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Regional Development

The region has a wealth of entrepreneurial energy. Here's the money in his report on the "round table" cited polls that show that in the North Caucasus republics operates so-called "dual factor" – Here everything has to be multiplied by two. That is who wish to have your business in the region more twice than in the whole country. But unemployment is also greater, not less than two times. A two by two, as you know, four, and this gives the four-time negative effect, which was then a very significant effect on the reduction of stability in the region.

But why has not turned out to use this potential? What hinders? Here is an example of nationwide practice. From the federal Budget for Regional Development of Russia in 2008 has contributed more than 320 billion rubles. but only managed to master the order of 10 billion rubles. What is it? In too cumbersome mechanism of their development. There's something to do.

With such a pace we are not go away. By the way, to this same problem trying to solve a Ministry of Economic Development (2007), but then transferred this function to the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia. There is a program "South of Russia" and some of the republics of the program, but they have stalled, for obvious reasons. EH: I'll finish my thought. It has long been known that a person's life – it is always a constant struggle for resources for vital resources. They are called – WID.

Western Europe

There are people who perceive the present policy of Georgia as a whole positively, believing that the country's leadership has made the right choice, implicitly embedded in a global framework of the United States as important (even if nothing does not itself decisive) of the element. For these people the great story of Georgia ended in 1783 – at the time of signing the Treaty of St. George with Russia, but in 1991 when, as is commonly believed, Cold War ended, a new story – the story of prosperity in a geographically remote U.S. state of … So, those who evaluate the events in this way and those who believe today's Georgia 'beacon of democracy ', there is no point in wasting time reading this article. I would appeal to the people, above all his compatriots, who have more traditional views on politics and history of our long-suffering country.

Perhaps in anyone have any doubts – and how many you can do for their country, while in political exile? One person taken separately exile, hardly. But in our case it is not about one person and not a few thousand immigrants. Just think, because today outside of Georgia – in Western Europe, USA, Middle East, but the b? Lshey part of Russia – the lives of over half a million of its citizens (not only ethnic Georgians, but the Abkhazians and Ossetians, Russian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Jews, Greeks, Kurds, members of other living Georgia, ethnic groups), or 30% of the total population of Georgia! Over the millennia-old history of our country had everything: us tens or hundreds of thousands of were driven into captivity, our women and children sold into slavery, 1918-1921's a few thousand of our compatriots were forced to leave their homeland for political reasons.

Politics in Russia

But there is a rigid mechanism of suppression of any of the most democratic Russian attempts to somehow indicate the presence of its interests in the political arena in Russia. It turns out that in the current “democracy” will search for a Russian “fifth corner,” has not yet come to the realization the need of the nation-state? And maybe we in this and push to the next section of Russia was adopted by us with glee? As in the neighboring republics, all the time I was wondering if there is at least somewhere at least one Cossack village has preserved their land and managed according to the Cossack tradition. Unfortunately, no. Oddly enough, not aware of such villages and the Kuban, although in the center of its capital is held regularly to music Cossack hundred, as if demonstrating the very process of regeneration. Does that mean that there profanity? Do I need the Cossacks of Russia? I am convinced that, yes, in the first place, where there is a need to protect the frontiers of the Fatherland.

For example, in the Caucasus, where they destined to play a stabilizing role. Or on the border with China. There’s a unique opportunity to restore the age-old community tradition and way of life of military service. But since the war in Chechnya, I never heard of State support is not “Cossack service” in the markets or in the militia, and real Cossack villages. Even under Stalin were also the Cossack troops, but that on the Cossacks? Once I was told about the Cossacks, Old Believers somewhere in Dagestan.

They have survived the Soviet authorities set up their own farm and they commanded, nor anyone from avoiding. But in the years of “democracy” in the bankruptcy of their farm still left without land, now they are forced to leave. And it was one villages of the strongest! So that is the case with the Cossacks are not as smooth as sometimes presented. For the West, Russia – a Russia that is the Russian state, and all who come here to there, according to Russian, which, by and large, true. But from this to the Russian people? PS: The other day called one of the tenth grade schools Maikop. They instead put the hours of the Russian language “Adygei literature.” I will not comment on that decision, especially since Russian children on it “agreed to voluntarily.” But on that same discomfort that they do necessarily have, is once again recalled.

