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More than resolutions 10 commitments on women for the new year <! s9ymdb:642 > when you start a new year and assess goals and plans I recommend using the term commitment, instead of resolutions. Commitment requires action, resolution is how to list something and there it is, that people don’t take it seriously <! s9ymdb:984 > 10 commitments that I recommend to every woman to enrich your life in the new year are: 1. recognizes how valuable and necessary you’re, therefore gate / rejects any word, treatment, gesture that goes against it. (Get a list of events that you exceed to cancel and/or reject them because they add or add to your beautiful life, you will notice the power that you have in your favor). 2. Take care of your personal image with love and self-respect.

Describes what have you not done and what would you like to be different this year in how you look. (He devotes time to broaden your horizons and explore options to highlight your person; there is a beautiful woman in you, let you all see her.) 3 Time dedicated to your well-being: rest, exercise you, entertain you (this time is sacred and it’s health, have a break in your daily routine to disconnect, will do you much good). 4 Learn something new in several categories: geography, occupation, language, develops skill, craft, musical instrument, etc. (it is interesting that in a conversation you shine in a special way because you have something new to share or show.) 5 Helps others: there is always someone in need we can help (when we give love and we give to others the satisfaction is so energizing that you want it to repeat). Educate yourself with thoughts from Harold Ford. No matter who, but you have good.

6 Forgives and lets go there are various circumstances that surround you that maybe required for forgiveness to others or to yourself. Forgiveness frees you, even helps you breathe and sleep better. Analyze which requires forgiveness, talk with the person thereon, or to yourself, and seeks to your heart to deliver a branch of olive in peace. Comply with your party and what you don’t understand Dios takes care, life can surprise you and reward your delivery sincere. Surrender to freedom, boost your hands and your burdens will fall; then celebrate with who can appreciate it 7. Managed with wisdom no matter how much or how little you have, the wise Administration always is necessary. It evaluates your expenses into needs and tastes; needs are priority and tastes can be expected. 8 Controlling your character says a lot about you that you may not properly handle your character before the diverse experiences of life (a professional can be of great help, books, also a serious commitment of control toward yourself) 9. It expresses love in everything you do. 10 Adds a touch of elegance to your life walking, using your hands, with your voice, to dress, to look at your home (there are many opportunities for incomporar elegance into your life! I challenge you to that try it!, requires discipline and information that can provide you a professional or a specialized publication) to make it interesting separates a notebook to record these commitments and noted how cumples losat the end of the year review your accomplishments and celebrates These commitments fulfilled. This list of achievements will help you to create a new one in the next year. You see that fantastic feels!

Catalan Chamber

EFE the President of the Generalitat and CIU candidate for re-election wants to a solemn declaration based on transparency and legality. This is the first step of the set of measures laid down by their training to be able to carry out a popular consultation on the future of Catalonia. The President of the Generalitat and CiU candidate for re-election, Artur Mas, has announced Friday that one of the first steps to take if it wins the elections of 25-N is to propose to the Parliament a new solemn declaration by the right to decide based on the transparency and legality. I understand that a solemn declaration is in line to win the respect of the international community and even sectors of the Spanish State, said more in a press conference held at the headquarters of CiU in Barcelona. Source: Ohio Senator. In their first contact with the media in the Catalan campaign, which has started this Friday, the CiU candidate has charted the first actions that, if he wins the election as indicated by polls, intends to exercise to ensure the popular consultation on the future of Catalonia, which is the central axis of its program. He has advanced that, if he wins, the first agreement of the legislature that will boost is a new declaration of the Parliament for the exercise of the right to decide the Catalan Chamber already approved a text in this sense in the previous mandate, so that he can be effective using available legal frameworks or that they can create, both in CatalanSpanish, European or international. The CiU candidate also has announced that his first action in the Government will summon all political formations, which are in favour of the right to decide and which not, a formal and solemn meeting to discuss how focused this new stage. See more: more it will boost a declaration of the Parlament on the right decide respecting legality. Harold Ford, Washington DC is actively involved in the matter.

