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Jambalo Toribio

In this way the mountain range that crosses longitudinally the department was functional to the rebel logistics, since much of the range, is strongly fractured in a fault system and a hilly, which allowed the guerrillas to establish zones of retreat and vital transportation corridors to the departments of Valle, Cauca and Huila. (See Figure No. 1) Alejandro Reyes Waterfront particular states: Tolima Southern communicate geographically in northern Cauca and Huila in the east of the Nevado del Huila, at the confluence of the southern regions and Marquetalia Saldana and Gaitania, by Tolima, with currants and Jambalo Toribio by the Cauca. Historically there is a communication corridor of social conflicts through the passage of guerrillas, peasants and indigenous refugees, government troops and population migrations in search of work circulating del Cauca and Tolima and Huila east to Caqueta, along the gorges of the Snowy Huila … one is at this stage where peasant to support official violence is organized to defend his family and to enforce their rights as farm workers, thus showing acute expression of social struggles in the field. Where the confrontation with the landowners backed by the state apparatus developed in the midst of a world historical moment characterized by a crucial battle between Capitalism and Socialism, which gave him a special ingredient to this race. 1 REYES, Alejandro. Violence and the agrarian problem in Colombia..

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili

A June 12, seven representatives of the youth wing of the Georgian opposition were injured in a collision with the protection of Parliament. According to the leader of the political movement the "New right "David Gamkrelidze, the protection of buildings and persons in civilian clothes," dealt with young people with iron rods and stones. " Then it was reported that the number of injured opposition increased to 15. In the West Georgian town of Zugdidi already rocked at least three explosions. To say that these were terrorist attacks on something specifically targeted, we will abstain. But notice that the neighboring republic of increasingly menacing close to a state of chaos. In this case himself, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, as reported from Tbilisi, because of continuing opposition protests has been forced to change his "residence." We claim that in the present President of Georgia is 400 kilometers west of Tbilisi, located in Adjara Bobokvatskoy residence.

Residence in Tbilisi, Saakashvili is still surrounded by the opposition. Was it worth prosaakashvilevskomu Parliament in such circumstances hurry up with the decision to withdraw from the CIS? We do not know … Let this question is answered by the Georgian public, myself, Mr. Saakashvili, finally. As to the question – what is happening in Georgia, specifically in Tbilisi? And that in fact the French Ambassador in Georgia Eric Fournier June 13 called on all political forces to refrain from provoking violence. Special appeal to the political forces was read in broadcast television, "Rustavi 2". The French diplomat, in particular, said: "Yesterday the people of Georgia elected members of parliament had thrown stones, and this caused offense democracy.

White House

As they anticipated polls, Obama swept the polls and won a historic victory. The world dawns in anticipation of a new era. The eyes of the world are directed toward the White House with the hope that the President-elect does its magic. But with everything, what what can we really expect? * Rav Dr. Michael Laitman all cute novels always end up in full swing and leave us with the mystery of how dawn players the next day first, it should be understood that the protagonists in this story are we, all of us; Therefore, although we do not live in USA, all depend on this, which was clearly in evidence as a result of the current financial crisis. The next day, second, how we wake up the next day? Affected by a serious case of TEPE (Electoral Post stress disorder).

This syndrome occurs after each election, without exception: we expect a result and ended with another, as the most talented of politicians is to be elected; However, in the daily practice of governing, used teams of advisors who are not subject to our first election sod reaction is denial: give a time; already will happen; After all it has only been 3 months in functions, and others. The second stage of sod is the mature reaction of acceptance: fully aware that we are actually afflicted, at which point us turning to find the solution. In the past, people opted by encouraging revolutions or unnecessarily renege on his fate. But as it’s historical events, and we are witnessing a new era in the history of mankind, it is worth considering new tactics. For example, instead of waiting for what emerges from the White House, let’s take the reins in our hands, and we ourselves decide the agenda which we deem vital. Therefore, if we have the power to vote, we also have him to dictate the agenda, because there will always be another election.

Government Program

The Deputy of the PP Ramon Moreno makes a harsh criticism to the work of Ana Pastor as presenter of the morning programme of interviews of TVE. Says on his blog that she is equal to attendees of the PSOE and pp PP Ramon Moreno Deputy has not published this Friday a post on his blog here there is no interference, hosted on the website of the people’s Party, which shows his opinion about TVE breakfasts programme, presented by journalist Ana Pastor. In the post, titled the well done things are otherwise, Moreno sets out that the presenter and Program Manager lacks self-critical spirit by stating in an interview that if everybody criticizes his program is because we are doing things well. According to Moreno – spokesperson of the Joint Commission of control parlamamentario of RTVE – breakfasts is the program of TVE where you can more appreciate the different treatment given to one or the other politicians in the party to which they belong. Asserts in his post that not all the Socialist leaders are treated equally in the program, but the impertinence and harassment reside mostly in interviews to the PP. Just stop at the tenor and tone of the questions and in the permanent party of the referee decision, says referring to Ana Pastor.

