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The Future Starts Now

In the decade of 70 the GIP of Brazil, India and China was similar. In the decade of 80 Brazil arrived to have the superior GIP to the ones of China and of India Brazil competed in equality condition, but also it had its delayed industrial development. Today China is a economic, to militate and nuclear power that threat the world-wide economy and India is in the same way. One more time we lose the race. The inevitable question appears: where we erramos? The reply it is not simple and it was not only one reason. But the preponderant factors had been the weakness politics in the international scene and the internal administrative incapacity. While colony, our resources had been drained for and Europe.

After independence, the resources had continued being drained for the exterior, private safes, or wasters. International agreements badly negotiated and disadvantageous, the historical corruption and a gigantic managemental incapacity come atravancando the development of Brazil have 100 years more than. continues reigning, if covering and helping mutually. The politics lost its nobler direction and started to be synonymous of cheap petty politics, always associate the frauds and suspicious transactions excuses. This necessary cycle to be broken. If nothing it will be fact, the mediocrity will create roots and when to wake up, Brazil will be again colony.

Not in the molds of long ago, but yes in the modern molds, with Not Governmental corporations and Organizations dominating and exploring the territory, ours resources and making the laws.

Federal Administrations

1. INTRODUCTION the search of answers, on the part of diverse Municipal, State and Federal Administrations to the problem of the unemployment and of as to rethink the work, has found in the solidary economic enterprises (EES) a way based on concrete proposals and practical experiences. It can be said that the governmental actions directed to the development of these enterprises must be essentially dedicated to the magnifying of work ranks, to the creation of new forms of production, to the distribution of the income and the wealth. On the basis of this perspective, Secchi (2010, P. 2) recognizes that one public politics is ' ' an elaborated line of direction to face a problem pblico' ' in what it says respect to the confrontation of the social inaqualities. In this direction, the urgency and emergency of other labor forms as the associated and independent work alicerado for solidarity make with that the State rethink its paper and acquires a responsibility and interest to show the reality of the enterprises existing in the country.

Ahead of this, this objective article, essentially, to identify to the governments (state and municipal) apoiadores of enterprises based on the self management, inserted economic solidarity and democratic management in the context of the solidary economy. To lead the study, the adopted metodolgico apparatus meets divided in two parts: (1) bibliographical research, in the measure where it looked for to investigate the environment of the EES under the perspective description-theoretician and (2) documentary research that if it in such a way surrounded of particular and public archives (both Home Page), how much of statistical sources. The data presented in this part had been gotten through the National Secretariat of Economia Solidria (SENAES) of the Ministry of the Work and Emprego (MTE) for intermediary of the National System of Information in Economia Solidria (SIES) and of the Net of Managers of Public Politics of Solidary Economy.


This person will have a greater propensity to observe in detail the type of clothing that her friends wore because it is focusing attention on that aspect, therefore uses energy in that condition. It is important to emphasize that the use of energy is good to the extent that attention that loans help us to our goals, to say something in the case of clothing from friends in the Park, a designer could find an inspiration for their own design based on the observation that could perform, in this case the use of energy has been efficient because it has supported one of the objectives of the observer. There is something very important in this, most of the people uses energy in what you don’t want, you look at violence, disease, problems, etc.

And what happens?, happens that we started programming our subconscious mind the things that we don’t want in life and finally see results negative in our lives, why we see that many good people occur at them bad things, it is not that these people wanted that consciously, but they unconsciously and very subtly programmed unpleasant information in their lives. We have seen how to use energy with the sense of sight, the advice I give them is that they see the things that they only liking them, continuously see the House of their dreams, the cars that want to have, the physicist who wish to, etc. Visualize what you really want, imagine, dream, this has much power although many people believe it or not, also use other senses, hear nice things, success stories, nature sounds that give you peace of mind and bring good memories, touch furniture you want, you feel them, touch what he longs for. Is also important to mention the use of the energy from the point of view of the emotions, when we put emotion into something employment of energy soars in remarkable shape, consider the fact of physical energy, if someone leaves their depleted work and all you want is to go home to rest, but suddenly arises a surprise party and call it, if this person enjoys a lot of festivities will notice as it is filled with energy and you can spend all night enjoying calmly, what happened there?

