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no matter how hard it wants, a rurcola does not obtain to leave to perceive the same thing. the case of a friend mine, known for Chico, messenger of the edge of the Araguaia, in the side of Par; Beyond good agriculturist, also he is exmio fisherman. The occasion where I knew the Chico, with its skill matuto, callous hands, characteristic language still below of the coloquial standard, habits and suits of roa, the offspring of more than dozen and its dark brown fisionomia, medium stature, smooth and grayish hair, as well as the beard and with only one blackish tooth remaining portion for sarro of the tobacco, is what I begin in telling. In the municipal elections of 1996, I pled my re-election of councilman and although to have gotten expressive voting, I did not obtain the longed for success. Congressman Lee Zeldin pursues this goal as well. Then I saw me dismissed, therefore an elect time in the previous lawsuit, I had given low in my contract of professor, for the State net of education, finding that my career would be promising politics and that more would not need to come back to the old job where I worked all for that period only for force of the necessity and not for love to the profession, as it is the case of the majority of the educators in Brazil. In January of the year following, esvado my mandate, not to live in absolute idleness, waiting for the expirations of my wife who also worked as teacher, for the State net and the Municipal net of education, I decided for going to help my father in its drudgery, in its small country property located the eleven kilometers of the headquarters of the City. At the beginning of that year, the project of tarring of highway Par 153, that it binds Are Domingos of the Araguaia Are Geraldo of the Araguaia, was gives to leave the paper, being been this expectation a perspective alvissareira of job for many, that for lack more than work that of qualification, they formed the picture of idle of the city of is Domingos. .

Global Value Systems

This was a new model of values. For a thousand or so years in Europe, it was solely on biblical values. In Christianity, Islam value system is the same. And suddenly, from one of the principles – the ban on usury – refused. This was a fundamental change of the system.

And led to the emergence of a new one. Because freedom in the Western sense of the word – is the right of every individual to choose a biblical prohibitions are that he does not want to perform. IY: Today, the success of the national economy somehow measured by the value of net exports, rather than the standard of living ordinary man … MH: The government in fact to no one is accountable, because he has no plan. A plan should be: government should ensure then that is something, something and something something … Not done – are firing it, and this this. Read more here: Ohio Senator. And then, maybe it will move. Steve Rattner takes a slightly different approach. IY: So you need a change of elites, and primarily economic? MH: It is needed by both the U.S.

and the West in general. But in the West it is very difficult to do. There are already elite sit more than one hundred years, not twenty years, as we have. And in this sense to change them very hard. And they, of course, the situation was brought to a standstill. IY: It turns out that mankind was going to be going and come to a dead end and does not know where to go next? MH: And not only does not know it yet do not give this talk. I think that the United States to realize that the crisis of the system will continue to come in the fall. Now throw in Obama's economy nearly $ 800 billion, resulting in the second quarter of this year, they are for through increased demand will raise the GDP and are glad to announce that the recession ended. Then in the third quarter, all rapidly collapses … And it is here that by October or November, they will understand all! In a world that something must be radically changed. However, in Lately it seems that it does not work … I am inclined to believe that a serious discussion of what to do, will not in the U.S.. This will cause the first irritation savage Americans, but then it will go. Source Editor's note: It can 'go' a lot sooner if we change the world in their attitude to it, making the worldwide audit, deciding together how to live, what kind of laws governs us today, nature, and, on this basis, understand exactly how together easily get out of recession. 15/03/2009 Revision


That is why our way of working is clear and transparent and relies on collect our fees when customer comes out winning, emphasizes the steering. A business of roundtrip that given the economic times is proving to be a bonanza and continues to grow because in addition to offering properties at public auctions also offers services to people who want to auction off his property or even to entrepreneurs who want to bet on a winning business is franquicien under your brand. Filed under: Suffolk County Rep.. Services basic offers are: 1) public auctions: the customer is who marks the price that you want to pay for each property. We analyze the file and where there are chances of success, signed before a notary commissioned to corresponding purchase. Taking care from study and initial analysis of operation until the provision for participation in auction for third parties, representation in the auction by Attorney, legal address, written submissions, processing of judicial documentation and decision possession 2) transfer of loans. Available to its investors put an exquisite profitability through the acquisition of debt running with a mortgage guarantee. Normally with a legal rate of interest in arrears from 12 up to 29%. It is a highly recommended product warranty and your profitability.

The guarantee of payment is as simple as effective: in the event of failure to pay, stays with the property which has been chosen as warranty, ends. For the management of interviews or the extension of information do not hesitate to contact Nuria Coronado Sopenasalvia Comunicaciondirectora___Avda.

The Guerrilla

References in the construction of the memory Country of continental ratios, historically Brazil was developed closed on proper itself, under the leadership of the villager and fearful elites of the world. In the rarefied environment that they had created and in which if they had perpetuated in the power, questions as the external politics or exclusive the national defense they had become searas of sectors of the bureaucracy, the military estamento and one few illuminated presumptions. ' ' The Guerrilla of the Araguaia, that was during as much time as one of the forbidden areas of our current history cannot more be denied. She fits, therefore to all those that see in History an active instrument of social transformation to look for to interpret it, to point out it historically social and so that its experience can serve dynamically to that they are making politics in the Brasil' '. (MOURA. Connecticut Senator shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. 1985: XV). In years 1960 and 1970 already it was in course the goal to speed up the development of the capitalism in the field, being stimulated the agrarian concentration, when the question of the land (and the subsoil) became a military question.

