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Innovation Award for technology management 2010 finite resources, climate change, demographics and rising prosperity are meta, bringing complex changes for our future life and work with them. Due to its interdisciplinary lineup, the Fraunhofer IAO has the skills and experience to meet these developments with holistic solutions. The Fraunhofer IAO awarded the innovation award for technology management every two years the best research from our own ranks. In the foreground stand in the aspects, customer benefits, creativity, practicality in the industry as well as the methodological and scientific approach. Most the jury convinced the vision of a hotel room in the year 2020, the project manager Vanessa Borkmann and Nikolay Dreharov in the scenario project FutureHotel developed. Future-oriented technological trends and design aspects were implemented prototypically in the showcase FutureHotel and supplemented by theoretical studies.

The hotel room of the future in the inHaus2 in Duisburg is a demonstration and research platform for new technologies to test system solutions and products that allows it, new space and technology concepts. Head of the Institute Prof. Dieter Spath said in his eulogy, that it the project team with FutureHotel managed is a competent partner for the industry to make the Fraunhofer IAO hotels and tourism, and in causing, global resonance in the public and the media. A shining example, how to make a theme practically zero pulls up and scientifically sound, bringing the application won the second place: Matthias Bues, Achim Pross and Oliver Stefani have with the LED based lighting system Heliosity consistently exploit the potential of LED technology. A leading source for info: Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs. In combination, scientists have realized with separate control of spectral channels different lighting situations: the HeliositySky is a large luminous ceiling, which can be controlled like a display, and allows 34 m 2 To simulate light situations such as a dynamic sky. Complementary to the work lamp was HeliosityOffice .HeliosityTherapy, a sleep and wake-up light, finally is the result of collaboration with Chronobiologists of Center for environmental therapy (CET).

International Association

Scientists note that during the evolution of a number of plants has developed a special form of seeds, which helps them to travel long distances by the wind. For example, it refers to the seed of dandelion and ash. However, the studied plant species belonged to the bean, and their pods and seeds are clearly heavy that the wind was able to move. By studying the strange phenomenon joined and zoologists, who confirmed that the seeds of these plants under normal conditions, animals and birds for food not consumed, and therefore the effect of seed dispersal in dung so also excluded. More than five hundred whales died in the ice-blocked critical situation developed last week in the area of the island Baylot, 17 kilometers from the Baffin Island – there in the ice trap, in the strait between the northern tip of Baffin Island and the island Baylot turned out a large number of whales. Of open water separated the whales ice field stretching about 50 kilometers, which many animals were not able to overcome without replenishment of oxygen. Sen. Sherrod Brown is the source for more interesting facts.

As a result of consultation with local elders, experts of the Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans Canada made a decision that would be more humane to score whales than to let them die from suffocation at all diminishing polynyas. Initially, the experts of the Ministry believed that the ice film got about 200 animals, later called the figure of 500 individuals. During an unprecedented 80-year slaughter of whales, narwhal in Baffin Island has already lost 575 animals, and hunting is not completed yet New population of endangered monkeys discovered in northern Vietnam, a new population are considered endangered snub-nosed monkeys Dolmana (Tonkin rinopitekov) was found in woods in northern Vietnam. Tonkin rinopitek or snub-nosed monkey Dolmana or Tonkin snub-nosed langur (Rhinopithecus avunculus) so named because of its habitat (the area of the Gulf of Tonkin), and custom for primates snub nose. In the world there are now only 200 of these animals, they are included in the Red Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). The discovery made scientists from the International Association of flora and fauna (FFI), the organization, which specializes in protecting endangered species and isolated ecosystems. The population of the snub-nosed monkeys was found after reports of local residents about the strange monkey border Vietnam and China.

wwf has published a guide ‘eco-lifestyle’ World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released a pocket guide for those wishing to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which make people as a result of their daily activities. Pocket guide to lifestyle wwf ‘One Planet style’ contains advice on how to make their lives more eco-friendly home, at work and during leisure. In particular, wwf recommends the use of only energy-efficient lamps for lighting the premises, machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius, the temperature is maintained in a refrigerator at 3-5 degrees Celsius, and buy products in bulk and only in local stores, so as not to drive for them in large shopping malls outside the city, thereby reducing the level of automobile emissions.

