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Costa Rica

The abdominoplastiase operates under the effects of local anesthesia and may require several hours to be carried out, which of course depends on the amount of tissue that need to be removed. As is explained above, every case is different, so a patient may require a more extensive than other intervention. Continuing with the procedure, along with the incision that is practiced in the lower part of the belly of the patient, is another fairly around the navel. In the case of partial laabdominoplastia, cuts are quite smaller and navel stays in the same position. After the incisions, the surgeon comes to withdraw both fat and excess skin from the abdominal wall, by lifting it up with direction to the ribs.

Once the fat and tissue are removed, the abdominal muscles are reduced and performed together in such a way that they are tight and give the patient a smaller waist. Through another incision is created a new opening for the new position of the navel, which is placed in its new location using stitches in the new skin. During this stage of the operation, any stria or scars present on the skin can be eliminated easily. Once complete Abdominoplasty, the incisions are suturadas by the doctor and the belly is wrapped in gauze for his recovery. A temporary tube, specifically a surgical drainage which serves to remove any type of fluid that comes to accumulate in the operated area, is then placed which helps reduce inflammation than an intervention as it is produced. Plastic surgeons recommend a period of observation of at least eight days during which the patient must remain at rest to take care that the recovery will take in the best possible way.

In some countries such as Costa Rica, where quality and low-priced plastic surgeries are performed generally operation price includes a pack of stay in which the patient can enjoy a small vacation before treatment. This way aesthetics may know attractions of another country as well as improvement. If you are considering to undergo a tummy tuck, must take into account that the cost varies with each patient, so it soon should be examined by a experienced plastic surgeon which determines if this intervention is really appropriate in his case. Enrique Castillano Novelista and writer of articles about interesting things found on the internet. original author and source of the article

French Canadians

In Canada, especially in Quebec, French language in their state is diglossia. This means that there are two forms of language – literary and colloquial, which together make up the Canadian version French. Literary form has some differences from the standard language adopted in France. So, literary French in Canada is opposed to an appropriate form of language that exists in France, as well as colloquial French (), adopted in Canada itself. The main feature of diglossia Canadian French is the fact that his literary variant is under the influence colloquial French, and under the influence of a second official language of Canada – English. Formed a specific variant of Canadian French was a prerequisite to ensure that Canadian French began aware of itself a separate nation, which suffers its own culture and language, symbolizing its identity.

Accordingly, the French used in Canada, can be attributed to the so-called national language version, exists along with its other territorial variations taking place in the world. Diglossia French Canadian language is a set of linguistic forms, among which there are no clear distinctions in using simple conversational forms and literary language. Educated French Canadians use in their speech elements of colloquial language, while the elements of literary forms that are used when talking to , considered, at least, irrelevant. If we consider the social aspect, the literary form of the French Canadian language prevalent among the local intelligentsia, the business community and government agencies. also became widespread among the inhabitants of rural areas and ordinary citizens.

Gallegos Written

Past April 5 met 38 years of the death of Romulo Gallegos, probably the most important feather in Venezuelan literature, a man of his time, which in addition to its outstanding height as a writer was able to be present as a pedagogue and politician. Likely is, despite everything, that many Venezuelans are missed the date and perhaps if it had not been reviewed by the press and other media of communication many would have not fallen on account of the anniversary and would have consumed his time in Revelry that has become the Holy week in any beach in the vast Venezuelan coast without devoting even a thought and untapped timidly mention detail the historical data in the midst of the hustle and bustle, the sand and the tremendous noise of 29 reagetones sounding at the same time in 10 square metres of sand not be noticed note that in almost all of the written work of Romulo Gallegos also speaks of them as the recurring theme in his writings was the struggle between civilization and barbarism. Having written most of his work at the beginning of the 20th century always placed this fight in remote places of our national geography, in which this dichotomy is not only more natural but more radical. This is evident in his works more illustrious: Dona Barbara, Cantaclaro and Canaima, all written before the coup that forced him into exile in 1948 and that the thread of the plot is the contrast between civilized, always incarnated by the character of the city, with studies, intellectual, moral and philosophical tools that allow you to perceive an orderly world, or at least sortable, clear and manageable, the seed of the development in the willingness to unyielding character bring civilization and of progress in these rugged areas and little ideas developed on the other hand the characters representatives of barbarism, that using their natural violence, ignorance, superstition tools a barrier often present, seemingly impassable to the intentions of civilization as thought it Gallegos; linked both aspects opposites through shared human emotions as ambition, love, jealousy, honor Venezuela recent history is linked to the figure of Romulo Gallegos, who, like many of his contemporaries, was able to unravel political and social truths and translate them not only in his writings but also in their acts, for this reason is that, for examplewas voluntarily exiled to circumvent the offer of the post of Senator who did Juan Vicente Gomez, fearsome dictator Venezuelan of early 20th century, representing millimeter everything barbaric could conceptualize Gallegos, for this reason also, a few years later, he joined his pen, his figure and his willingness to militant political activity being one of the founders of the action party democratic at the time in that the party represented the hope of many Venezuelans for definitely leave the barbarism of dictatorship and the guerrillas and once entering the power of democratic Governments and social peace.

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