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United States Government

Let’s look at another extract from the article: the surveyed firms noted that it is too early to comment on the levels of remuneration for 2010. Many explained that if not properly pay their employees, they risk losing the best. Many people may ask: why the Government is not acting? No matter what others do, the State’s wealth is an internal condition. The rich man is rich, because he knows that he is rich. Let’s look at another extract from the article: politicians and regulators have been successful in influencing the remuneration structure, although not their levels. They have pressured to deliver more equity compensation benefits and other long-term instruments. Firms have found other ways to limit the risks that employees take to obtain short-term gains, something required companies that accepted funds from the United States Government during the financial crisis.

As you can read, no matter what make the Government or the poor, or whoever, the rich always find the way to get what they want. Instead of complaining about the remuneration given to the rich, I recommend you follow the old advice if you can not beat them, join them. Getting rich. Becoming rich is the easiest thing in the world. You should only want it, establish an Irresistible goal or a powerful goal along the lines presented by Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of goals. This book will help you become rich, and then the money will flow toward you, as the mountains water flows towards the sea.

In this life every one has what he deserves, the rich have read books and have developed a consciousness of wealth. The poor don’t understand that anyone can remove their right to another. The rich are rich because they read books such as the secret of the power of goals. You read it too and get rich. Work on yourself, creating irresistible targets, and even in times of crisis for the poor and the middle class, you will earn more.

North America

Why no shortage of those who claim its elimination: use proper names of each village (Kiche, Quechua, wedge, Sami, etc.) by eliminating the indigenous concept that generalizes and at the same time destroys our identity, i.e., build a world without indigenous peoples and recognize the names of peoples, as proposed in the conclusions of the meeting project villages indigenous of the Organization International Labour, 1996, in the city of Chimaltenango, Guatemala. The emergence of indigenous peoples as new political actors in the Latin American scenario, with a very particular dynamic as they had not had it during the centuries of Iberian colonialism suffered, is characterized by a set of dynamics that have no other social movements: 1) the claim by its ((((specific rights as indigenous peoples with their culture and their autonomy, 2) the territorialization of its presence, 3) the development of increasingly complex organizational structures, 4) the national dimension of their demands, 5) the relations that are taking their struggles with nation States where they occur. It could be said that it is an order generalized, from Chiapas to the Patagonia, the claim for the recognition of the right to difference, to recognize and respect their ethno-cultural specificity that is not reduced them to some social categories of the dominant capitalist society, as the peasants. Claims more solid and articulated some indigenous movements have been directed towards the approach of plurinational States. This points to the structural modification of the national States born after formal independence from the Spanish Crown in the early 19th century as large estates managed by native aristocracies without own project of nation as it happened, on the contrary, in the nascent American Union in North America, that from the beginning (by eliminating all indigenous peoples, forgive add), was raised as a real political and economic independence. In Latin America, where in general the indigenous peoples with some exceptions where they were virtually disappeared, as in Argentina and Uruguay continued resisting the conquest in a never-ending bid, these new approaches of plurinationality seek effective representation of them in modern Nations; Nations which gives the paradox which, having majorities of indigenous population that might not be totally assimilated or you doblegas, presented by States traced over liberal European models to ignore and marginalize indigenous peoples, States centered on the capital cities and that took the Spanish as an official language, always looking toward Europe or United States abominando of its Aboriginal composition.

Proposals To Artifariti 2010

Proposals call for proposals 2010 ARTifariti, which will be held from 16 to 30 October may occur until June 18. The international art meetings in Territorios Liberados of the Occidental Sahara, curated this year by Alonso Gil and Federico Guzman, born from the field of culture in response to the existence of the wall of shame that separates the Saharan families for over 35 years. ARTifariti uses artistic practices as an instrument of social transformation, generating spaces geographical, political, virtual and imagination with the potential to flourish as zones of encounter and communication among individuals and peoples. The jury – made up of artists, critics, cultural managers and people linked to solidarity with the Sahara – will select six projects open to all artistic disciplines (painting, sculpture, drawing, video, performance, site-specific interventions, interventions in the social context, etc.), which reflect and activate from the contemporary art the natural, cultural, social and geopolitical reality of Western Sahara. Although it is not an exclusive requirement, plus the creation of permanent works that contribute to Tifariti follow consolidated as international cultural space and symbol of hope for the Sahrawi people and all the peoples of the world. The framework is complex and unique, given the lack of means and the geopolitical situation, so it shall take into account the use of social context as materials and indigenous resources of the place (sand, limestone, dry trunks, animal bones, materials recycling, acero and blocks of cement construction, jaimas, melfas dyed fabrics(, remnants of war material, tires, car bodies, containers, buses, etc.).

The displacement to Tifariti from Madrid, internal transport, accommodation and maintenance of the artists selected for the duration of the meetings shall be borne by the organization. In a land invaded and liberated, It has suffered the wounds of the war and still suffering the terrible repression of the Moroccan regime, the fourth edition of ARTifariti is delineated by the relationship between art and human rights, launching the world both a message of denunciation of the serious violations committed by the occupying government against the civilian population, as in defence of the right of individuals and peoples to their landtheir culture, their roots and their freedom. In this sense, include the simultaneous celebration of the I Symposium on art and rights and the development of the project Lxs Desconocidxs, in collaboration with AFAPREDESA. This proposal, which allows you to visualize the grave situation of human rights in the conflict in the Sahara using art as a tool to illuminate the unknown in search of the truth, invites international artists to make portraits of Saharan people missing because of the occupation and the Moroccan repression from interviews with relatives and witnesses.

