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Legal Research

Inevitability of social Progress is determined by the inevitability of victory (in the end, regardless of the possible partial lesions) revolutionary propaganda by the fact that it mainly reflects the truth: the fact of exploitation, its mechanisms of opportunity to build relations of production, excluding the existing forms of exploitation, etc. A counter-revolutionary propaganda mainly reflects misconceptions about the reality: there is no exploitation, that further democratization leads to chaos, idealizes the existing relations of production, etc. Therefore, even just the general development of the social consciousness of the exploited and the natural (unfocused) forms of dissemination of the information revolution, ultimately, will inevitably lead them to realize the truth. Although sometimes with a very talented counter-revolutionary propaganda revolutionary consciousness of the public may experience in its development regressive moments, but endlessly fool the people is impossible. The inevitability of the progressive development of social revolutionary consciousness in particular defined by the inevitable progressive development of social consciousness as a whole. That is as inevitable development (discovery and dissemination) of knowledge of reality as a whole, just as inevitable development (discovery and dissemination) of knowledge about how to destruction of existing forms of exploitation in the society in particular. The driving force of social progress is people's need for social justice, and this need, just like everyone else, can be satisfied only with full awareness of the ways and means to satisfy it by the will of the people who have this need.

And regardless of their will and consciousness, there is no power that can determine are designed to meet this needs work, as an individual, and their various associations. With regard to the formula of social progress Marx: developing the productive forces of society, develop the relations of production, dump them and generate new ones – then it is true, but only to the amendment of Lenin: "the main productive force of all mankind is man, the worker" (1). The main point of mankind's productive forces is the development of public awareness towards the realization that based on this form of ownership relations of production in its development had reached the limit. Looking for a new industrial relations. We need a new form of ownership. Literature 1.V.I.Lenin Complete Works, T.38, s.359 2.A.I.Pershits, al Mongayt, vp Alekseev.

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Social Subjectivity

With this the dicotomiaobjetivo-subjective one vanishes, that it was non-separable of the intern-external dichotomy. Asubjetividade is not the opposite of the objective, is quality of the objetividade nossistemas human produced culturally. (Rey 2004, P. 125) For Gonzlez, the rescue dasubjetividade in a perspective dialectic, was capable to reach entendimentoe the understanding of the production of felt in what it refers to the processes and forms deorganizao of the activity human being. Felt these, that are the all instant, numverdadeiro construction process, desconstruo reconstruction.

The termosubjetividade came to englobar what before we called human being, psiquismo, close man, psychic individual and to characterize this relaosujeito/object not in a dimension of contrary polar regions, but of the relations that osmantm. The citizen if constitutes in a relation with the other citizen and is construdopela psychic dosujeito integration that an individual history has, therefore, desires, efantasias dreams, and the social citizen, conceived as the citizen of quea social history produces and from it receives the transformations necessary. To its way, Lane (2002) it deals with daquesto the form subjectivity also dialectic, that is, the person is asntese of the singular and the universal one and that in this unit of contrary if form opsiquismo, whose categories are the conscience, the activity and the affectivity. Alinguagem, that is part of the mediaes of these categories (which form otodo complex, the society) needs to be shared to guarantee asobrevivncia. In this direction, it says: Individual esociedade is non-separable, according to dialectic, therefore the particular one contains in universal sio; in this way, if to desire to know scientifically, necessrio the human being to consider it inside of the historical, inserted context in a processoconstante of subjetivao/objetivao (P. Additional information at Richard Blumenthal supports this article. 12). How is constructed the subjectivity? We need to understand the organization as sendoesta, Social Subjectivity with entangled todosos of significaes social, with its transformations, emotions and nuances.

Government Intervention

The police just found the offenders just where the search, but where the search?, Since in certain areas of cities, specific neighborhoods, socially disadvantaged, with a large population of unemployed, unfit housing, without community services. .. For more information see Richard Blumenthal. There is no doubt that in these neighborhoods home to many criminals. And these neighborhoods where the police arrived to arrest innocent or guilty. These people are guilty until proven otherwise, against any approach to constitutional presumption of innocence. And among the detainees, mostly young children abound, some minor whose perception of reality has substantially altered their environment, their family situation, school disaster for social neglect the early years of his life. None have been conducive to socialization, but they are required to "go shout," rather than the lower "normal." Often the only institutional care they receive is the police.

Any other government intervention is weak, dispersed, and there is unusually late. From this social situation is to talk, inevitably, of insecurity, drug use, violence … The uncertainty is usually handled when no one wants to see reality as unemployment, lack of solidarity or school failure. That's why children have to provide educational, health, social and family, ensuring a harmonious, ie the opposite of those offered today. The young offender lives another kind of culture from that which society in general. Of the thousands of children served by Child Protective only a small percentage is "recoverable", which means that this isolation of the child out of the way is never the problem. We can not think that repression will be educational. So in addition to social change is urgent to initiate and promote preventive experiences, encourage inclusive school, encourage participation, develop professionally at younger people. According to experience of other countries which have advanced further in the problems of children, education should be in small groups or through intervention in an open environment with Street Educators.


And then you inevitably get back what was sent. Second, the error using the technique, which also leads to the fact that you are getting all their efforts back. Third, an active opposition to your influence. You may seem that this is similar to the defense, but there is a difference and it lies in the fact that your energy, or action that you collect and return you to your location, perhaps by attaching its influence. Consequences of the third reason for the rollback most sad. However, the first and second case also does not seem to you glad.

Retribution Retribution – a phenomenon even higher order than the impact or roll. The reason lies in the fact that the action that implemented, launched mechanisms of mass of the universe. The mass of the processes related to the respective realized a desire to begin to change. And, since the principle of recoil and impact continues to work with all these changes a person receives in a pure form. The essence of this phenomenon is reflected in the law of karma, which states that in biblical language, "Everyone will be for him." And it is the deeds, actions, influences and is calculated. For example, why so bad love spell? Yes because it does not allow any, any other person to fully realize their potential. He, as the conclusion to both, makes life flow just as you want, rather than as possible. As a result, the universe holds various compensatory actions to the consequences of actions have been minimal, and people began to think about what is happening.

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