CEC Elections

Fleeing from conflicts, political chaos and material torments people have found shelter and bread in other countries, waving his hand to his homeland. Registration in order not however, many remained, and power through the wage paid by "activists" use their votes in their favor, as many times, in terms of documentary evidence, stated their opposition to the revelatory speeches. There have been such fraud, when the boxes fell ballots on behalf of former voters who had gone to another world, or when the same citizen allegedly voted for it the ruling party, and simultaneously at different polling stations. And so on. Authorities now are willing to eliminate this vicious practice. Rather cunningly denying such facts in the past elections, seek to deprive the opposition Leaders chance for a new-founded criticisms. However, after a rough and unsuccessful intervention of Georgian exporters of revolution in the first round of the Ukrainian elections is easy to imagine how carefully Saakashvili his team clinging to power with his teeth, will be to observe democratic rules in the elections in Georgia. But for now, as the chairman of the Georgian Parliament David Bakradze is commendable that the chairman of the CEC is ready to create working group composed of oppozitsionnyzh politicians, all the conditions for a normal and productive work.

"Elections must take so that all processes were completely transparent for both the opposition and to society. Each citizen should be a feeling that given a fair and democratic elections, and after the implementation of new initiatives it will be quite possible, "- said Bakradze. Feeling – it's not bad, better yet to comply reality. The Georgian opposition movement today, with white envy evaluates the quality of presidential elections in Ukraine. The possibility of an alternative leader came to power through fair elections, when the will electoral majority gets adequately reflected in the results of the catechumens, it remains a dream for Georgia. In Ukraine, ascertain the Georgian experts, this time, regardless of the name of the winner really won democracy, and this is seen as supporters of a pure political game, a great example for Georgia.

Will there bloodless regime change, or country of theirs will be new shocks, show the same election in May, is regarded as dress rehearsal before the presidential elections in three years. One thing is certain: the experiments with the introduction of democratic innovations of the Western model and the associated hardships generated by the inability, similar to the challenges faced by Krylov monkey did not understand what are the common points, fed up with not only the population of Ukraine and Georgia. But Viktor Yushchenko with a conscious, I think, this politician own political failure – this one, and Mikhail Saakashvili with his belief in loyalty to the hot stay the course and self-delusion, who left the limits of political sanity – is quite another. And because count on a quiet and dimensional course of events in Georgia do not have any politicians or observers, or so, the more ordinary citizens, who can only dream of peace. But with all the deep distrust of the authorities is still hope, which is logically based on the simple truth that everything has its limit.

Free Islamic People

Production ruined, factories looted. But poshlenkih show, congratulations, and corporate banquets – are vast. A couple of times I was present at the district anniversary events in Dagestan. The speakers hurried, bestowing TVs and cloaks, dance, song, prayer, drunkenness and departure of guests. How much money in Dagestan, energy, words and time spent on all these commemorative buffoonery! And no one even thought about the crumbling villages, poverty and deprivation of people, growing sectarian and ethnic tensions in the country and in the Caucasus ever increasing and shameless bribery is everywhere, starting with kindergarten. And the more verbal of the top anti-corruption war, the brazen demand bribes officials! This being distorted for "fight" remain young people.

No one cares of their wounded pride. They have no job opportunities, since this would require a large bribe. They can not take credit, for there is in the Caucasus loans without prior "Kickbacks." Fake drugs, fake food, beverages adulterated, fake songs and false promises have become a fashion of our time, and in this world, young people are offended by their lack of rights, grinding his future. Some of despair addicted to drugs and alcohol, engaged in looting and terror, go to the Free Islamic universities or go out of their homes. Against this background, we see the royal palaces and the whole security Battalions from the rulers, privatized the lake, gardens, farms, factories, and even the coast of the Caspian Sea. See approximate and rejected them. We see the arrogance, stupidity and intellectual poverty bureaucrats.

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