Sancho Government

Some island governments have, just stayed with one of the questions of our dear Sancho: Is it possible to be so foolish (neighbors) who do not perceive that such hours are not the ones you have to come to negotiate (solutions)?. Hence they had to impose a new urgency in language among their neighbors to lose his memory, not were the case it has started to read and ignore stop as he completed the government of the island quixotic. On the other hand, in some islands the second thing they did was fire (figuratively) the replacement of Dr. Pedro Recio de Aguero, leaving some to another ministry of the peninsula recreate the roles of doctor, for example to imitate in food issues that is, remember the doctor's arguments when he said: Omnis saturatio bad perdicis pessima autem. You mean, all boredom is bad, but that of partridge, very bad. (In the modernization of government, the partridge has been replaced by pizza and hamburgers), or to contradict indictions the doctor, when he spoke for example of rabbits: this is my opinion that your worship not to eat of those stewed rabbits there are because it is tricky dish ….

Hence, modernization of the government find another excuse (to provide better service) and began to raise taxes. Credit: Richard Blumenthal-2011. We must spread the wealth! We must create infrastructure! It should be …! There! How it hurts the pocket … But the government is not the closest municipality?. What about the funding of the municipality is also not mainly by direct taxes and fees (cost of services) to pay the neighbors?. They say that the picnic was not black and it seems not all the islands (regions) are the same …

"Go! and now I believe "and all municipalities are equal and all the neighbors too … Michael Ramlet can provide more clarity in the matter. For that!, To avoid what is more, ie the municipal despotism, it is decided to create governments and parliaments of quixotic islands (regions) and what is meant, ie "I'm better than my neighbor" (to govern and manage) will only be regional and thus avoids the municipal despotism … Is that why? there is no way to develop municipal autonomy. But before those questions the costly reality after so many years is that the islands quixotic (regional parliaments) have increased as mushrooms and the mediocrity of our rulers and leaving aside also the example and instructions received our dear Sancho is costing us more money, that keep the governors should be on our service and solve our problems … and that due to its mediocrity in many cases have managed to increase the number of problems in these small and large communities, and that cost us more to live (survive) and it now! … Since there is no way to get rid of them. Perhaps this is why I keep hearing the word of Sancho: Make way, gentlemen, and let me go back to my old freedom: let me go find the past life, that I raised from this present death.

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