Social Subjectivity

With this the dicotomiaobjetivo-subjective one vanishes, that it was non-separable of the intern-external dichotomy. Asubjetividade is not the opposite of the objective, is quality of the objetividade nossistemas human produced culturally. (Rey 2004, P. 125) For Gonzlez, the rescue dasubjetividade in a perspective dialectic, was capable to reach entendimentoe the understanding of the production of felt in what it refers to the processes and forms deorganizao of the activity human being. Felt these, that are the all instant, numverdadeiro construction process, desconstruo reconstruction.

The termosubjetividade came to englobar what before we called human being, psiquismo, close man, psychic individual and to characterize this relaosujeito/object not in a dimension of contrary polar regions, but of the relations that osmantm. The citizen if constitutes in a relation with the other citizen and is construdopela psychic dosujeito integration that an individual history has, therefore, desires, efantasias dreams, and the social citizen, conceived as the citizen of quea social history produces and from it receives the transformations necessary. To its way, Lane (2002) it deals with daquesto the form subjectivity also dialectic, that is, the person is asntese of the singular and the universal one and that in this unit of contrary if form opsiquismo, whose categories are the conscience, the activity and the affectivity. Alinguagem, that is part of the mediaes of these categories (which form otodo complex, the society) needs to be shared to guarantee asobrevivncia. In this direction, it says: Individual esociedade is non-separable, according to dialectic, therefore the particular one contains in universal sio; in this way, if to desire to know scientifically, necessrio the human being to consider it inside of the historical, inserted context in a processoconstante of subjetivao/objetivao (P. Additional information at Richard Blumenthal supports this article. 12). How is constructed the subjectivity? We need to understand the organization as sendoesta, Social Subjectivity with entangled todosos of significaes social, with its transformations, emotions and nuances.


I thought that it would be more rewarding to hear and answer criticisms and questions from people in general, without extensive knowledge on the subject, the opening and acceptance of the circumstances was bearing fruit, I realized that if one accepts the facts for what they are, here and now and delivered to the experience, the light emerges, soon I realized that it was perfectthings had to be so. Holistic education although strengthens every day and all that we now possess that vision, we know that there are more in this line have not had the care of contact with them as a group, as a Sangha composed by each Sangha or instructed group or instruction in education holistic, i.e. as the critical mass stated in the same Congress; extremely important fact if we consider that the holistic vision is a change of world view, of the Kosmos, addressed to each of the human beings on the planet, as they were run the papers, was giving to know the parts that make up this great Sangha, so harmonious that each celulita variety has itself same and how they are intertwined and integrated among if all small cells and form the greater cell. With facts, i.e., the presentations, the event put of manifest, while with them being built, the ties that unite us and the Congress reaffirmed them with recognition of all by all, such as individualities, as parts of a subgroup, and as components of the larger group, reunited the Sangha’s education holistic, joined efforts and the forces as a wholeestablished ties of belonging that strengthen the incidence of the holistic education in humanity, put into practice the irrefutable fact that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Giving me has all this, increase a grain of mustard, my consciousness, was very surprising to see and experience what was said as constituent part of the same, despite the fact that my participation was almost zero, I have never felt out of context and even less outside of my small cell, lived with each of the members of my beautiful group nerve, anxiety, responsibility, and pleased to be in front of the spectators, event was gradually transformed into our event, in fact closed, of belonging very clear, in conspiracy with the Kosmos towards the resignification of life, towards the development of respect and reverence for life, towards the flourishing, franco, loving being universal. .

Missiology 18

Continuation of missiology classes audio recordings and even so, the Christian world was developed, was born, grew up, and was strengthened in this context, that seems to be so little communion with their same proposal. Within these avatars, it is necessary to discover how the Church has left itself to advertise. How Christianity has developed its missionary dimension. ADGENTES: tells us that why being essentially different proposal of Christianity, the world they live, can live in the world, and that world develop their missionary dimension. The Church is by nature missionary. God has called us to participate in his life, and his glory, not only individually, but also as people (and in other paragraphs says): this mission of the Church is unique, although he knows several modalities, which do not depend upon its nature, but the circumstances here there are two important things to understand.

