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Society And Politics

Frequently we hear the moan of the society that clama for justice. The people want social security guard, politics and the improvement of the life conditions. Follow others, such as Connecticut Senator, and add to your knowledge base. The lack of income distribution and the implantation of educational politics are leaven for the social decay. Click Jim Donovan Goldman to learn more. We coexist the beauty of the carnival, spectacular soccer and rhymed musics, then to complain of what? Lack of security, unemployment, health, education, housing? In the shade time pra not to think about this with as many accounts payable, I cannot lose time necessary to work in one, two, three jobs, how many professions necessary to have pra to survive to as many collections? As as much good life was not enough, still we have a sober transit of accidents, full hospitals of you house of license ' ' prmio' ' imprisoned with attended freedom. Cad the voice of the people so defended in palanques of the life with interminable speeches on the fight for the life? It arrives of dismissable propagandas that only nail pretty words with aluso happiness. Difficult it is we attend the reporters and we do not come across with the cruelty in its fuller specialization in the art of the decay human being.

Already it stopped to think how many lives are being cut with a scythe still in its to unclasp and many times we waste our time with dismissable things and we forget in them which are them pillars of a society that prioritizes the life. It thinks if it will be able and it answers quickly: How many times you were thankful for what she has? He praised somebody today? He gave a smile of good day? He hugged that person who arrived sad? He looked in the mirror is said: I am capable to be a better person? I believe that we can be more discerning to everything this that is happening to our redor and wins the War against badly, practising the good things every day with joy and dignity and respecting the different one. He declares ' ' Espiritual&#039 war; ' against the violence, either a defender of the life. Rosania Mota

Gazzarrini Renascida

It stops of being source of joy but hands of the evil, that only it backwards shame and confusion, for you not to obtain to be reached by the blessings that Mr. already prepared for it. One remembers to keep its conjuncts in day, as well as its outcries the Mr. One also remembers to remain itself faithful to the Creator, in its attitudes, words, frequency to the cults to learn, ministries, in its tenths and offers so that the workmanship can continue if expand, conquer and take each time more people salutes for the eternity. ' ' Conjunct of Davi Ouve, GENTLEMAN, justice; it takes care of to my outcry; of the ears to my conjunct, that is not made with enganosos lips.

' ' Salmo 17:1 Is evaluated deeply, but it makes this private, that is, only you and Mr. It confesses all its errors and sins and says with sincerity that does not want them to practise more. This action does not function we only make when it of ' ' mouth for fora' ' , that is, with enganosos lips. He only takes this decisive attitude in conjunct if you really want to have a completely new life and are made use to release everything what she does not belong to it and also he is full of courage to take ownership of everything what already she belongs to it in Christ! You have force of God to make the things and to not only take ownership of its blessings and the will force human being! God speaks in general way and in personal way with each one of its children, what It says you to it has the obligation to make! On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini Renascida in Christ since 2004, scholar of the Evangelho, writer, administrator of companies, accountant, specialist in marketing. It visits articles and books of the writer on the walked one with God in: ' ' Jesus Christ is you ' '


For in such a way, the professor needs to have abilities, abilities and attitudes, ally to a definition of selected objectives strategically so that the promotion of the learning comes to help to blunt it in this term above cited. All the educational effectiveness depends on as the professor obtains to use its multiple intelligences, under the necessity of each group, and later of each pupil, in the intention also to identify its intelligences and to equalizar them for the focus of the lesson, bringing all the attention for itself, however being an professor-administrator, participant, apprentice, didata, assessor, member of team, etc. The professor has that to have all the shrewdness to have access the model certain of paper to incorporate, to be able ' ' to act in the urgency and to decide in incerteza' ' (PERRENOUD, Philippe, 2001), coherently with the moment of each situation, for oferecimento of one better feedback that it creates an intellectual stimulaton, in the pupil. Pablo Freire comments in Pedagogia of the Autonomy: ' ' the professor after-modern, has that to know that to teach he is not to transfer knowledge, but to create the possibilities for its proper production or its construo.' ' (FREIRE, Pablo, 2010, p.22). For even more analysis, hear from Amazon. 1.b – the necessity of the interpersonal relationship (professor? pupil) What it is the human being without the communication? Either verbal it or not? Without the interaction or the integration between itself, for finding that he will go to be neglected? We cannot be without grouping in them.

We are not a full water island in return and without communication. The relationship necessity professor-pupil, for almost everything becomes necessary for existing the ethnic and cultural differences. We are not detainers of enough wisdom for we perceive everything what it is to our redor. Therefore, when trying to understand the people who surround in them probably in them we will understand for many things in our lives.

Douglas McGregor

These systems exist in all the organizations, each one with its contextual and particular form of being. All possess a high possibility of success, since that duly planned to adjust it the new and emergent conditions of work. In the primrdios of organizacional psychology the systems of behavior in the companies had as objective to recognize, and to manipulate in the possible measure do, the 0 variable of the actions human beings more significant than affected the longed for results. This initial target migrou for the study, understanding and ampler concern of the directions and manifestations of the human being in its daily work, such as: organizacionais changes, interpersonal administration of people, qualification and development, conditions and hygiene in the work, and relations. The new set of concerns of organizacional psychology and the work leads more positive results and can be observed through the individual performance of each collaborator, for the personal and professional satisfaction, and above all, for the personal and interpersonal development.

The personal development, by the way, is very important, a time that the acquired knowledge and abilities spontaneously are lead for the particular life, thus generating so desired empregabilidade continued. According to MAILHIOT (1976, P. 66), the productivity of a group and its efficiency narrowly are related not only with the ability of its members, but, over all with the solidarity of its interpersonal relations. However, each organization differs in the nature of the adopted systems and in the resulted consequences reached for them. These results, deriving of the different models of organizacional psychology, constitute a system of certainties that dominate the thought and that they affect direct and instantaneously the administrative cases. It is necessity that the managers know to recognize the nature, meaning the effectiveness of its proper managemental models. Douglas McGregor was one of first the scholars to call the attention for the managemental models.

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