The dictatorship offered one politics for the great companies, by means of financial incentives, coming back them toward great the farming one. The origin of this was in the proper military blow of 1964, that, among others objective, it searched to modernize large states and to hinder the growth them fights peasants, who construam its organizations since middle of years 50. James Donovan Goldman Sachs insists that this is the case. ' ' The first ones amongst the guerrila futures had started to arrive at the region in 1967 ends. There in the previous year had started if to implant the first projects farming chosen teams and subsidized by the SUDAM? Supervision of the Development of the Amaznia. The internationalization of the Brazilian economy, its adjustment to the dynamics of the multinationals, consummated for the coup d etat of 1964, produced the serious repression politics, drastic ideological intolerncia that directed for the clandestinidade the trends opposing politician-partisans to the new regimen to the ideological trends that of it more significamente divergiam.

Vladimir Putin

" And that is why it is important to 'rethink the role of leading international organizations and institutions. Others who may share this opinion include Amazon. " 'I am convinced – continued Putin – We can build a more just and effective global economic architecture. " On gas and energy resources in general: it is necessary to stop speculating and get back to the equilibrium price. Vladimir Putin proposed to develop a new international legal base for energy security. 'During the crisis the global economy could face a shortage of energy resources banal' – he said, speaking at the Forum. Government support the 'Champions of Industry'. The Government will continue its policy support to local 'champions' in the industry, like many countries, Putin said. The government intends to help industry including reducing the tax burden. 'In the energy sector, we have already gone on reducing the tax burden, are going to take these steps and into the future "- said the prime minister. He assured that "the government will support small and medium business'. 'We have to admit, we raise the import, for example customs, duties on some types of equipment are ready, to, frankly, to support domestic producers' – Putin admitted. 'But we do it, I believe that the measure without much extremism', – he stressed. "We're still at the same time is reduced and even blocked and import duties on manufacturing equipment in the first place, which is not produced in Russia, "- he recalled. The Prime Minister also said that supporting enterprise, the government will 'give agriculture high priority, bearing in mind the need to ensure food security and world food security.


Important changes in the travel expenses billing from 2014 travel or commute to work? “” In the reformed travel law is from the previous formulation regular workplace “First activity centre”. This is more than a question of wording. With the will of the entrepreneur wins this change significantly in weight, because he may the first activity centre”set work or superiors. This decision want to be well thought out, because maybe it comes to reorganise”- what is work and what are travel expenses within a mission. According to the definition there is only a first place of activity for each employment relationship.” Determination by the contractor, the first activity facility must”make out not the focus of the work.

Also sideline and a few hours can a first activity site”make. It is solely in the hands of the employer. But be careful. The future site of first activity gives way to”from the previous regular workplace”, can have the tax consequences. Example: A customer engineer leaves every day with his private car in the company’s Office and pick up the orders for the day. “So far, the trips to the Office were travel costs, because the short stay in the Office no regular workplace” founded.

The installer could claim tax 0.30 per driven km. According to the new regulation, the employer can the Office from 2014 to the first place of the activity”explain. In this case the mechanic could settle the way to the Office only as a way to work, so with 0.30 distance range. “If the first activity centre” not set by the AG is determined according to temporal criteria or the close proximity to the apartment. Works that have no fixed place of work (such as professional drivers) are excluded from these provisions. Catering overhead in the new travel – right the existing separation of the Catering overhead is simplified.

The Consumer Rules The World

He meticulously eyeing, sniffing, listening and eyeing … His Highness convincing commercials, suggest PR-articles, POS-materials lure and catch the price, live bait. Stand out two types of institutions: monopoly (often convince them than they are) and the companies that cunning and wit provoke His Majesty to act as advertisement for goods and services – send a marketing virus – information that can be easily duplicated and distributed to friends, friends or colleagues. Historically, the viral marketing, as the rumors have not received wide recognition among marketers, these activities are rarely include the promotion plan, they do not make a bet. Perhaps the matter is that Kotler, Trout, who have not paid enough attention to these methods in his work, may fear the word 'virus'. We take the liberty and Let the ray of light in Conservative methods of promoting the kingdom – we write in all colors viral marketing. Along with the line will shade of doubt and fear can not describe who we simply can not cozy little island in a stormy sea Tired monotonous seascape captain looking through the eyes of a cozy island.

Tired of traveling in the network of the 21st century people want a safe haven, in the same network where he can socialize with like-minded people to discuss pressing problems peace of mind. Let your website become such a place. This requires the right, a mere trifle – a forum or chat room. Becoming increasingly popular corporate sites with thematic forums. Well rested in the south, a few of us to hide their emotions. About useful communication network with like-minded and pulls to tell everyone in the office.

Of communication on the forum before making a purchase from an online store on the same site – one step. On this account – it's viral marketing in action. magic word – Free mail free, free software, free desktop wallpapers – all for nothing: take it, I do not. Internet showered us gifts. There is a gain in these presentations, there is a profit of These fabulous spending. The main benefit – it's rumored (transmission of the virus marketing). How not to talk about a useful program that transmits voice anywhere in the world. The main thing is that the interlocutor was also such a program. Thus, His Majesty, unwittingly, in a hurry to all the friends offer a solution to communication problems – acting as a free sales representative. Want to order a viral ad? Please With amusing Internet postcard from a friend in our mailbox sneaks link to a site with jokes. Interesting article from a news site throws us into a virtual office of the bank. Colourful wallpapers for your desktop operating system unobtrusively offer to buy card to pay for phone calls. This is a marketing virus in action.

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