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Additional Pensions

Recently I was approached by an acquaintance. Interested in the question of its size to an additional pension of Chernobyl, which are assigned to category 4, and retired in 2010. For a start it should be noted that pensions Chernobyl paid according to Art. 51 of the Law of Ukraine "On Status and Social Protection of victims of the Chernobyl accident" (hereinafter – the Law of the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster). Connecticut Senator has much experience in this field. Last revised the rule provided that pensions to victims of Chernobyl, which are assigned to category 4, are assigned a 5% cost of living for persons of disability. However, the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine from 22.05.2008, 10-rp/2008 this wording of the article was unconstitutional. Legal consequences of recognition of certain provisions of the law unconstitutional written in Art.

152 of the Constitution of Ukraine. Specified norm stipulates that laws and other legal acts or their provisions deemed unconstitutional, null and void from the date of adoption of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine adopts the decision on their unconstitutionality. So, today, operates previous version of article Law on the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster, which provides that pensions Chernobyl falling within category 4 shall be appointed at 15% of the minimum old age pension. In determining the amount of monthly additional pension for the victims of Chernobyl, the basis of its calculation takes the minimum pension age. Under current law the minimum old-age pension is determined by the rules under Part 1, Art. 28 of the Law of Ukraine "On Compulsory State Pension Insurance", a normative act, which would define this size or installed a different size, no.

Thus, the cost of living at least for those incapacitated is January 1, 2010 – 695 UAH, April 1, 2010 – 706 UAH, July 1, 2010 – 709 UAH, 1 October 2010 – 723 UAH, 1 December 2010 – 734 UAH from January 1, 2011 – 750 UAH from April 1, 2011 – UAH 764, from October 1, 2011 – 784 UAH. and from December 1, 2011 – 800 UAH. Accordingly, the size additional pension for Chernobyl victims, are classified as 4, for the harm caused to health, shall be from January 1, 2010 – 104.25 USD, April 1, 2010 – 105.90 USD, from 01 July 2010 – 106.35 USD, from October 1 2010 – 108.45 USD, from December 1, 2010 – 110.10 USD from January 1, 2011 – 112.50 USD, April 1, 2011 – 114.60 USD, from October 1, 2011 – 117.60 USD, from December 1, 2011 – 120.00 USD. Information provided by the lawyer and the lawyer.

British Parliament

In Odessa, Rally, which was collected 30 signatures on a petition in support of promoting human rights. Odessans do not agree that there are street children, that there is discrimination on various topics that people have no rights. Necessary to defend the truth! At the end of May 1628 the British Parliament presented to King Charles I a bill called the "Petition of Rights." This document contained a protest against the numerous violations of the monarchical authority of the rights and freedoms of citizens, guarded by British law since the early Middle Ages. Manifestations of monarchical tyranny were forced cash funds from the public, arrests without trial, institution of punitive military courts and military to stand up illegal content civilians. Despite the threatening speech of King in Parliament, the House of Commons, representing the interests of medium and small landowners, and and the wealthy, raised the issue of restoration of the rights of the nation, violated the royal will.

Parliament did not seek any new features. He just wanted to confirm the old royal rights of the nation, "so draw evil will not dare to attack them. " The king tried to prevent discussion of the petition and threatened to dissolve parliament. Amazon may not feel the same. He even promised to continue to refrain from violating the old regulations, complaining, however, contesting its right to arrest people without trial. However, the petition has been approved: the House of Commons and the House of Lords, representing the aristocratic elite of the kingdom. Needing funds for the war with France and Faced with the refusal of the House of Commons to allocate money to outfit the fleet before the approval of the Petition, the king was forced to retreat.

