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Principles Of Power

Principles of Power: The principles of conservation, efficiency, legitimacy, prudence, internal lack of freedom, antifortissimo principle, the principle of secrecy. 1. conservation principle: the government will not voluntarily leave, the power fighting; important – retention and multiplication of power by all possible means; 2. principle of effectiveness: having the power of man is not inclined, do not succumb to the difficulties and circumstances, he copes with them, it is not peculiar to contemplation and indecision, he is a man of initiative, he needs to work and not talk about it, 3. principle of legitimacy: shows that the best means to retain power – have continued support of this society legitimacy – acceptance of that power a majority of people, 4. principle of the internal lack of freedom: a person with authority does not belong to himself, his freedom of choice is limited; in nature and society is no true freedom, as have power because of the pressure of circumstances. Power and lack of freedom are inseparable, subordinate to each other; one exists thanks to another 5. precautionary principle: realism and accurate account of political activities achieved prudent execution authority "golden rule" (to provide maximum freedom and minimum government targets disturbing influences on him by the subjects of government).

Only in this case we have self-control power, its natural development; 6. antifortissimo principle: the power of authority fall short of government forces. Violence – a last resort to keep power, to which resort when all other methods tried and the use of violence – is proof of the weakness of political authority, proof that its legitimacy is lost 7. the principle of secrecy: the prevention of exposure of powerful people, the use of all kinds bluff, which allows the authorities to distance themselves from the masses and hide the true purpose, which is seeking this authority.

Greek History

Crimea. Kafskaya Bay and Cape St. Elias. This area was the focus of this book for several reasons, primarily because its history is not sufficiently covered in the scientific research, but an integral history, from ancient times, linked with the history of the region in general was not given. And since the interpretation of the ancient history of Northern Black Sea coast in the stream to publish literature for the past 50 years have clearly helpless and primitive character, rather than directing how disorienting the reader, we can assume that the Bible Kafa "- this book is not about Kafskoy terrain and the history of ancient civilization Northern Black Sea, History of Kafa same – only the opportunity to give a picture of its development. The author decided to shoot one shot two birds with one stone.

When people talk about Kafskoy areas, first of all, represent a vast Feodosiya Bay, golden sands, stretched a broad band and the mountainous promontory terminating in the sea as well – located almost next to Silent Creek, Karadag, whose picturesqueness not need advertising. Also, all recall remains of the medieval Kafa and that once there was an ancient Greek city, from which nothing can survive. In addition to individual stones with antique rustic caught the owners of private houses from places unknown to science. The latter suggests that in some places still remain undetected traces of those times. But to see such remnants "of Hellenic life" can only be tenacious eye expert who knows what "rustication" and that for household needs in their yards locals can lead neafishiruemye "development" of prismotrennoy of ancient masonry. .

The Learning

The chance can even though be wasted if the student will have some natural talent for the Mathematics, therefore it, as all the others, need to discover its talentos and its gostos: nobody will be able to know if it likes apple pie if it will have never it proven. It is possible, however, that it arrives to perceive that a mathematics problem can so be amused how much a game of crossed words, or that the intense mental work can be a broken so pleasant exercise how much one livened up of tennis. Having tried the pleasure in the study of the Mathematics, it will not forget such easily to it and it will have then a good probability of that it if becomes some thing more: one hobby, a professional instrument, the proper profession or a great ambition. In this scope, I intend to show to the pupils who the pertaining to school mathematics is not something total abstract, knowing that this abstracionismo can take the student to desmotivar itself for the substance, therefore is intentional that the professor tries to work with the pupil the mathematics in the scope most practical, for this, I intend to use didactic resources (game-challenges) in extra lessons that happen in the opposing turn to the one of regular lesson. So that the learning happens in efficient way. ESTIMATED THEORETICIANS the theoretical referencial is a commentary on the mathematical education and also of what it will be developed in classroom. Education and development the education does not have to be the simple transmission of information and knowledge for the pupil, therefore, the education must develop in the pupil the capacity to think, to analyze, to apply the contents in the daily one (when possible), to organize and to formulate conclusions that guarantee the capacity to develop information. Taking care of to this conclusion of education and knowledge of the reality of the group and also of each pupil, it is necessary to have a concern always to be observing the ones that possess certain difficulties in the learning.

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