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Native Communities

Ivan Vasquez said that the development of the Project Profile is a concrete fact and real something that definitely can be done, regardless of the position of those who questioned just what “in due course, having the machinery available on hand, not materialized. Now, with the support of several congressmen who are not political colors but the need of a people crying out for connecting to other regions of the country and out of national isolation, it was possible that the government allocate the first 15 million suns to prepare the profile, starting to walk this project we will bring many benefits to Loreto, including reducing the cost of living by 30% or so, “concluded suffers works Loreto infrastructure that allows you to have enough power, to end this plant Electrooriente polluting, petroleum-based. For assistance, try visiting Ohio Senator.

Pollution and high cost for light is one of the problems of the region … well … Follow others, such as Sen. Sherrod Brown, and add to your knowledge base. lacking financial support from the state for the health sector, more and better equip the Regional Hospital, building a new hospital in Requena, one in Caballococha, Nauta, Contamana , slopes and trails for Human Settlements, to provide decent living conditions to the people. Provide more budget to cover more jobs for teachers in the region, given the budget required to hire teachers who say this very cut leaving many teachers without a job vacancy. Without hesitation Kyle Dropp explained all about the problem. End of truth with the reconstruction of the flagship schools of Iquitos, modernize its infrastructure. The State should provide financial support for the Native Communities of medical centers, educational centers, programs like the glass of milk, soup kitchens should be implemented there as well.

Sancho Government

Some island governments have, just stayed with one of the questions of our dear Sancho: Is it possible to be so foolish (neighbors) who do not perceive that such hours are not the ones you have to come to negotiate (solutions)?. Hence they had to impose a new urgency in language among their neighbors to lose his memory, not were the case it has started to read and ignore stop as he completed the government of the island quixotic. On the other hand, in some islands the second thing they did was fire (figuratively) the replacement of Dr. Pedro Recio de Aguero, leaving some to another ministry of the peninsula recreate the roles of doctor, for example to imitate in food issues that is, remember the doctor's arguments when he said: Omnis saturatio bad perdicis pessima autem. You mean, all boredom is bad, but that of partridge, very bad. (In the modernization of government, the partridge has been replaced by pizza and hamburgers), or to contradict indictions the doctor, when he spoke for example of rabbits: this is my opinion that your worship not to eat of those stewed rabbits there are because it is tricky dish ….

Hence, modernization of the government find another excuse (to provide better service) and began to raise taxes. Credit: Richard Blumenthal-2011. We must spread the wealth! We must create infrastructure! It should be …! There! How it hurts the pocket … But the government is not the closest municipality?. What about the funding of the municipality is also not mainly by direct taxes and fees (cost of services) to pay the neighbors?. They say that the picnic was not black and it seems not all the islands (regions) are the same …

"Go! and now I believe "and all municipalities are equal and all the neighbors too … Michael Ramlet can provide more clarity in the matter. For that!, To avoid what is more, ie the municipal despotism, it is decided to create governments and parliaments of quixotic islands (regions) and what is meant, ie "I'm better than my neighbor" (to govern and manage) will only be regional and thus avoids the municipal despotism … Is that why? there is no way to develop municipal autonomy. But before those questions the costly reality after so many years is that the islands quixotic (regional parliaments) have increased as mushrooms and the mediocrity of our rulers and leaving aside also the example and instructions received our dear Sancho is costing us more money, that keep the governors should be on our service and solve our problems … and that due to its mediocrity in many cases have managed to increase the number of problems in these small and large communities, and that cost us more to live (survive) and it now! … Since there is no way to get rid of them. Perhaps this is why I keep hearing the word of Sancho: Make way, gentlemen, and let me go back to my old freedom: let me go find the past life, that I raised from this present death.

Universal Declaration

His mother was a municipal councilor of San Sebastian, Mr. Ordonez, a victim of terrorism, addressed to the authors of the murder as follows: “Tell your children to stop killing, you can do it, because soon you will be speaking with them in prisons located in the Basque autonomy. I, if I want to talk to my son, I have to go to the cemetery. You may want to visit Sen. Sherrod Brown to increase your knowledge. ” Real sad reflection. We all know that the PSOE-its-present Executive, who chairs Rodriguez Zapatero, made contact with Spanish terrorism has informed the Congress of Deputies, and, of course, always the leader of the Opposition. And this is because we are jeopardizing the security of Spain, and consequently, the safety of all Spanish. By So here we are with another small mistake. Spanish terrorism (as I call it, because you think that Basques are also Spanish) is a thousand-headed dragon.