The answer is the motivation and energy that produces do something that We really enjoy, for that reason to achieve success in life it is necessary to do things that give us great joy, great satisfaction, that will make the fruits of our projects to appear more quickly, what we must do to avoid wasting energy, as defined by ANDREW CORENTT in his book I am happy, I am rich, first consider and clearly define what we want in life immediately make a coherent plan to achieve our objective and we use energy properly, for this is necessary to think, analyze and observe everything related to our idea, then we avoid view and focus energy on what you don’t want, it is necessary to eliminate fanaticism such as politics, sports, certain radical groups, etc.

Society Development

The man inside does not fit of itself the man for being a cell of the society, does not fit inside of itself, is necessary to leave itself to contemplate everything that has is of it and to give to new significao of the interactions and connections where external and the intern is always interacting I only know when eye in the mirror, not to the narcisista mirror. But the mirror where it reflects my similarity with the other, as we are constituted of atoms, the other is everything that exists in the land or the universe transforming what it has of subjective concrete or of my agreement of the things with that I become related because beyond the substance we possess a spirit in development that connects in them with the infinite. Inside of this perspective the people go creating things for the benefit of the society But nor always this objective arrives at all e, the times these benefits comes to be harmful to some groups of people, to the search of the social power, economic and politician always generates conflicts, and these conflicts nor always are loosers for groups that they aim at development of the communities most devoid. The politics is the spring master to give route more to the priorities of the needed classrooms. Another primordial sector for the development of the society is known that it is the education, however as the politics, the education to the times exerts a power of manipulation to less unprovided of the knowledge scientific. Because many times, are the service of groups that do not aim at social development as a whole and yes the service of small groups that only aim at the economic power without if worrying about the welfare in such a way of the people as of the planet, in what it says respect to the ecology for the survival of the land, today, tomorrow and always.

The Republic

In the ultimate test against the legitimacy of the Second Republic, was the revolution October 1934, organized by the Socialists and their leftist allies. He cites the famous text of S. de Madariaga: “With the rebellion of 1934, the Spanish left shadow lost all moral authority to condemn the rebellion of 1936.” In this regard, it should bring to light documents unearthed by Pio Moa socialists on the direct and main responsibilities of the PSOE in the bloody revolution of October 1934. The documents transcribed the author are truly taggering in its cruelty, and inciting the kidnapping and murder and theft. The progressive degradation of the Second Republic is briefly described in the opinion of Burgos (1938), which is reproduced in part. But the author goes further: “The February 1936 elections were undemocratic.” And he cites the opinion of JM Gil-Robles: Most Popular Front in 1936 was achieved in the second round by the unjust cancellation of records right. For auction was illegally dismissed Alcala Zamora as president of the Republic, frontism oppose revolutionary.

Finally, remember the assassination of opposition leader, Calvo Sotelo, assault by guards. So if democratic paradise was destroyed by some priests and military “fascists.” Therefore it is clear that the second war is going to be the result of the elections of February 16, 1936. Portela Valladares-President of the Council of Ministers, left office without having made public the findings and without waiting for the second round. The Popular Front government took over illegally manipulated the records with all kinds of rigging and traps, until the winner was already in the first round, as demonstrated by recent research of historians.I

Kiev Bratslav

However, Poland could not weakened confront Turkey, and the world Buchachskomu 1672 gave the Turks a significant part of Podolsk, Kiev Bratslav and provinces. In 1686 Poland regained the land. All XVIII century right bank shake Cossack and peasant uprising. In 1702-1704 years the rebels under the command of Colonel Semen Paliy Fastovsky completely cleared from the gentry and skirts Bratslavschinu. A well-known peasant war of 1768 – Koliivshchina. On the second partition of Poland (1793) Bratslavschina skirts and passed to Russia and formed Podolia. In the western part of the province included Podolia province, in eastern – Bratslav.

Vineyard became the provincial town, but later transferred to the state district of the city (the administrative center of the province was Kamenetz). In 1798, the city introduced "city regulations." In 1860 the winery is home to 10 thousand inhabitants, there were 5 schools, hospital, theater, and 190 stores. An important stimulus to the development of Vinnitsa is the building in 1870 near the city railway Kiev-Odessa-Balta, through which much improved communication with Kiev, Odessa, Moscow, St. Petersburg. Over the past 40 years of the XIX century Vinnitsa increased in three and a half times, and on turnover came in first place in Podolia.