Convention Centers

The streets of la Guajira, its few avenues, its platforms, its parks and its public places are generally the stage for everything you can expect of a place where citizens congregate: markets satellites, centres of social gathering, wall of lamentations, political observatories, etc. Where there are people there are relations of Exchange and dialogue and common spaces serve precisely for that. To integrate society around the things that create; the problems that need solving; the stories that you want to count; the data that you want to find out. In short: the sardinel and bus stop, are also, urban meeting places and small Convention Centers to ventilate pulsating current affairs. The foregoing is normal and what you are going to tell, has become unfortunately normal: public spaces have become the place in which one of the most serious problems of the peoples is evident: child poverty and absolute poverty of a thickness number of citizens.

Notwithstanding programs jobs underway by the Administration departmental to combat hunger; However the ambitious intention of the State to protect children and the family through policies public careful and expensive; However the solidarity of the communities is a fact that poverty this present in our local geography as one shows the scope of the social and economic crisis which the country is going through. It gives despite seeing children with outstretched hand and your weak little voice asking for a currency to buy something, a piece of bread to soothe their hunger or leftovers from the dish in a restaurant to feed their desire to live. Up to some time ago La Guajira is its having some conditions different from the other departments and was considered free of misery for a long time because poverty was regarded as a disgrace to society as a whole. However, a time here everything has changed and children, (unfortunately are more children), pushed by hunger, took to the streets to ask for alms and today is them solving this way its more pressing problem: the of get even a piece of bread to relieve hunger. Added to the foregoing serious allegations about the existence of children’s gangs in Maicao which are cited in certain places to have real battles in which the objective is assaulting enemies of physical and verbal form.

The above unless there has been a strong reaction of the authorities, parents and of bodies responsible for ensuring the well-being of children. Children LOAs are not the future as I was previously considered them but the present, today, and of course, tomorrow. If we leave them to die of hunger or we allow now to solve the poor their contradictions, we are forging a society that then look at this generation for accountable for everything what was not done in time. Therefore, it is best that we begin to ask account ourselves from this very moment.

Regional President Project

The country does not want to see drunk, hedonist, officials with an air of Marquis, the Peru searches for the people that work for the people and one of them is also Ivan Vasquez Valera. The Regional President of Loreto, with the small budget that counts and thousand problems of the region, has been able to carry out a work for the good of his people loretano has given to Loreto a movement truly, is not of a political party Lima, force Loretana is a political movement Amazon of Loreto, which must continue to grow and later try to join other Amazonian movementsto present candidates for the Congress of the Republic. Thinking of Loreto, its development and progress it promotes the construction of the Iquitos – Yurimaguas train. Let’s see: The President of the Region, Ivan Vasquez Valera stressed the importance of the construction of the railway Iquitos/Yurimaguas, since this will definitely reduce the cost of living of the Loreto, being connected commercially with the rest of the country. In this way, the highest Regional Authority responded the questions of those who point out that the proposal is not viable and that they argue that there is an another railroad by Saramiriza construction project, but that does not say that the cost of the work would increase to twice the value of the path that is planned, which is based on a law of national interest by that route. Ivan Vasquez asserted that the elaboration of the project profile is a concrete and actual fact something that definitely can be, regardless of the position of those who only questioned what at the time, having the mechanisms available at hand, not materialized. Now, with the support of several congressmen who do not see political colors but the need of an entire people that cries out for connecting with other regions of the country and out of national isolation, achieved the Executive spent the first 15 million soles for the preparation of the profile, throwing to walk this project that is going to bring many benefits to the loretanos, including the reduction in the cost of living in a 30% approximately, concluded Loreto suffers from infrastructure that allows you to count with sufficient electrical energy, that ends with that polluting plant of Electrooriente petroleum-based.


Former European Presidents are avidly applied to earn money, such as German Gerhard Schroder, at the service of the multinational Russian Gazprom, or Tony Blair, who takes advantage of his lucrative book of memories to put stock to his successor and colleague Gordon Brown. In the best cases, these posh retirees are dedicated to a discreet and pleasant retreat, as Helmut Kohl or Jacques Chirac, and at worst, as it is the case with Jose Maria Aznar, to create political problems to his compatriots: not only to Rodriguez Zapatero, ideological rival to the end and Cape, but also his own anointed and disciple, Mariano Rajoy. Unlike Americans, almost any former European President devotes his time to altruistic missions in the service of their country and, if possible, of all humanity. Here we have, if not, to Jimmy Carter, rescuing a fellow prisoner in Korea of the North after making dozens of more or less questionable actions. The same could be said of Bill Clinton, special UN Envoy to coordinate international aid to Haiti, how five years ago went to the Asian countries ravaged by the tsunami.

By that defendant sense of solidarity and shared responsibility, it is not strange that announcing the American withdrawal from Iraq Barak Obama has pondered a publicly efforts and patriotism of George Bush in that war. And it is that, aside from what each one thinks, all of them believe that they paddle in the same boat and it is important that this always go forward. That is fair, just, the opposite of what happens here.

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