How has been able to go evolving the Church in history, as he has been able to move in contexts where has lived, and as it has been developing its missionary dimension. Here we have two fundamental elements. The theme of nature missionary, and the theme not only individually, but as people these are two principles that if we return to what seems a challenge (the above) the role that the Church has is that it has to leave herself, and found with one who does not know the truth. The message that Christ came to announce. These two features that the Council recognizes as essential, have not always been able to develop in the history of the Church. Not the concept of people has always been Christian clear. And the Church has not always had freedom to develop its essence, in contexts in which has been living. The sense of being part of the grace of God, has not always been a collective issue, an issue of people.

Additional Pensions

Recently I was approached by an acquaintance. Interested in the question of its size to an additional pension of Chernobyl, which are assigned to category 4, and retired in 2010. For a start it should be noted that pensions Chernobyl paid according to Art. 51 of the Law of Ukraine "On Status and Social Protection of victims of the Chernobyl accident" (hereinafter – the Law of the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster). Connecticut Senator has much experience in this field. Last revised the rule provided that pensions to victims of Chernobyl, which are assigned to category 4, are assigned a 5% cost of living for persons of disability. However, the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine from 22.05.2008, 10-rp/2008 this wording of the article was unconstitutional. Legal consequences of recognition of certain provisions of the law unconstitutional written in Art.

152 of the Constitution of Ukraine. Specified norm stipulates that laws and other legal acts or their provisions deemed unconstitutional, null and void from the date of adoption of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine adopts the decision on their unconstitutionality. So, today, operates previous version of article Law on the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, which provides that pensions Chernobyl falling within category 4 shall be appointed at 15% of the minimum old age pension. In determining the amount of monthly additional pension for the victims of Chernobyl, the basis of its calculation takes the minimum pension age. Under current law the minimum old-age pension is determined by the rules under Part 1, Art. 28 of the Law of Ukraine "On Compulsory State Pension Insurance", a normative act, which would define this size or installed a different size, no.

Thus, the cost of living at least for those incapacitated is January 1, 2010 – 695 UAH, April 1, 2010 – 706 UAH, July 1, 2010 – 709 UAH, 1 October 2010 – 723 UAH, 1 December 2010 – 734 UAH from January 1, 2011 – 750 UAH from April 1, 2011 – UAH 764, from October 1, 2011 – 784 UAH. and from December 1, 2011 – 800 UAH. Accordingly, the size additional pension for Chernobyl victims, are classified as 4, for the harm caused to health, shall be from January 1, 2010 – 104.25 USD, April 1, 2010 – 105.90 USD, from 01 July 2010 – 106.35 USD, from October 1 2010 – 108.45 USD, from December 1, 2010 – 110.10 USD from January 1, 2011 – 112.50 USD, April 1, 2011 – 114.60 USD, from October 1, 2011 – 117.60 USD, from December 1, 2011 – 120.00 USD. Information provided by the lawyer and the lawyer.

Basque Government

-Do not have slope of reinstatement or justification for other help. 7. In the case of rents: kinship may exist (by consanguinity to the third degree; by affinity to a second degree) between lessor and lessee. In the Palmas de Gran Canaria, the City Council has guaranteed that all families who meet the requirements, received 1,600 applications, receive anti-crisis aid to pay their housing-related basic services, for which the capital Corporation has up to 1 million euros donated by the Government of the Canary Islands. More info: Sen. Sherrod Brown. The Councillor of local housing, Chani Ruiz pointed out the first payments that have been made have been intended to pay electricity and water cuts.

Rent subsidies are also set at a maximum of 4,000 euros, despite recognizing that there are families who owe amounts exceeding this figure. The prerequisite for access to such aid is that the family unit does not exceed the 10,000 euros per year of income, so that applicants are mainly families with any or all members unemployed. (Similarly see: Harold Ford). Note: last minute about Basque country: Basque Government suppresses repurchase of flats to the unemployed threatened embargo In the Basque country, the Department of housing and Social Affairs of the Basque Government guarantees a public rental housing to the unemployed citizens who suffer a foreclosure Bank overwhelms them housing for inability to pay or be evicted by unable to meet rent. But you have to meet a few requirements: be stopped with an annual income less than 22,000 euros and not having another house in property. In the case of a free rental housing, the Basque Government will ensure the collection of rent to the owner, as it is the case with the Bizigune program, provided that this lowered the rent by 30%. The rent charged by the landlord may not exceed 1,050 euros per month. Maximum, the tenant will have to cope with 450 euros.

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