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Kazan State Technical University

For the second month, Kazan is not only in the snow, but the orange and silver captured the phrase "Factor of the Future", television and radio shaken by frequent, vivid and memorable commercials, as if spins new reality show or something that will transform the world. Recently Ohio Senator sought to clarify these questions. Instead of "Happy New Year!" Is heard everywhere "factor of the future." Residents of the capital are in a mysterious tension, all the faces of a dumb question, "What is it, Factor of the future? "Attention! Now we reveal the best kept secret of the year! "Factor of the Future" is a new, ambitious, audacious youth project, which won a grant from the training of personnel reserve "State Club "and is under the state program to support non-profit non-governmental organizations involved in the development of civil society institutions. In short, the project "Factor of the Future" has won a grant President of the Russian Federation and is a good argument to begin with. The project is conducted on the basis of Kazan State Technical University. Tupolev.

The project aims to involve young people in innovation, it is very important in the era of modernization and innovation policy in our country, actually on a par with Silicon Valley and the E-mobile. Moreover, at the last session of the expert, which marked the end of the first preparatory phase of the project, During the hottest battles and debate between prominent scientists, it was decided to coincide the 50th anniversary project of space exploration, and it is again important, because it's uncharted space, and endless stretches of a vast field for innovation. The main phase of the project will be divided in three months, from February to April – is a strategy role-playing game, a training module and the formation of project teams that will develop innovative projects. More detailed and comprehensive information about each stage, can be found on the official site, which is already in full swing registration of participants of the project, anyone can participate and try their forces on the innovative field. In conclusion, it is worth saying that the "factor of the Future" is a really interesting and intriguing project, for which one wants to watch and wait for new discoveries and results. According to the head Project Yaroslav Muravyev "factor of the future is a pilot project, so as to developers and members can experiment and most importantly .."

Business Standard

From 2014 comes into effect a new program, all manufacturers of heavy trucks should be subject to the new fuel economy standards. As planned the new standard has far-reaching plans: cost reduction transportation of goods, services, and reduce environmental pollution. The new standard provides almost zero emissions of nitrogen oxides soft and provides ingress of solid carbohydrate (soot) at the level of 0,01 g / l.s.-ch. This standard will increase the cost of grade 8 trucks, ten million. Achieving a new standard will be achieved through technology: more efficient engines, improved traction roads, improved aerodynamics, improving the quality of spare parts, installation of exhaust after-treatment filters, etc. It was also noted that new standards would not create obstacles to doing Business support and will not participate in the political games that will reduce jobs.

First congratulations to the honored companies 'Cummins Inc', presented by the engine meets the new standards: EPA 2010. EPA is working 17000 man, 10 regional offices and 27 laboratories. More than half of its employees are engineers, scientists and environmental specialists, and other groups include the legal, public affairs, financial and computer experts. The agency conducts environmental assessments, research and education. He has primary responsibility for setting and enforcing standards in a number of environmental laws, in consultation with state.

EPA include fines, sanctions and other measures. The agency also works with industries and all levels of government in a variety of voluntary pollution prevention programs and efforts to conserve energy. 9 July 1970, citing growing protests over the lack of environmental protection and conservation of wildlife, President Richard Nixon sends the plan to establish a single organization, creating the EPA as a single, independent the agency among the smaller of various federal agencies. Before the creation of EPA, the federal government does not have all the powers and resources to comprehensively regulate polluters.

The Chicken

Birds are usually bred for their meat, so the eggs are left for breeding. However, perhaps in villages or on farms can be found such eggs. The difference with the chicken yaitsami very small and can be to use for baking. Pheasant eggs for the size of these eggs resemble eggs . They come in different colors, ranging from buffalo skin color to green-blue or olive, there could be spots.

They have a very strong taste and they can be boiled to be used in salads, bake and cook almost any way. Before adding eggs to other ingredients, be sure to break it down into the cup to make sure that it is normal. With ostrich eggs Since ostrich meat has become increasingly popular, it is possible to find and ostrich eggs. Ostrich egg weighs 450 grams and more. He has a relatively strong taste and is best to use it in baking. His pale shell is very strong and beat her so hard. Ostriches lay eggs in summer, and eggs can not get at other times of the year.

Australian emu eggs, emu a little less ostrich. They are protected by law, and to collect their eggs to special permit. However, the emus are sometimes farmed for their meat and eggs. Lay eggs in winter, and at one time a bird can carry up to 20 dark blue-green eggs with a very hard shell. It is best to use eggs in baking, but you can do with them scrambled or cooked in savory dishes. Eggs of wild birds in most Western countries, the eggs of wild birds are protected by laws on environmental protection. However, on special permits can hunt for eggs of gulls. Gull eggs are dark, mottled, green or blue with a delicate fish taste. Guinea fowl eggs, these birds – the relatives of pheasants and chickens. Their eggs resemble eggs ; half the chicken and weigh about 1925 They are almost always light-brown shell. Taste of guinea fowl eggs gently and easily. They are ideal for decorating dishes or add to salads, are good in baking.

