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Argentine Civil Code

Finally the New General Law of Societies (1988) ratifies this unification. – On the other hand, the Argentine Civil Code regulates the civil societies, and the Law of Commercial Societies Argentine only regulates the commercial societies. In that sense, it is valid to realise an exercise of legal comparison of the New Peruvian General Law of Societies with the Law of Commercial Societies Argentine. – Finally, he is pertinent to consider the indicated thing by Enrique Elas Laroza, who mentioned: the mercantile society always has profit aim, the civil society no; the civil society has only economic aims that cannot be mercantile speculation. Nevertheless, it is also precise to take into account the indicated thing by Ripert, Messineo and Elas Laroza, that after long time (decades, first) to try to find differences basic in the object of the civil societies and the mercantile ones, they concluded in which the difference was so vague since societies of civil form with mercantile object and societies with commercial object with civil object existed.

4.1. LEGAL NATURE. – The Nlgs refers: Who constitute the society agrees upon contributing to goods and services for the exercise common of economic activities (Art. 1). The Lsc indicates: the contract by which a society constitutes itself or modifies, will be granted by public or private instrument. (Art.

4). 4.1.1. COMMENTARY. – We appreciated that although is certain that the Nlgs avoids specifically to mention the contractual character and the society (unlike the Lsc), yes for of implicit way since I finish being suitable has not been meaning another thing that to contract. 4.2. FORMALITY. – The Nlgs mentions: by public writing that contains the social pact, which includes the statute. (Art. 5). Lsc indicates: by public or deprived instrument. (Art. 4). 4.2.1. COMMENTARY. – The Lsc adds the possibility of formality of the society by private instrument.

Civil Engineering

Code of Hammurabi or forced ethics. Hammurabi (king of Babylon), established code related to construction and constructors, that he established that if collapsed a house and this it caused the death of the son of the owner, would until death condemn the son of the constructor. One says that Babylon had fame to have very good constructors. Not to confuse the fissures in the concrete hydraulic engineer. The concrete hydraulic engineer can present/display fissures or cracks, during the different phases from his process: 1) When one is in plastic state; 2) When he develops his process of hardening and 3) When he carries out his structural work already. He must have itself well-taken care of of not confusing the types of fisuracin when a diagnosis becomes of risk. Asphalts modified with polymer Why. Asphalts modify with polymers, having like primary target, to manage a greater viscosity to high temperature and thus to have minors permanent sets.

This also caumenta its elasticity, falling the cracking when they are put under low temperatures. And increasing is added to these characteristics the adhesiveness with the stony employees, to form a more durable asphalt mixture. Problems of stability of slopes? Many methods for the calculation of stable slopes exist, the best ones than others, nevertheless, always it is good for remembering that one of the most important points, to obtain reliable results in the calculation of a slope, consists of obtaining a good selection of the circle of more probable fault (for a circular criterion of fault), in order that all the other calculations are applicable. Engineering of quality. In order to give account to us of the enormous importance that has the good quality in engineer installations, we only must understand that: The quality in the conception of the work is not enough; The quality in the studies, the calculation and the design of the work is not enough; The quality in the programming of the work is not enough. All the previous points are of great importance, nevertheless to cover them will be an absolutely useless effort, if it is not had special well-taken care of in the quality of the work when being constructed.

Measurement of the pH of a ground. When it is required to determine the pH of a fine work ground, the papal reagents can be used that are sold in the pharmacies. It places a small portion of the ground to verify in a crystal container, that contains a little neutral water (with pH= 7), so that it covers the sample with ground, trying that the water is not frozen or too cold, tries to disintegrate the ground in the water well, it introduces and it retires the test paper and colorimtricamente it will be able to take the reading of the pH. Article Written by the Engineer Guillermo Arizpe Narro. Web site Ing.

Civil Defense

The perception on climatic ambient disasters is essential to understand, as the population if finds front to these phenomena, as the city is prepared for these extreme events, as well as the Civil Defense and the too much public agencies. When understanding the perception and the interpretation of the landscape under psicossociais perspectives, must be considered the different responsible cultural realities for the construction/desconstruo of the landscapes, as well as for the maintenance of the conservacionistas and preservacionistas processes. Therefore the culture encloses interiorizadas sets of rules, in which if they detach to know and practical of one definitive group, delineating a way of being and of lives e, consequently, to become related with and developing readings on the landscape (GEERTZ, 1973). Great part of the population reached for some type of disaster does not consider that it lives in a vulnerability area, many finds that the problem occurs at definitive times, and measures its vulnerability of the form as a disaster happens individually, taking in consideration its losses and its changes. The majority of the people has a perception front to a disaster, but always they take in account the place where they live they see, them as a home, with friends, family, social life, and thus to see in a risk area many times runs away its perception. The perception involves cultural aspects, where stimulatons of reaction and the cognition constitute the values of the cultural elements, therefore observer more at great length apprehends familiar objects, that inside send the meanings of its partner-cultural repertoire. In such a way, the culture results of different forms of perception, that is, the peculiarity of the individual perception on the world, that elapses of an election and ordinance of the apprehended elements. In this point, can to consider correlation between perception ambient and fenomenologia, that, in turn, has as base the essence that the objects present for the individuals, as well as the life experience.

Civil Code

1) The exoneration comes when the call to do has undergone it remarkable reduction in its income of way like if it continued fulfilling contributing nourishinily would put in danger his own subsistence; this exoneration is given with reference to the survival possibilities that can have the forced one in the most personal form; not talking about the case to the circumstance that the call by law has so many or other obligations that to fulfill those its subsistence puts in risk, because in such case would be declared inadmissible the request; since it would be unjust to award the irresponsible father, who with the argument to have several family expenses cannot fulfill his other obligations nourishing, so that its survival is put in risk. 2) The second case this dice when in the alimentista has disappeared the necessity state and can the forced one to resort before the Jurisdictional Organ asking for his exoneration; some of the alimentista does not talk about here to age, reason why it could be that he is greater or minor; one talks about only the necessity state that has disappeared (although it is temporarily). 3) One third circumstance anticipated by our legislation to grant the food exoneration, and is that exists it stops governing the nourishing pension granted by judicial resolution for the person who has reached the majority of age. However, the law also has taken forecasts on the matter and creates regimes of exception for the previous cases, because the daily life allows that so peculiar events happen; it is so, when subsisted the state of necessity in the alimentistas of legal age or would return to appear in the juniors such circumstance, it will be able to be asked for grants a food pension again to them; and the other situation of exceptional nature occurs when the person of legal age follows studies or it becomes qualified successfully or satisfactorily with the aim of obtaining a profession or office; the obligation nourishing it appears again and it subsists in as much last these studies or qualification of normal and regular way; in order that it can be put into effect this will have to resort to the Jurisdictional Organ and to request itself that the obligation subsists, according to indicates article 483 in fine of the Civil Code..

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