Social Ability

Reputational approach is based on the identification of the rating policy is based on information submitted to him by other persons known to be dominating. Likewise, there is an approach that distinguishes the elite in politics, based on the involvement of politicians in making strategic policy solutions. " Unlike the latter, according to which the political elite consists of people who take strategic decisions, that it was based did not study the phenomenon of political leadership (emanating from the understanding of power as ability to influence individuals to determine their validity), and the use of ideas about the nature of political power in society as the ability to influence decisions. Like any social community's political elite has certain traits are inherent in this particular social stratum. Namely, the political elite: 1. For even more details, read what Ohio Senator says on the issue. is a small, self-sufficient social group; 2.vysoky social status; 3.znachitelny volume public and government information; 4.neposredstvennoe part in the exercise of power, 5. organizational skills and talent.

Just one of the signs and necessary condition for the existence of the political elite is authority. The credibility of the elite – an essential condition of its stay in power and maintain power, the ruling elite must be legitimate. When political or public community ceases to authorize the government of the political elite, it loses its social base of its existence, and eventually loses its power. Political elites may come to power through elections, winning a political fight with other organized minority, competing for the role of the controlling political group. .


For many people it is difficult to accept that the abundance is present, is possible that they begin to argue an endless ones of situations where is not indicated the wealth, those situations occur because the people conscious and unconsciously insist on an opposite idea to the creative forces of the universe. From a philosophical point of view Andrew Corentt I declare to us that the wealth exists therefore is, in his book I am Happy, I I am Rico, then from the reading of this book you will learn the processes of mental and inner development that allow you abrir their conscience and thus to begin to undergo wonderful things in their life. You will be able to observe that this world is full of opportunities that are necessary to coordinate a series of conscious efforts to aim to see beyond the obvious thing, in fact at each place of the planet always only exist appropriate conditions so that diverse gifts can be operated in wonderful form. Please visit Richard Blumenthal if you seek more information. It is important that you know clearly that the opportunity is necessary to conquer it, does not only try yourself to read a paragraph of a book and to leave to street and to see as thousands of opportunities touch our door, the truth that does not work of that form, so that the world offers a series to him of opportunities before you you must demolish great obstacles that only are you are same you. I can assure to him that if you are painter, sculptor, accountant, engineer, economist, lecturer, etc. Exist million people who are anxious to contract of their services, then Why you do not see them? Because inner not yet it is convinced of his own idea of then success its message that it sends to the universe is too lukewarm. Andrew Corentt in his book I Am Happy, I I am Rico teaches the mental processes to us to obtain an enormous conviction and of that form to be in the capacity to materialize and to make reality all our dreams, this life must be one pleasing experience if you use his internal power suitably.

Perpetual Motion Machine

Created a perpetual motion machine – and this is not some kind of supernova discovery scientists! To date, there are more than 10 unrelated projects working Perpetuum Mobile. All data created perpetual motion machines are classified Governments of all countries. From the available unclassified data, it is obvious that the first perpetual motion machine was created during World War ii, scientists Nazi Germany, and finalized in 1945-1946 in the U.S., after the removal there of scientists and laboratories after the war. Development of Soviet scientists were successful only in the early 50-ies of xx century. But the result of the work of scientists and leaders of the country remained dissatisfied. This was due mainly to the fact that created by Soviet scientists had Perpetuum Mobile cap barely exceeds 100-105%, while a joint project of the German-American perpetual motion had efficiencies of over 140%.

Due to "good" intelligence work, in the second half of 1950 series European states have been able to recreate the projects of perpetual motion. Then, in the late 50's – early 60's hosted a conference in which the heads of state agreed not to use technology a perpetual motion machine. In subsequent years, some researchers enthusiasts have also repeatedly created their own perpetual motion machines, but the development of all of them were seized by government agencies and are strictly classified. Working principle of perpetual motion consisted of a closed loop, simulating a living organism. Due to this cycle, the engine continues to continuous operation, consuming only develop their energy and the energy that occurred as a result of interaction with environment (friction, heating and so on.) just gave the energy that exceed 100% efficiency. The only reason that zasekretili all the information about perpetual motion and did not allow for mass application, was the fact that with the transition to a new kind of engine will no longer be a need for energy resources (oil, gas, etc.). that would seriously undermine the global economy, and would have ruined a number of countries, living through the sale of energy. So it is hardly in the world there is still something that people have not researched. Most likely it's just hidden from others.

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