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Positive Constitutional

With this work one searched to analyze the Public Defensoria in its complete formation, of its legitimacy and jurisprudence when becoming related with the Constitution, that is, first analyzed the Constitution of 1988 so that it was understood the real significance and importance of the Public Defensoria in what it is said as efetivador agency of the proper constitution, that is, to the function of the Defensoria of guarantee of the rights and the beginning of the equality between the classrooms. Therefore it is of total ability of the Public Defensoria to guarantee the access to the justice to that they want to defend its rights and that they do not possess necessary income so that its interests are represented, appealing, therefore to the counsels for indigents, who must give its services without hesitation, this mainly related the all type of descriminao. At last, we search to analyze mainly the public Defensoria of the State of the Maranho, located in its So Lus capital, being externando all the characteristics of this agency, as much in its effectiveness as in the availability ahead of the society, beyond its proper infrastructure, thus to argue if its responsibility as warranting of the principles of the equality, the contradictory and legal defense really they are assured as foreseen in the constitution, knowing itself that this established the proper Public Defensoria.


We are to a year and three months to celebrate the bicentennial of our independence. The Mexican can say Mexico is a free and independent country, but it will be this truth? The independence of Mexico began when Miguel Noble rang the bell of Dolores and all this occurred because all the Mexicans were not in agreement with the form of the government, was equality of no opportunities, the power only had the Spaniards among others causes more. Everything finalized when Iturbide arrived at the power like monarch. Later the Mexican revolution came where the farmers rose in arms demanding the earth that had taken off them the landowners, that is to say, they snatched the Earth to them where they worked to be able to sustain to his families. It was as much the fight by the power that in that period, from 1910 to 1920 were seven presidents. Of Mexico succession could not there stabilize its problem of changed of very fast president due to coup d’etats and fights by the power neglecting the well-being of the Mexican town until it arrived Lazaro Cardinal red, person who truly thought about the town, not in the power, and the proof of this is that we continued living on its plans, I create the IMSS, Banrural I enter other benefits to help the worker. Today less than a year and a half of the independence and centenary of the Mexican revolution I ask myself he was really realised what he was wanted. First with 70 years of dictatorship of the PRI, later they made think us that the PRI was the problem, arrived Vicente Fox at the presidency step its presidential term and how it was Mexico. We followed equal with the same problems of always with 20 million of Mexican in extreme poverty, with the corruption that has made us as much damage.


But hopefully that more it advanced is offered through an impeccable work and of an interminable listing of NATIONAL and nonpersonal benefits or for a few whatever the opportunity to me to bite me the language on the inside and until the cheeks because then we will only know that already finally, this puadito of expensive servidorcitos is doing something to repay to him to the town by so good lives that occur. But hopefully also, when everything turns out to be a computational error as unfortunately we will know that it will happen and it consists that I am not challenging the intelligence of our president but quite the opposite I am raising, it with his or well-known ones, imagined and unimaginable consequences, the Mexican town at least that enormous sector that either we could catalogue of disinterested wraps or the shirts, fits or the skirts, leaves itself of immature tarugadas, it is shaken of pusilanimidades and it accompanies to the complaining hundreds by which at the moment have decided to raise not only the voice, but also the hands and in some cases, until some palito or a piedrita gathered in the way, because certainly no we have understood by more and more than one has come saying to us that the things only go of evil in worse but for the town, much less does not stop the governors and for the industralists and that unfortunately the panorama does not give samples to really improve until the town, but it does not stop to shout goal or to embriagar in the dates mother countries, but to say to him to those who go it milking our pockets that, or several rays lower to him to the account of their abuses or of plane that begins to make their suitcases. For sample a button, even though for obvious reasons has not been informed us, our constitution grants to the town the power to him sufficient to maintain in its positions or to command to fly to our governors, you want to know like? IT READS the CONSTITUTION, are cheap they sell and them in all the bookstores. You decide oh, sister and reading brother, we remained as we are or of plane we continued ourselves bending. Antonio Andrade Guadalajara Jalisco original Author and source of the article.

Institutional Relations

Carmen Balfagon was born in Madrid in 1954. Lawyer in Right, Carmen Balfagon has passed through the ministries of Education and Public Science, Administrations and Economy and Property. Also she worked as parliamentary adviser and of Institutional Relations of the minister of Promotion between years 1998 and 2000. In May of that year, nevertheless, Carmen Balfagon was named adviser of Relations with the National and advisory Parliament of Institutional Relations of the minister of Health. Later, in September of 2002, it would happen to hold the position of adviser of the Secretary of State of Security in the Department of the Interior until January of the 2003 when, as a result of the accident of the ship ' Prestige' , it was gotten up as adviser of the Commissioner of the Government for the Activities derived from the catastrophe of ' Prestige' , following the Ministry of the Presidency. In November of 2003 Carmen Balfagon Head of the Cabinet of the Vice-president Second and Advisory of Justice and Interior of the Community of Madrid was already appointed, since she carried out until 17 of December of 2004. It was then when position became of the Agency of Menor Infractor (ARRMI) who lets in 2011 to comprise of the government of Maria Dolores de Cospedal, like Secretary General of Social Subjects of the Community of Castille-La Mancha.

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