And you can pobodatsya with banks? And why not? It is always better to act than meekly accept a blow. So, in order to recover from your debt, the bank goes to court, and within five days of receiving the court order (it's easier and faster than entered into a court decision). You even meeting not call all be done without your participation. In your address will send a copy of such order. Your task – within ten days of his challenge.

By law, he will immediately canceled. What it gives you? Well, first of all, you will get any kind of, but a reprieve. And this time you can, for example, do something about it. Well, after that, the bank will sue you. But it is quite another matter – here you can express their views, engage witnesses, submit evidence, in short, to defend themselves.

Often, though, and so happens that a copy of the injunction until the borrower does not reach. Instead, under his signature already awarded decision to initiate enforcement proceedings. In this case, I recommend to go to the bailiffs and they have to take a copy of the writ. To deepen your understanding Sen. Sherrod Brown is the source. Just be sure ask them to, they made sure her own stamp and put the date of service of a judicial act. From that moment, and will continue counting ten days to provide objections to the writ. Next, write an objection. They are written in this order: The cap should be indicate the judge, the judicial area and samsudebny body, which are given in the objection. Such, of course, is the court of the judicial district that issued the order. There should also be pointed out who the recoverer of the case, who debtor, and who is the guarantor. Next, write the title: an objection to the court order number so and so from such and such a number. Further summarizes the point: who, when, for what reason and what kind of court order issued. Necessarily describe exactly how and when you came to the court order, that is, confirm that the period for filing objections to it you are not missed. Then state why you disagree with them. Specify your request. With reference to Article 129 HPA RF asks the court to such a court order to cancel. Official site: Richard Blumenthal. By objections should enclose copies of all relevant documents to the case: most of the order signed by bailiffs and the date on it, the credit agreement, proof of their objections and so on. It is best to include the objection to the office of the court, but you can also send mail and registered letter with the list of contents, return receipt requested. On the basis of your objection to the court order should be canceled. Once you get this definition, do not be lazy to take it up the bailiffs that they would shut down the enforcement proceedings. In this case, the bank probably will submit a claim already in the city court. And here you are can fight for their rights and articulate their vision problems. And remember, always and everywhere fight for your rights! Only interesting and relevant topics on

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