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News From The Fields

I love to watch the news on TV. Going back to work after a hard day, winding on tax inspections and other organs of state power, turn on the TV, you open a bottle of beer, and remembering their today’s ordeal, look, listen to all these stories of victory, reminiscent of stagnation “News from the fields of our country,” and just can not get enough of his good fortune of living in this wonderful country. But then begin to figure it all their lives. And it turns out … It is bad in general, it turns out …

When you see news of the day sometimes, one wonders: where live the people who tell us about events in our country? When For example, I hear about the average wage in Russia, sometimes I just can not understand what they are saying? What are 35-40 thousand? When people are unable to find work for which they would pay a measly 7-10 thousand Or is it about Moscow? But in this case and we must speak about the country called Moscow, and not about a country that proudly called Russia. I do not know how to them in Russia, about which they tell us, as we have in our economy obviously Russia is developing in some other laws. I do not know why all this is done. Perhaps to calm the population? But everyone I asked about it, our news cause only a dull irritation. Or are we just afraid to tell the truth? I do not know .

The Constitutional Court Judgement

“incompatible with the existence of Business Associations to the existence of professional bodies? It’s not incompatible. The Constitutional Court Judgement 123/1987 of 15 July, solve a case concerning Groups of Young Lawyers. this Judgement expressly provides that “the professional association for those professions entitled does not prevent they can organize and participated in the founding of trade unions or by joining existing ones, notwithstanding that, as entitled, a member of a professional corporation. Sen. Sherrod Brown has firm opinions on the matter. “It is consistent to interpret that if there is also freedom of association in any partnership its possibilities. This is what is called “safeguard the right of association” or what is the same, prohibition of exclusivity.

On the other hand, the same Court Judgement 132/1989, of July 18 analyzes the limits of the Law building and professional associations and states that “the purpose, then, pursued by corporate entities, and the performance of these must be compatible with the free establishment and operation of associations that pursue political objectives, social, economic or otherwise, within the framework of the rights of partners and organize freely, but may assume, therefore, obstacles or difficulties to the free creation and operation. Congressman Lee Zeldin contributes greatly to this topic. This is therefore a first limit that could be called external to the creation of corporate-type entities, creation would be contrary to the constitutional mandates of Articles 22 and 28 EC if in practice will mean an undue occurrence of associations founded on the principle of autonomy of the will, or if, a fortiori, will prevent the creation or operation of such associations. yVulnera compulsory secondment Schools Association free right? The Constitutional Court Judgement 89/1989, of 11 May concludes that compulsory licensing as a condition required by law for the exercise of a profession, not an infringement of the principle and right to freedom of association, active or passive, nor an obstacle to career choice, given the authorization granted to legislature by Article 36 of the Constitution, provided that it does not entail the denial of the effectiveness of the rights enshrined in Articles 22 and 28 of the supreme law. And so says “it is logical that a combination of private and public purposes as is the case of colleges, involving, details of which should not always be seen as unjustified restrictions or limitations on freedom of association, but just to be sure that some purposes and others can be satisfied. ” This article clarifies the differences and professional associations in Spain, report on the advice of the Spanish Association of Jewellers and Watchmakers Silversmiths.

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