Since 1914 Vinnitsa – the administrative center of Podolia. October 28, 1917 in Vinnitsa, an armed uprising, as a result of whose power in the city went to the revolutionary committee of workers and soldiers. Later during the Civil War, the power in the city repeatedly passed from hand to hand. In the city some time to work Government of the Ukrainian People's Republic. Finally, the Soviet authorities in the winery was established in 1920. In 1923, Vinnytsia became the county seat, and since 1932 the administrative center of Vinnitsa region. After the start Great Patriotic War, thousands of vinnichan went to the front. To combat with the enemy saboteurs and safety of industrial facilities has been created destroyer battalions.

Our Legislative Country

For the delicts of the same classification practised 28/03/2007 after, he prevails, for the time being, Law 11464/07, that he determines> direct consequncia of the practised delict – he is reduced so only to the letter of the Law. Our Legislative one, and in result our Judiciary one, legislates in the direction to reduce the jail population in detriment of its victims. In recent years the action of the activists of human rights of infractors took advantage incontinenti on the same rights of the citizen who does not transgress and lives in compliance with the Current law. The social behavior of the people, companies and institutions, does not leave doubts. In this Country if it never spent in such a way with security! Today the families plan its lives in function of a pretense inalcanvel security.

The natural aspiration of economic, social and cultural growth is preceded of the permanent concern with the personal and familiar security. The possibility to be victims of an assault or physical violence> it is latent and present in each minute of our existence, although to be Brazilian and to live in a Country without ethnic conflicts or politicians. The contained perspectives of impunity in our legal system, however, stimulate and determine the precocious behavior insolente and of our delinquents, gifts and futures. Valter Lopes.

Imperfection is Enough

I’m in front of my computer reading a series of articles and have come to one where my mind has clicked. Today I want to share with all those people who read me and which I still read this article. It’s called “Pretty good means quite well” and is written by Jose Miguel Bolivar. He speaks of the self-imposed, how some people we demand much more than do others. There is no greater need than yourself comes from because even though we can never be enough. Besides the work online or virtual work makes you even more demanding because you do not have approval from your boss and with the confidence of a working relationship for several years together.

Now I tell you this is an article to think. I liked it and I hope you too. Try doing your best is nothing wrong with striving for perfection but when something is already “pretty good” is a waste of time. Do not let perfectionism stop you from going insane to the point and learn to leave things when the time comes. Large software companies have very clear.

An example is how they release new products and services to market. By doing so before they are fully tested and debugged, they save a considerable amount of time and money. These savings not only reversed in the final consumer himself, but also greatly improves product quality while shortening their time to market. All this is possible thanks to the customer, which gives companies a month more than what you might discover internal tests in years. It is therefore important that you learn to recognize when your work has reached a point where what has been achieved is “pretty good.” A good way is to ask yourself from time to time: Is there anyone else besides me recognize and appreciate the difference between how it is now and as it can get if I keep working on it? “I can improve significantly the result if I keep working on it? Compensate ” as potential gain the extra time will it take me? If the answer to the above questions is “no”, the task terminates and get another. If instead you answer “yes”, identify which necessarily needs to be done and do it, but nothing more. As Alexander Hamilton said: “I hope I never do a perfect job of an imperfect man.” Accept your own imperfections and adjust routinely to doing a job that is “pretty good.”

Judicial Authority

It would like to still know in the condition of citizen of this commune, that attitudes the local Public prosecution service and the Judiciary Power, have carried through or will make, if thus to desire, ahead of the cited ones and notified you denounce? Notadamente let us charge and let us demand more respect and dignity in the exercise of the public offices of that they represent in them, all transparency in the exercise of the politician-public activity, wants either in the Executive or the Legislative one, also with the verification in totum of what it was referenciado in the media, and that under suspicion it meets. It is to have ours as juazeirenses citizens to be intent to the events, and to effectively charge the verification and punishment of the presumptions committed torts, ‘ ‘ IT DONATES TO WHO DOER’ ‘ , time that, while the corrupt ones act in the surdina of the cabinets in our city, to surrupiar the public state treasury, more children leave to receive merenda pertaining to school worthy, more people will die in the lines of the public hospitals, will be taken care of in the ranks of health, as well as, the children and pupils of Juazeiro, had continued to receive public education from pssima quality, to perpetuate the call ‘ ‘ PACT OF THE MEDIOCRITY IN EDUCAO’ ‘! Passed one hundred years of emancipation politics, of which, we continue hostages of politician-oligarchical groups total descompromissados with the true causes of people of Juazeiro, I inquire you dear and suffered citizens: ‘ ‘ . .

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