Shall expire when the democratic parties they seek to Spanish. ‘The Dragon’ was his sanctuary policy-armed French soil for more than fourteen years. Had the consent of the French executive, who gave the terrorists the power to invoke the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its Article 14, that is, given the right of asylum to persons who killed (and are still killing in France March 2010) under political ideals. Killing is and always will be a common crime, and realize that, against the violent, it is useless to carry on our chests the blue ribbon of peace. Now, France is crying the first murder of a policeman, after years of being considered sanctuary “Spanish terrorism” and Sarkozy speaks of strength … When France-its-favored political tected and that ‘the thousand-headed dragon “(terrorism Spanish) gala ground take root and grow this plant poison that kills perhaps for the pleasure of killing … So the bell tolls for the death of Jean-Serge Nerin “Terrorism Spanish (…) will expire when the political parties they seek to” Sad it is to remember what the French newspaper ‘Le Nouvel Observateur’ said the March 14, 2001: “The leadership of the terrorist movement is in the region Paris (at least the alternate, as the heads are in the south), the military training camps in Landes (southwest), the false document factory at Bayonne, the resting places of soldiers of the organization in need rest, in Hendaye, and ‘residence’ retirement of prisoners who are not extradited to Spain in Anglet. Now, the President of the French executive, and tearing their garments through the use of words, that they can be take the wind-has announced that “asks 30-year imprisonment for anyone who infringes their police.” Beautiful words that do not correspond with the facts, because they were the ones who magnified the ‘Dragon of thousand heads’: Spanish terrorism. John Donne, English poet, once wrote: “(…) any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind and therefore never do know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

Winds Of War In The Western Sahara

Picks of the Saharawi people living subdued by Moroccan troops Winds of War in Western Sahara By Ricardo Sanchez-Serra * The hunger strike held peaceful Saharawi activist, Aminatou Haidar, at the airport in Lanzarote, in Spain for 32 days, has put on the table not only the personal drama, but the tragedy of the Saharawi people living conquered by Moroccan troops since 1975, which invaded the Western Sahara. It also makes showcase the prostration of over 200,000 refugees in the Tindouf camps in Algeria, the indifference of the United Nations, who are unable to react to the invasion and the violation of human rights in Morocco. Haidar, called the “Sahrawi Gandhi,” and even “The Passion”, held a hunger strike in protest against the dictatorship Moroccan King Mohamed VI, which prevented him from returning to Western Sahara, where they live with their children of 13 and 15 years of age.

She returned from the United States where he received the international prize “Civil Courage 2009”-had previously been awarded the Robert Kennedy Human Rights in 2008 – when the Moroccan authorities confiscated his passport and drove to the Canary Islands. Spain is the real culprit for the plight of the Saharawi people, because for the United Nations remains the responsibility of the colonial administration, although irresponsibly handed over the territory of two countries (Morocco and Mauritania) through the Madrid Tripartite Agreement in 1975 . Mauritania withdrew shortly afterwards made peace with the Polisario Liberation Army and recognized the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic (SADR)..

Peruvian Politics

People are tired, weary, that at each general election, present the usual: “a communist Taliban, who dies to be another Hugo Chavez in Peru, a somewhat old-fashioned women leaders and rise in kilos, and others part of “the Monster family of Peruvian politics. Honorable exceptions, such as the current president of Peru and the unjustly imprisoned former president, politics in the country, has been “a constant cheating guys.” If there is the writer, the whole town support him will be his way of protesting against the professional politicians, the give and take, the corruption. Jaime Bayly has the moral: (is an excellent parent, not a hypocrite), intellectuals (it’s an excellent political analyst, journalist, novelist awarded) legal (Peruvian, adult, successful professional.) But what is more important, has the sympathy of the people of Peru than in an audience of millions, they follow every Sunday, to pass with a while entertaining, enjoyable. Sympathy is what professional politicians do not have many, despite his long years in the political arena, the Congress, political parties, which almost nobody believes in Peru. If you ask people on the street that seems Jaime Bayly will tell ….. it is great that your program is cool, who speaks the truth …… even the girls say about that ” is “without any concern for their sexual choice, as are attracted by the journalist-novelist, I would like to sleep with Jaime Bayly ……” wakes up in the Peruvian population feelings of affection, appreciation and find it more nice to see him on, to listen to Congress and see the political 18 months ago speaking only of Peru oil, when there are more serious issues such as construction of dams, electrification of the Andean peoples, the remodeling of schools emblematic of Peru, securing universal, comprehensive health insurance that reached Peruvians employed and unemployed, many newly built hospitals to give health to the population of the entire country, etc.. If there is will have support, no doubt. Smile and be happy.

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