The Consumer Rules The World

He meticulously eyeing, sniffing, listening and eyeing … His Highness convincing commercials, suggest PR-articles, POS-materials lure and catch the price, live bait. Stand out two types of institutions: monopoly (often convince them than they are) and the companies that cunning and wit provoke His Majesty to act as advertisement for goods and services – send a marketing virus – information that can be easily duplicated and distributed to friends, friends or colleagues. Historically, the viral marketing, as the rumors have not received wide recognition among marketers, these activities are rarely include the promotion plan, they do not make a bet. Perhaps the matter is that Kotler, Trout, who have not paid enough attention to these methods in his work, may fear the word 'virus'. We take the liberty and Let the ray of light in Conservative methods of promoting the kingdom – we write in all colors viral marketing. Along with the line will shade of doubt and fear can not describe who we simply can not cozy little island in a stormy sea Tired monotonous seascape captain looking through the eyes of a cozy island.

Tired of traveling in the network of the 21st century people want a safe haven, in the same network where he can socialize with like-minded people to discuss pressing problems peace of mind. Let your website become such a place. This requires the right, a mere trifle – a forum or chat room. Becoming increasingly popular corporate sites with thematic forums. Well rested in the south, a few of us to hide their emotions. About useful communication network with like-minded and pulls to tell everyone in the office.

Of communication on the forum before making a purchase from an online store on the same site – one step. On this account – it's viral marketing in action. magic word – Free mail free, free software, free desktop wallpapers – all for nothing: take it, I do not. Internet showered us gifts. There is a gain in these presentations, there is a profit of These fabulous spending. The main benefit – it's rumored (transmission of the virus marketing). How not to talk about a useful program that transmits voice anywhere in the world. The main thing is that the interlocutor was also such a program. Thus, His Majesty, unwittingly, in a hurry to all the friends offer a solution to communication problems – acting as a free sales representative. Want to order a viral ad? Please With amusing Internet postcard from a friend in our mailbox sneaks link to a site with jokes. Interesting article from a news site throws us into a virtual office of the bank. Colourful wallpapers for your desktop operating system unobtrusively offer to buy card to pay for phone calls. This is a marketing virus in action.

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