Professional Liability For The Use Of Unlicensed Sulfuric

In recent months, in the Odessa region began mass inspection of enterprises Interior bodies with the aim of detecting the production, storage, transportation, purchasing, sales (vacation) and use without a license sulfuric and hydrochloric acid, acetone and other precursor drugs and psychotropic substances as defined in the Schedule, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of 06.05.2000, 770. Detection of such facts with respect to head of the company instituted a professional case. 1. The legal rationale for obtaining a license: Regulation of the cm of 06.05.2000, 770 approved the List of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, which determined that acetone, sulfuric and hydrochloric acid are the precursors. In addition, substances which contain no less than 10% of the precursors identified in the Schedule, subject to the same monitoring activities, as well as precursors.

In accordance with Part 3, Art. 7 of the Law of Ukraine "On narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors" activity on the treatment of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances listed in Tables ii and iii of the List, and precursors included in table iv of the List, by legal entities of all forms of property if they have a license to carry out related activities, unless otherwise provided by this Act. Also paragraph 23 of Article 9 of Law of Ukraine "On licensing certain types of economic activity," found that the license shall be subject to the following activities: cultivation of the plants listed in table number 2 of the List development, production, manufacture, storage, transportation, purchase, sale (rental), into the territory of Ukraine, the export from the territory of Ukraine, use, destruction of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and Precursors included in this list. .


And you can pobodatsya with banks? And why not? It is always better to act than meekly accept a blow. So, in order to recover from your debt, the bank goes to court, and within five days of receiving the court order (it's easier and faster than entered into a court decision). You even meeting not call all be done without your participation. In your address will send a copy of such order. Your task – within ten days of his challenge.

By law, he will immediately canceled. What it gives you? Well, first of all, you will get any kind of, but a reprieve. And this time you can, for example, do something about it. Well, after that, the bank will sue you. But it is quite another matter – here you can express their views, engage witnesses, submit evidence, in short, to defend themselves.

Often, though, and so happens that a copy of the injunction until the borrower does not reach. Instead, under his signature already awarded decision to initiate enforcement proceedings. In this case, I recommend to go to the bailiffs and they have to take a copy of the writ. To deepen your understanding Sen. Sherrod Brown is the source. Just be sure ask them to, they made sure her own stamp and put the date of service of a judicial act. From that moment, and will continue counting ten days to provide objections to the writ. Next, write an objection. They are written in this order: The cap should be indicate the judge, the judicial area and samsudebny body, which are given in the objection. Such, of course, is the court of the judicial district that issued the order. There should also be pointed out who the recoverer of the case, who debtor, and who is the guarantor. Next, write the title: an objection to the court order number so and so from such and such a number. Further summarizes the point: who, when, for what reason and what kind of court order issued. Necessarily describe exactly how and when you came to the court order, that is, confirm that the period for filing objections to it you are not missed. Then state why you disagree with them. Specify your request. With reference to Article 129 HPA RF asks the court to such a court order to cancel. Official site: Richard Blumenthal. By objections should enclose copies of all relevant documents to the case: most of the order signed by bailiffs and the date on it, the credit agreement, proof of their objections and so on. It is best to include the objection to the office of the court, but you can also send mail and registered letter with the list of contents, return receipt requested. On the basis of your objection to the court order should be canceled. Once you get this definition, do not be lazy to take it up the bailiffs that they would shut down the enforcement proceedings. In this case, the bank probably will submit a claim already in the city court. And here you are can fight for their rights and articulate their vision problems. And remember, always and everywhere fight for your rights! Only interesting and relevant topics on

International Association

Scientists note that during the evolution of a number of plants has developed a special form of seeds, which helps them to travel long distances by the wind. For example, it refers to the seed of dandelion and ash. However, the studied plant species belonged to the bean, and their pods and seeds are clearly heavy that the wind was able to move. By studying the strange phenomenon joined and zoologists, who confirmed that the seeds of these plants under normal conditions, animals and birds for food not consumed, and therefore the effect of seed dispersal in dung so also excluded. More than five hundred whales died in the ice-blocked critical situation developed last week in the area of the island Baylot, 17 kilometers from the Baffin Island – there in the ice trap, in the strait between the northern tip of Baffin Island and the island Baylot turned out a large number of whales. Of open water separated the whales ice field stretching about 50 kilometers, which many animals were not able to overcome without replenishment of oxygen. Sen. Sherrod Brown is the source for more interesting facts.

