Universal Declaration

His mother was a municipal councilor of San Sebastian, Mr. Ordonez, a victim of terrorism, addressed to the authors of the murder as follows: “Tell your children to stop killing, you can do it, because soon you will be speaking with them in prisons located in the Basque autonomy. I, if I want to talk to my son, I have to go to the cemetery. You may want to visit Sen. Sherrod Brown to increase your knowledge. ” Real sad reflection. We all know that the PSOE-its-present Executive, who chairs Rodriguez Zapatero, made contact with Spanish terrorism has informed the Congress of Deputies, and, of course, always the leader of the Opposition. And this is because we are jeopardizing the security of Spain, and consequently, the safety of all Spanish. By So here we are with another small mistake. Spanish terrorism (as I call it, because you think that Basques are also Spanish) is a thousand-headed dragon.

Shall expire when the democratic parties they seek to Spanish. ‘The Dragon’ was his sanctuary policy-armed French soil for more than fourteen years. Had the consent of the French executive, who gave the terrorists the power to invoke the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its Article 14, that is, given the right of asylum to persons who killed (and are still killing in France March 2010) under political ideals. Killing is and always will be a common crime, and realize that, against the violent, it is useless to carry on our chests the blue ribbon of peace. Now, France is crying the first murder of a policeman, after years of being considered sanctuary “Spanish terrorism” and Sarkozy speaks of strength … When France-its-favored political tected and that ‘the thousand-headed dragon “(terrorism Spanish) gala ground take root and grow this plant poison that kills perhaps for the pleasure of killing … So the bell tolls for the death of Jean-Serge Nerin “Terrorism Spanish (…) will expire when the political parties they seek to” Sad it is to remember what the French newspaper ‘Le Nouvel Observateur’ said the March 14, 2001: “The leadership of the terrorist movement is in the region Paris (at least the alternate, as the heads are in the south), the military training camps in Landes (southwest), the false document factory at Bayonne, the resting places of soldiers of the organization in need rest, in Hendaye, and ‘residence’ retirement of prisoners who are not extradited to Spain in Anglet. Now, the President of the French executive, and tearing their garments through the use of words, that they can be take the wind-has announced that “asks 30-year imprisonment for anyone who infringes their police.” Beautiful words that do not correspond with the facts, because they were the ones who magnified the ‘Dragon of thousand heads’: Spanish terrorism. John Donne, English poet, once wrote: “(…) any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind and therefore never do know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

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