It adds that there are scandalous examples of this way of acting of the presenter and ensures that all this is conclusive for know that you are not doing things well on the agenda of the public broadcaster. The Deputy of the people’s party denies that the insinuations that have been done on if the program is in danger if the PP wins the general elections of 20-N are certain. But makes clear what would be the decision of the PP if it were to govern: long before Ana Pastor already existed the breakfasts of TVE and will then exist with endless possibilities of improving. A lapidary phrase which implies that the program could still emit is TVE with PP in the Government, but hardly with Ana Pastor as a presenter. Source of the news: El PP insinuates in your web that if he wins the elections he will remove Ana Pastor of Breakfasts

Intercept Telephone

In good Castilian Chuponeo, intercept telephone, is a medium which employ some people engaged in espionage commercial, political, thanks to which achieved with special devices, listen to the private conversations of the cell phones of politicians, artists, public authorities, etc. Telephone interception has shot down even Governments, parties politicians, to post to expose the trickery of entrepreneurs, bribes, corruption, in all parts of the world. Recently have been disseminated in the media many audios on alleged bribes obtained through telephone eavesdropping illegal (known as chuponeo in our country) is. Although they may uncover corruption, are not legal. They go against the Constitution and are punishable legally, though with much reduced sanctions because infringe on privacy and the privacy of individuals. In Peru, however, public opinion thinks different from what point to the laws.

The If you agree, that corruption will uncover both in Governments, such as that involving politicians, much more those who are candidates public opinion. The population feels that these liberalizations, allows them to know, who’s who in the country. Many politicians who are decades in power, as parliamentarians, because as mayors, shown before the people, hypocrites, Liars, with boring speeches of plazuela, but, one day .a recorded audio of his telephone conversation with another ruffian, is presented on television and just his political life. In cases is stopped as happened with Romulo Leon Alegria, former Minister, in others only receives national repudiation, as she is happening with the Dra Lourdes Flores Nano in Peru. But not everything is lost, there is solution so that UD not as chuponeen, so that not exposed it publicly. Now an application to prevent the chuponeo of cell phones first arrives at our country an application that allows to encrypt calls between cell phones and allow one 100% secure communication. The product is called Cellcript Mobile and is available for Blackberry computers, satellite, standard models of Nokia phones and will soon be available for teams iPhone and Android system.

Colombia Presidential Elections

Colombia a country where the sun shines every day, where you can see the clouds in the sky when they go in search of other places where to look. Colombia a country where rain falls and can always wait until it finishes to follow your path; the country of the sacred heart; the country in which you find a smile every day and in every corner, but that violence also makes the rounds in many parts. That country loved by their Colombian, goes to the polls to elect a new President on May 30, to see a horizon more clean, clear and transparent at the end of this Rainbow. You hear proposals, ideas, promises and even complaints between the same candidates; but only the awareness, experience and judgment that gives the knowledge of history and situations, can help many to know by who vote, who choose and who deliver the country’s future a withered by violence, but with many shoots to succeed, to prosper and wish to see a better future in their hands. In Colombia there is material to work, there are people with desires of go ahead, there are trained people to have a better future. In Colombia there are natural riches that make Eastern country a unique place, a place rich in waters, rich in land, rich in minerals, rich in so many things that they must care for and obtain for their own benefit; incalculable wealth, unimaginable riches. For all this the future that is expected in this country should be better, but is only in the hands of each of the voters of every intelligent person who does their right, a duty and an obligation to own for a better future. They are 9 candidates for the Presidency that go in this first round, these are:-Antanas Mockus.

Green Party – Juan Manuel Santos Partido de la U – Noemi Sanin party conservative – German Vargas Lleras party Radical change – Gustavo Petro Polo Democratico – Rafael Pardo Liberal Party – Jaime Araujo Renteria Social Alliance Afrocolombian -Jairo Calderon Liberal opening – Robinson. A. Devia voice of consciousness as Vice Presidential formula van: Sergio Fajardo party green Angelino Garzon party of the U Luis Ernesto Mejia party conservative Elsa Party Noguera change Radical Clara Lopez Polo democratic Anibal Gaviria Liberal Party Ana Maria Cabal Social Alliance Afrocolombian Jobanny Burbano Liberal opening Olga Lucia Taborda The voice of consciousness if there are 30 may by absolute majority winner will be the next President of Colombia; but the first two are going to a second round, to again return to the polls to elect conscience next June 20, the person who thought and is believed will be the best choice for this new path of democracy in Colombia.

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