As a result of consultation with local elders, experts of the Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans Canada made a decision that would be more humane to score whales than to let them die from suffocation at all diminishing polynyas. Initially, the experts of the Ministry believed that the ice film got about 200 animals, later called the figure of 500 individuals. During an unprecedented 80-year slaughter of whales, narwhal in Baffin Island has already lost 575 animals, and hunting is not completed yet New population of endangered monkeys discovered in northern Vietnam, a new population are considered endangered snub-nosed monkeys Dolmana (Tonkin rinopitekov) was found in woods in northern Vietnam. Tonkin rinopitek or snub-nosed monkey Dolmana or Tonkin snub-nosed langur (Rhinopithecus avunculus) so named because of its habitat (the area of the Gulf of Tonkin), and custom for primates snub nose. In the world there are now only 200 of these animals, they are included in the Red Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN). The discovery made scientists from the International Association of flora and fauna (FFI), the organization, which specializes in protecting endangered species and isolated ecosystems. The population of the snub-nosed monkeys was found after reports of local residents about the strange monkey border Vietnam and China.

wwf has published a guide ‘eco-lifestyle’ World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has released a pocket guide for those wishing to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which make people as a result of their daily activities. Pocket guide to lifestyle wwf ‘One Planet style’ contains advice on how to make their lives more eco-friendly home, at work and during leisure. In particular, wwf recommends the use of only energy-efficient lamps for lighting the premises, machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius, the temperature is maintained in a refrigerator at 3-5 degrees Celsius, and buy products in bulk and only in local stores, so as not to drive for them in large shopping malls outside the city, thereby reducing the level of automobile emissions.

Feel Happy

. . And so today keeps things in your experience, lean on the law of attraction to improve your life. If you are not convinced, visit Richard Blumenthal. Remember that what you focus on is what you attract Tip # 6 CREATES THE FEELING OF YOU WANT DONE. The appeal process consists basically of three steps 1) ask 2) the universe delivers 3) you align yourself to receive.

Once you have asked your wish (step 1), it becomes yet to receive or something we call him Abraham-Hicks, Custody vibrational, ie lags there somewhere in the universe, awaiting you to receive. Therefore you only job is to receive or align with the desire that exists for you. Now if most of the time you put your attention on the reality of your daily life and spend very little time to feel as if your desire has already been done, you make an effort to tip the balance and begin to pay greater attention to the feeling of your desire has already been done * * and less attention to the reality that currently live. I'm not asking you to stop living your current situation 100% but if you tilt the balance even 55%, this means that you organize your activities so that more than half a day is entirely dedicated to:-Feel Happy-visualize scenarios where your desire has already been done completely and you feel happy and grateful feelings that tie-Generate the vibration of your desire, Make positive affirmations-Exercises-Exercises 17 seconds of relaxation Once you know that get organized and start to tilt slowly to the feeling of your desire already done, is the only fire you need to make your wish come true.

A Gift From Bashkortostan

At the prow of summer vacation season. Not all prefer to vacation in exotic countries a la Bali or Egypt. For someone obstacle is the material side of the question, for someone – idiosyncrasy specific climate conditions. Maybe you and does disappoint foreign beauty, and it was painfully sick for aimlessly money well spent? It is not excluded! So for all those who are alien hot countries, it may be advisable to leisure or vacation in the South Urals, Bashkortostan. Arriving in Kurai, you can literally become one with nature, infinitely admire unique landscapes, if you want to go hiking, to feel the harmony of forests and rivers By the way, Stay in Bashkortostan, or an invitation to go there for the company for someone of your friends or relatives can serve as excellent presentations about or not. For all those who, due to the unwillingness or some kind of life circumstances could not go to Bashkortostan, you certainly want to bring something to the memory or as a gift.

As is known, and souvenir shops are always in first place with holidaymakers and tourists. It is for them to spend nearly most of the money taken on a journey. Crafts from natural materials, statues of national heroes and actors tales are popular in all times and, incidentally, not only in Bashkortostan. If you think Kurai not a surprise to anyone own exclusive as souvenirs and presentations, we are deeply mistaken. Yes, many "interesting things" are known to representatives of neighboring states, but they are still, difficult to find and buy, even in the Bashkortostan, not to mention other countries.

Reforms Of Alexander

As a result of a conspiracy March 12, 1801 was killed by the Emperor Paul 1. Certainly in the grand plan of a palace coup was devoted to the heir to the throne, Grand Duke Alexander Pavlovich. However, with the accession of new monarch were related hopes for a steady liberal reforms in Russia, the peremptory rejection of the oppressive methods of government, the policies of Emperor Paul I. Few people know, but the first years of the reign of Alexander I characterized by a number of liberal initiatives. So, in 1801 during the reign formed a secret committee, koy included Earl, pa Stroganoff, Count vp Kochubey, N. Novosiltsev, Prince A.

