Vladimir Putin

" And that is why it is important to 'rethink the role of leading international organizations and institutions. Others who may share this opinion include Amazon. " 'I am convinced – continued Putin – We can build a more just and effective global economic architecture. " On gas and energy resources in general: it is necessary to stop speculating and get back to the equilibrium price. Vladimir Putin proposed to develop a new international legal base for energy security. 'During the crisis the global economy could face a shortage of energy resources banal' – he said, speaking at the Forum. Government support the 'Champions of Industry'. The Government will continue its policy support to local 'champions' in the industry, like many countries, Putin said. The government intends to help industry including reducing the tax burden. 'In the energy sector, we have already gone on reducing the tax burden, are going to take these steps and into the future "- said the prime minister. He assured that "the government will support small and medium business'. 'We have to admit, we raise the import, for example customs, duties on some types of equipment are ready, to, frankly, to support domestic producers' – Putin admitted. 'But we do it, I believe that the measure without much extremism', – he stressed. "We're still at the same time is reduced and even blocked and import duties on manufacturing equipment in the first place, which is not produced in Russia, "- he recalled. The Prime Minister also said that supporting enterprise, the government will 'give agriculture high priority, bearing in mind the need to ensure food security and world food security.

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