June 7, 1628 he approved the Petition of Rights, which became law. The text document was printed huge copies for distribution among the people. In England, started a general rejoicing. And only then did the House of Commons provided a subsidy to the king for military purposes. We as citizens of our country need to know your rights! We have been entrusted with this law and We will do our best to bring the knowledge of human rights in all parts of our country. To do this, we conduct round table discussions, street rallies, lectures on human rights and education in the streets while collecting signatures on a petition to our President. L. Ron Hubbard, the great humanist of the twentieth century, said: "Human rights have to do a fact, not an idealistic dream." Activists of the movement "Youth for Human Rights' conduct outreach work since 2002 throughout the CIS. They are doing everything possible to make young people aware of their rights and could use them in everyday life. For more information contact: Oleg Zaplatkin, coordinator of "Youth for human rights "in Odessa Tel. 067-487-33-94

Law and Politics

Relation of law and politics in any society is always a question that is paramount: the right or policy. The right should be written under the policies of the state, or all the same policy should be the basis for the law? The fact is that right is closely linked with the state and most legal scholars believe that these phenomena can not exist without each other, because one breeds another. State – this is more a political phenomenon, rather than legal, as Party came to power, it becomes the ruling party. It forms the state machine and begins to implement its program, representing a variant of the general public. Thus, the law, a state policy is closely linked. The main thing in their relationship – common problems facing them.

They govern the relationship of public administration, implementing public ruling. Between law and politics connection is expressed in most various forms – mutual support, solidarity and blocking. This is determined by the concrete historical conditions, the relation of social forces, the state of social consciousness, of mass psychology, culture society. The interaction between the legal and political norms of flexible and mobile, it is changing under the influence of a particular situation. However, their close relationship and interaction remain unchanged. This is due primarily likely source of unity, which determines the genesis and existence of legal and political standards – of ownership. It is about property raises legal and political ties between the people here most clearly appear the needs and interests of classes, social groups and individuals.

Brazilian Amazon

I’ve been reviewing library and among many others I have found these two books where the authors used El Dorado as synonym of paradise, as characterizer concept associated with the mystery, adventure and the wonderful wealth (not necessarily and only in terms of the legendary gold) that hides in the Venezuelan and Brazilian Amazon region. On the one hand, in his book the loss of the gilding V. S. Naipul, (which is a writer who I love, much more in this type of books than in his novels), rather than pointing a historico-romantica view of the matter. From the perspective of their own nature and origin: Trinitarian descendant of immigrants from the India, also committed in this, as it is evident in many of his books, in a search for the own identity, a way to exit their cultural isolation of a society and a history that fails to endorse, presents a historical relationship tinged with reflection on the inevitable and consistent connection between the island of Trinidad and the search for the hypothetical Kingdom of El Dorado that off the coast of his native land he was hiding in the thicket of the jungles of Venezuela and makes us a detailed statement of all changes, movements and also anecdotal and historical events that marked the existence and development of the island of Trinidad as a bridgehead, opposite the mouth of the Orinoco River, and its importance as a strategic starting point for any venture the search for the mythical and wonderful Kingdom of gold-oriented. Under the guidance of Naipul we learned of changes of hands suffered Trinidad from the Spanish conquerors and original settlers, to the English; of the failed attempts of Spaniards to recover it and the calamities of the colonists (of one and another side) during this unstable period; of the plight of villagers autochthonous of the island in the middle of this drama and the skirmish for control of territory and political and military power between the same settlers; relations that settled with the first pro-independence revolutionaries of Venezuela and (how not?) of the crazy and amazing adventure of Raleigh in his fanciful conviction of possessing the secret of the mythical Kingdom and his desperate need to find it because if not find him and dominated, if not he took possession of his immense wealth should go back to England to be executed.

State Civil Service State

In an interview with Secretary of State – Deputy Minister Yuri Voronin, “Vedomosti” newspaper said “… The pension compensates for at least 40% of the lost earnings – is the minimum set by the international standard. In 2010, we went to 38% …. If “… we came out in 2010 to 38%,” then why in 2012, wants to establish a military pension of 30% of the allowance? Incidentally, the federal civil servants appointed by the superannuation if the experience of public service at least 15 years of 45% of average earnings.

