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We live permanently surrounded by news that highlight the success; they move us stories of people who did nothing and now lie at the top. We see on television, with amazement programs that describe in detail the eventful life of the rich and famous. The other side of the coin, we appreciate it when you read on the lids of the newspaper and magazine headlines about stars that fell into deep depression, drugs, crimes, etc. victims of Fame and power. The pressure to maintain a social status obliges some people to assume risks and liabilities that become, in many cases, unmanageable. We could say that money is the main motivating element in people, however the results of surveys carried out to workers of important companies, located the salaries of employees nothing less than in fifth place. Give more importance to motivators such as: appreciation for the work done, feel part of the activities, support for personal issues and safety in the workplace. Money generates various situations and not necessarily related to happiness.

Conversely you can arouse envy, rancor in the family, at work. Almost every day we see cases of families that are destroyed by economic disputes. We live by comparing us permanently; with the neighbour, with the co-worker does not have you heard anything comments like these? The wife tells her husband, do you have given has that our neighbor has a car of the year? does and I when? or the children pressing parents because school classmates receive more gratuity. It is not my intention to define money as a synonym for conflict. It is undeniable to recognize that the world moves with money but believe that it is the most important thing, it is another thing but that celebrities say so. The money is and will remain a means to obtain material things, the problem is generated when we locate it as the end of all our actions, as the cause of happiness or misery.

Great Obstacle

The lack of money and finance has become the major obstacle of our society, the more women entrepreneurs / I. This problem has grown with the global crisis. But as I have already taught you in other articles it is time that do take the reins to begin to do productive things in truth, and not stay paralyzed by fear, since this only brings more problems. Learn in this article how to destroy this great obstacle that is affecting so many people these days: the lack of money. Learn to save many women often tell me: does save? but it not me nor to fundamentally!. Save not always involves depriving yourself of things, but resorting to these costs common in those who unwittingly hand will be us and not learned, such as electric power, water. For example you don’t have more lights than necessary on, get used to leave unplugged appliances you are not using. The fridge open it few times as possible.

If you have power strip, tries to have her disconnected While you are not using any of the plugged in. The TV it do not turn off with the remote control, switch it off with the button on the monitor. Try to find you by your electric company (if you have any friendship best small habits that you can take to reduce your Bill). Also beware of water, do not leave open faucets. While you are enjabonando you in the shower, turn off the tap. Get used to occasionally talk to your phone company to negotiate reductions in invoice, or let you know of any offer. He also speaks with the competition. There are many more like these tricks.

Use your creativity. Get a month spending plan, takes control. It always considers your expenses for high, then you will be surprised of the amount of money that you left.

Communication Or Pathology

COMMUNICATION OR PATHOLOGY? The gaze of Mr Garcia to the universe of the American South. Starts the saying: there is No worst tuerto, that who does not want to see. Believing that the problem of dissatisfaction that the town lacks is just a communication problem; between the State and unsatisfied majorities. The road travelled by the large majorities is to have realized who is at the top of the country’s leadership. He suffers from some mental illness or has an environment that give to know how wrong of reality. Let’s look at the situation of the national teachers that languishes for the wages of hunger that much suffering from tuberculosis and is the sector’s risk of all pandemics besetting mankind today.

But the more ironic is the chain of propaganda that is this investing for supposedly to publicize the benefits of this regime. Budget is already surpassing everything that has education sector this year. With the amount of money they spend to fatten their friends of the companies of telecommunications is had failed to double the money of meager salaries of teachers. But they follow on its heels and not cejaran in continue to spend much more to publicize what you don’t see in reality. When they talk about electrification to rural areas, are not the same peasant communities that have to pay where is that supposedly the State gives them, and then because of their meagre income stay again in the dark, I wonder where this progress? It is not for your friends entrepreneurs who are gaining in spades, sucking up the blood of my native peasant brothers?. Mentions thousands of houses that he built the State and private enterprise; but that doesn’t say that they are overvalued in excess than its true value many times arrives halfway through what this valued, but what we says that the deteriorated middle class has to borrow for up to three times the value that says value such ghosts of houses.

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