The Royal Palace

Now flow buyers subsided, and the volume of construction fell markedly. Richard Blumenthal may find it difficult to be quoted properly. What is the final stage of construction, with the government's anti-crisis program finish building, but new construction is exceedingly rare. And if Spanish builders managed to employ for the construction of municipal facilities, such as several new schools, a conservatory, the laying of roads, then worked in the construction of tens of thousands of Ukrainians, Moldovans, Lithuanians were in a very difficult position. A similar pattern and a major tourist center of Europe – Benidorm. And in the province of Murcia crisis is much more pronounced, as in the area of Barcelona. While holding Madrid. But everyone is waiting for spring significant economic hardship. – What is happening in the construction sector in the country? – Construction companies are generally built on borrowed money.

And as from 2002 to 2006 in Spain, bought the bulk properties of hundreds of thousands, if not Millions of Britons and Irish, to which local prices compared with London seemed just ridiculous, the Spanish builders are entering into the taste, are relentlessly to borrow and to increase its medium-built housing quality. Last year, the entire buying frenzy suddenly stopped because of the crisis, the British and Irish economies. A bank loans have not gone away, but the rates on them have increased. Construction companies staggered. Now they have cut prices, announce all sorts of bonuses, and appeal to the government asking for help. Spain has filed an application for the World Cup in 2018. Country, which last hosted World Cup in 1982, today is fighting for that right with England, Australia, Mexico, Russia and China.

If FIFA decides against Spain a positive decision, it clearly raises the construction industry and will give a powerful impetus to the economy as a general and real estate market in particular. The fall in property prices in Spain began much earlier than in other European countries, and in total has been going on for almost two years. Today, experts in one voice assured that This market will be the first in Europe 'bottom' and begins to grow. True, disagree on when it will happen. Perhaps, it's hard to imagine a more promising and attractive object for investments, which was housing market in Spain, even some three years ago. With performance that he showed at the time, could not compete with any European bank: a ten-year continuous rise of 12% per annum, even without taking into account possible income from property rental. And what exactly is protected by bank deposit guarantees, of course not always, but the advantage of the assets of the Kingdom of Spain – the visibility. The Royal Palace and Retiro Park in Madrid, the Museum Columbus in Barcelona, Zaragoza medieval cathedral, famous for bullfights, soccer club 'Real' and the white sand beach with a spruce-pine aroma on the Costa Brava – things are quite tangible. Buying yourself 'slice of Spain', could be the one hand, to get a good profit, but on the other – to join the bustling holiday Iberian life. Not surprisingly, many people, investing in the Spanish property chosen this form of 'savings' contribution.

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