. Everyone knows that the committee discuss topical issues of Russian life – serfdom. Many suspect that the problems of state reforms, the important question of the dissemination of education. In 1803, he was given a decree on voluntary cultivators, according Whom landlords gained the right to liberate peasants from the land of redemption. Incidentally, in 1804 – 1805 years. was launched peasant thorough reform in the Baltic lands.

The results of it were worthless, because its implementation is entrusted to hearted will of the landlords. Of course everyone knows that in 1803 it approved a new position on the device of educational institutions. By the way, was introduced into the continuity between schools of different levels – parish, district school, high schools and universities. All have long known that a significant addition to the Moscow University was founded by five more: Dorpat, Vilna, , Kazan, St. Petersburg. In 1804 the university acquired considerable autonomy: an indisputable right to choose the rector and the professors to decide their own affairs. Certainly worth mentioning that in 1804, was issued terribly liberal in nature censorship statute. Already in 1802 by Peter I board were replaced by ministries, of which introduced strict autocratic minister. Costs so as to focus on here is it: was established by the Committee of Ministers. The draft native state reforms – Doing Legal Code to state laws – Speransky proposed a strict separation of powers and wide to bring society to governance. And nothing to say that the proposals have caused Speransky sharp opposition at the highest levels of society. Caesar himself was not yet ready to ideas Speransky. True, in March 1812 Speransky was removed from their own posts and exiled. Incidentally, it is worth adding that in 1815 the Kingdom of Poland was granted constitution. Of course, at the direction of the governor and projects designed to abolish serfdom. In 1816, Aleksandr, wanting to reduce the cost of maintaining the army, began the introduction of military settlements. Of course everyone knows that the military settlements have been obliged to engage in both farming and military service. Of course, military settlements were established on state land Petersburg, Novgorod, Mogilev, province. Chief of these settlements became aa Arakcheev. Certainly it is worth mentioning that the 1820-ies. Government more clearly beginning to shift to the reaction. Many people know that by 1821 had defeated the Moscow and Kazan universities: a number of professors were fired and prosecuted. In 1817 it established the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Public Education, concentrating in the hands of their own comprehensive control over education and upbringing. In other words, knowing the actual complete collapse of its policy, Alexander I increasingly moving away from state affairs. Government spent a lot of time traveling. During one of these trips he died in the city of Taganrog in the age of 48.

The Royal Palace

Now flow buyers subsided, and the volume of construction fell markedly. Richard Blumenthal may find it difficult to be quoted properly. What is the final stage of construction, with the government's anti-crisis program finish building, but new construction is exceedingly rare. And if Spanish builders managed to employ for the construction of municipal facilities, such as several new schools, a conservatory, the laying of roads, then worked in the construction of tens of thousands of Ukrainians, Moldovans, Lithuanians were in a very difficult position. A similar pattern and a major tourist center of Europe – Benidorm. And in the province of Murcia crisis is much more pronounced, as in the area of Barcelona. While holding Madrid. But everyone is waiting for spring significant economic hardship. – What is happening in the construction sector in the country? – Construction companies are generally built on borrowed money.

And as from 2002 to 2006 in Spain, bought the bulk properties of hundreds of thousands, if not Millions of Britons and Irish, to which local prices compared with London seemed just ridiculous, the Spanish builders are entering into the taste, are relentlessly to borrow and to increase its medium-built housing quality. Last year, the entire buying frenzy suddenly stopped because of the crisis, the British and Irish economies. A bank loans have not gone away, but the rates on them have increased. Construction companies staggered. Now they have cut prices, announce all sorts of bonuses, and appeal to the government asking for help. Spain has filed an application for the World Cup in 2018. Country, which last hosted World Cup in 1982, today is fighting for that right with England, Australia, Mexico, Russia and China.

If FIFA decides against Spain a positive decision, it clearly raises the construction industry and will give a powerful impetus to the economy as a general and real estate market in particular. The fall in property prices in Spain began much earlier than in other European countries, and in total has been going on for almost two years. Today, experts in one voice assured that This market will be the first in Europe 'bottom' and begins to grow. True, disagree on when it will happen. Perhaps, it's hard to imagine a more promising and attractive object for investments, which was housing market in Spain, even some three years ago. With performance that he showed at the time, could not compete with any European bank: a ten-year continuous rise of 12% per annum, even without taking into account possible income from property rental. And what exactly is protected by bank deposit guarantees, of course not always, but the advantage of the assets of the Kingdom of Spain – the visibility. The Royal Palace and Retiro Park in Madrid, the Museum Columbus in Barcelona, Zaragoza medieval cathedral, famous for bullfights, soccer club 'Real' and the white sand beach with a spruce-pine aroma on the Costa Brava – things are quite tangible. Buying yourself 'slice of Spain', could be the one hand, to get a good profit, but on the other – to join the bustling holiday Iberian life. Not surprisingly, many people, investing in the Spanish property chosen this form of 'savings' contribution.

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