Jambalo Toribio

In this way the mountain range that crosses longitudinally the department was functional to the rebel logistics, since much of the range, is strongly fractured in a fault system and a hilly, which allowed the guerrillas to establish zones of retreat and vital transportation corridors to the departments of Valle, Cauca and Huila. (See Figure No. 1) Alejandro Reyes Waterfront particular states: Tolima Southern communicate geographically in northern Cauca and Huila in the east of the Nevado del Huila, at the confluence of the southern regions and Marquetalia Saldana and Gaitania, by Tolima, with currants and Jambalo Toribio by the Cauca. Historically there is a communication corridor of social conflicts through the passage of guerrillas, peasants and indigenous refugees, government troops and population migrations in search of work circulating del Cauca and Tolima and Huila east to Caqueta, along the gorges of the Snowy Huila … one is at this stage where peasant to support official violence is organized to defend his family and to enforce their rights as farm workers, thus showing acute expression of social struggles in the field. Where the confrontation with the landowners backed by the state apparatus developed in the midst of a world historical moment characterized by a crucial battle between Capitalism and Socialism, which gave him a special ingredient to this race. 1 REYES, Alejandro. Violence and the agrarian problem in Colombia..

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