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The Deputy of the PP Ramon Moreno makes a harsh criticism to the work of Ana Pastor as presenter of the morning programme of interviews of TVE. Says on his blog that she is equal to attendees of the PSOE and pp PP Ramon Moreno Deputy has not published this Friday a post on his blog here there is no interference, hosted on the website of the people’s Party, which shows his opinion about TVE breakfasts programme, presented by journalist Ana Pastor. In the post, titled the well done things are otherwise, Moreno sets out that the presenter and Program Manager lacks self-critical spirit by stating in an interview that if everybody criticizes his program is because we are doing things well. According to Moreno – spokesperson of the Joint Commission of control parlamamentario of RTVE – breakfasts is the program of TVE where you can more appreciate the different treatment given to one or the other politicians in the party to which they belong. Asserts in his post that not all the Socialist leaders are treated equally in the program, but the impertinence and harassment reside mostly in interviews to the PP. Just stop at the tenor and tone of the questions and in the permanent party of the referee decision, says referring to Ana Pastor.

It adds that there are scandalous examples of this way of acting of the presenter and ensures that all this is conclusive for know that you are not doing things well on the agenda of the public broadcaster. The Deputy of the people’s party denies that the insinuations that have been done on if the program is in danger if the PP wins the general elections of 20-N are certain. But makes clear what would be the decision of the PP if it were to govern: long before Ana Pastor already existed the breakfasts of TVE and will then exist with endless possibilities of improving. A lapidary phrase which implies that the program could still emit is TVE with PP in the Government, but hardly with Ana Pastor as a presenter. Source of the news: El PP insinuates in your web that if he wins the elections he will remove Ana Pastor of Breakfasts

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