And for each completed year of service beyond 15 years of public service, it increases by 3%. The overall amount can not exceed 75% of their monthly earnings. The question is, why project developers are unwilling to fulfill the law of the Federal Law of 27 July 2004 N 79-FZ “On State Civil Service of the Russian Federation”, where Chapter 1, Article 6 states: “Military service – the kind of federal civil service …” And even more confusion is the desire to raise themselves high officials of the poor, the pensions of up to 95% of salary.

Federal Tax Service

In connection with the circumstances, plaintiff appealed to the Court of Arbitration Perm region with a claim, to recover from the treasury of the Russian Federation through the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation of damages in the form of legal fees in the amount of 20,000 rubles. Arbitration Court Perm Region on 23.8.2010, the claims are satisfied. With the decision, the Inspectorate does not agree and believes that the court's findings do not correspond to the facts of the case. The reason for satisfaction of claims court's findings were:-between the defendant's misconduct and the plaintiff's damages arising from a cause-effect relationship, the size of losses incurred does not depend on the size of claims paid, the court does not output based on the correct application of substantive law. 1. According to Art.

15, 1083 of the Civil Code, Part 1, Art. 65 APC person claiming damages caused to him, must prove a violation by another person of his responsibilities (Performing an illegal act or omission), a causal connection between the violations and losses arising from the applicant, as well as the amount of damages. In addition, a person must prove that he accepts all possible measures to prevent (reduce) losses (The Federal Arbitration Court for the Central District case number A14-6351-2008/207/12 from 15.05.2009). The Court did not take into account that the plaintiff is not represented evidence that the Company has taken all necessary measures to reduce or prevent losses. Thus, in accordance with paragraph 6 of Article 100 of the Tax Code, a person in respect of whom tax audit (its representative) in If you disagree with the facts set forth in the act of a tax audit, as well as the conclusions and proposals of the inspectors within 15 days of receipt of a tax audit may provide the appropriate tax authority written objections to the specified act, in whole or in its individual provisions.

Uniform State Register

In 2008 was signed into law "On Amendments to Part I of the Civil Code and certain regulations of the Russian Federation ', which indicates that all limited liability companies must make serious changes in its founding documents. It does not follow that should immediately run to the registration authority and make changes. The bottom line is that, in accordance with Federal Law N 312-FZ of all these actions prescribed to produce 1 July 2009. An earlier date the Act simply does not provide. Nevertheless – it's time to take a closer look, what the pros and cons will bring us to this development. Immediately struck by replacement of the Memorandum of Agreement information will be contained in the Uniform State Register, and from that moment to show members of the Company in the Charter is not required. In other words – the first major document in the creation of a new company is the Treaty on the establishment. At Making further changes to compiled application with a notarized contract on alienation of shares or parts of it.

Further, changes were made and no such thing as' making a contribution to share capital. " Now will be considered as' payment for shares. " The nominal value of shares of the participants stated in the LLC Agreement of Association. Regarding the release party of the company – here the emphasis is on the fact of the Charter item on the right of exit Participant without the consent of the other LLC members. Otherwise, the party has the right to require other parties to buy out his share. In accordance with Law N 312-FZ of the Company shall maintain a list of members of society. Here shall provide information on all participants and their fractions, with the size of this share can be expressed as a sum of money, and on the basis of different criteria.

Also not allowed to exit from society members, which resulted in The Company is not participating. As for the assignment of shares of Company – see more radical changes. All transactions on the transfer of shares of the company are subject to compulsory certification of a notary form. Emphasized that without notarization of these deals are not valid. Have to work and notaries – in making sure these transactions are required within three days to pass a certified statement of Incorporation necessary documents. Summarizing this information, I would like to add that these innovations – like most of the innovations of our legislation – require a detailed and comprehensive study. If you feel insecure in their abilities – is recommend that you contact a lawyer, and it can be done without delay. Already, the Internet can find a number of organizations offering pre-designed necessary documents for re-registration LLC. To date, the cost of works is small enough. It is not excluded that further price rises, as in Moscow alone there are about a half-million company, and demand may go on increasing with all the attendant price effects. However – in fact it's not so bad, and this issue can be successfully solved a couple of weeks and on its own. It all depends on patience, and most importantly – your desires.

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