenance of a dwelling house, outbuildings and structures (yard) (in the villages – no more than 0,25 hectares, the villages – no more – 0,15 hectares, in the cities – no more than 0,10 ha), 5) individual country construction (no more than 0.10 hectare), 6) construction of individual garages (not more than 0.01 hectare). According to the article. 118 zku citizens, applicants for land must submit application to the appropriate district, Kiev and Sevastopol city state administration, or village, settlement, the city council on the location of the land. The application includes the desired the size and intended use of the site. Local councils, in turn, must verify the validity of the statements of the citizen and to consider the materials submitted within 1 month and render its decision. In the case of satisfactory Council's response given permission to develop land privatization project commissioned by a special citizens' organizations with appropriate licenses. Transfer of the same land plots to citizens is only after the approval of the project of privatization of land for consideration by local councils also have a period of 1 month. In addition, the project land allocation must be consistent with the agency for land resources, environmental and sanitary bodies, architecture and cultural heritage protection. Representatives of local councils make an entry in land record document – the Book of civil registration. Thus, citizens receive state act on the right of private ownership of land. This document provides and registers the relevant local council. Possible differences between formal and actual size settle again, the local councils. It remains to add that in the event of executive authority or local authority in the transfer of land ownership or abandonment of the application without considering the issue is resolved in court. Documents required for registration of land privatization citizens: 1. Technical note from the town of affiliation bti area of land. 2. Technical documentation of the size of the land, which must be agreed in the management of urban architecture. 3. A copy of the passport and an identification code owners houses. 4. Statement.

Hohe Dune Warnemunde

Tillmann of tap Michelin star confirmed for the gourmet restaurants of the butt the restaurant critic of the restaurant guide Michelin Guide restaurants in the Yacht Harbour residence Hohe Dune Warnemunde again the high quality of the cuisine of the gourmet. The butt, under the direction of Tillmann Hahn, was awarded a star for the third time in a row. Global, buy local I feel the recognition of my kitchen according to the principle of Cook as a great honor and I am very pleased that the Guide Rouge again puts more accent on the use of sustainably produced, naturally pure and additive-free basic products. This award supports our efforts to the development of culinary identity in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania very.”so till man cock. “Recently the butt of the large restaurant & Hotel received the gourmet restaurant guide”restaurant of the year 2011 the coveted award”. By the international restaurant guide Identita Golose”, which appears in Italy, was the butt in the issue for 2011 as a single restaurant in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania due to its special cuisine recorded alongside five other leading houses in the entire Federal Republic of Germany.

“With its concept collage Culinaire” Tillmann converts cock he advocated for years by using locally produced foods between the classical paths of gourmet cuisine and modern gastronomic developments in the area of sustainability. Cock draws with both connoisseurs and experienced professional chefs with his tireless commitment in terms of sustainability, especially in the new and very trendy culinary Nordic hot spot region. Matching according to international experts, form the kitchens and chefs of the regions to the North and Baltic Sea a new culinary attention right now and are worldwide significantly expand this position in the next few years.

January Exhibition

Last year in 2011, China what the talk of the town. Last year in 2011, China what the talk of the town. Well, in most things from economics to politics for the past five years it has been the talk of the town, but 2011 what particularly good for China and art. For one, the country emerged as the world’s number one market, at least measured in auction sales (people actually paying is another matter for another post). The figures from all auction houses showed where the global wealth what flowing: Sotheby’s and Christie’s stand-alone accumulated more than $1.8bn in Hong Kong alone. In a similar trend, more Western nations are showing exhibitions of Chinese art, be it contemporary or ancient Chinese artworks.

The latest case in point is the National Museum of Australia’s A new horizon: contemporary Chinese art described by critics as a powerful and important exhibition of contemporary Chinese art, all of which is on loan from the National Art Museum of China. The exhibition features more than 70 sculptures, new media installation and paintings which have been created since the people’s Republic of China which founded in 1949, after the KMT fled part to Taiwan. For Chinese art aficionados, you should be able to recognise some big names, including Qian Nannette, Liu Xiaodong and Shen Jiawei. The works have been divided chronologically, with new China (1949-1977) covering most of the hectic days of propaganda art during the cultural revolution, moving on to new thinking (1978-1999) and the years of opening up, reform and modernization. Finally, new century (2000-2009) reflects on the China that most people are familiar with the big cities, wealth explosion and increasingly assertive and powerful nation against the background of globalisation. National Art Museum of China Director Fan Di’ said the past two years of cultural exchange between Australia and China to promote have helped strengthen the relationship between the two countries, referring to the Australian exhibition of Aboriginal art that toured China in 2011.

Mr Fan said he hoped the latest exhibition would help bridge cultural gaps between the two nations. “We decided to create an exhibition featuring Chinese art since 1949, one that located Chinese art in the context of social and cultural change. The “representative artists and works have been selected to reflect the history of the time and its cultural landscape, and form a snapshot of Chinese art from the latter half of the 20th century to today,” he said. One important observation is one gleans from the exhibition that China what not as isolated as one may think. Chinese art in the 20th century had many Western influences, which arguably led to social changes, in and of itself. The influence of art and culture continues to be reflected in the changes of norms and values, reflected in the production of art in the two countries. As National Museum of Australia Director Andrew Sayers said, the art of China in the decades from the 1950s to the 1980 s what not as well known and further knowledge only increased understanding. “I am pleased to see that, as a result of their efforts, this exhibition has become a valuable contribution to Australia of understanding of Chinese visual culture,” he said. People planning to visit Canberra, Australia, have until the end of January to see it. Olivia Preston is passionate about everything on paintings and arts. When she’s not having fun she writes on oil paintings.

Global Municipal Utilities

Scientology supports Church and numerous international humanitarian programs to revive moral values the main activities of the Scientology churches are in the field of pastoral care and training. They have also been known that they worldwide – engage in a broad range of activities to improve their cities and communities. In the centuries before welfare programs of the Governments have been the rule, the churches tended generally to those in society who need support. In many areas, it is expected that churches provide assistance and in accordance with this tradition, Scientology members are actively working in their cities and towns. The Church of Scientology church members constantly training and pastoral work. After they also get a private, increased understanding and awareness of themselves and their fellow human beings. Thus, it goes without saying that their attention is focused on the world around them for them and that they Take responsibility for the conditions, which they find.

Charity and social responsibility are the natural consequences of their spiritual values. Scientologists are proud that they afford more social service hours per capita in comparison to similar large municipalities. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs addresses the importance of the matter here. The approach of a Scientologist on improvements based on the result: it takes care of the immediate needs of the people or of the community and at the same time addresses the underlying causes. Thus, permanent results and long term improvements are achieved. The Church of Scientology and its members contact the overwhelming problem of drug abuse despite numerous prevention events. The emphasis here is here of the enlightenment.

Scientologists see the root of poverty and crime in the illiteracy. Therefore, tutors around the world many thousands were trained in the efficient and successful teaching by L. Ron Hubbard. The clear improvements in the academic performance of pupils are outstanding. Clergy volunteer Scientology play an active role in relief in disaster areas. You are quickly spot fires, after bombings, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, etc. all over the world. Help victims, police officers, firefighters, and many more, to cope with the given situation. They also help organize water, food, tents and many more building. The Church of Scientology and its members of the community are conspicuously active advocates for human rights. Scientologists oppose instinctively all those who abuse their power or hurt the innocent and weak. You enlighten people around the world about their human rights so that every one of the child aware of his rights to the elders. There are still far more activities, the Scientologists and Scientology churches perform in their community. Follow all the goals of Scientology: A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can be successful and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to ascend to greater heights”.

Regional Advertising In The Global Network – Online Guide And Guide Regional

The network of e-commerce helps small and medium-sized enterprises regional online marketing the Internet networked global, used by the people but also regional: prepared according to studies, for example, 51 percent of all purchases in the stationary trade site with the help of the Internet. This provides the opportunity to draw attention in their region and to present customized offers small and medium-sized enterprises: so customers click can check quickly and easily produce or the nearest branch. Online Guide allows first analysis the NEG immediately information on regional Internet marketing offers, so that companies can better exploit the potential of their Web presence and addressing regional customers: at the start of the supply companies with the help of the online troubleshooter “Regional Internet marketing” can answer twelve questions to their already implemented and planned regional Internet marketing activities. (Similarly see: Ohio Senator). The result evaluates the current situation and gives specific Recommendations for the company. So explains about based on the question of whether regional online marketplaces and portals already are included in the advertising, that these sources of information are enjoying increasing popularity with customers and take advantage of acquiring new customers can be. Guide supported deepening the theme building on these individual results, all interested parties receive the guide ‘Regional Internet marketing – new ways of addressing customers’. This first introduces the basics of marketing, presents on the Internet then selected marketing and sales tools, and draws attention in the third part on the methods to regionalise the Internet.

The analysis of the development and goals of the company is as important as the implementation of concrete measures, to achieve these goals. Tips to targeted E-Mail Marketing and innovative marketing tools and the use of social media and mobile marketing round off the Guide. Finally, you will find references to further employment with the theme. The link to the the online guide can be found in the right pane under “Further information”.

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