Politics in Russia

But there is a rigid mechanism of suppression of any of the most democratic Russian attempts to somehow indicate the presence of its interests in the political arena in Russia. It turns out that in the current “democracy” will search for a Russian “fifth corner,” has not yet come to the realization the need of the nation-state? And maybe we in this and push to the next section of Russia was adopted by us with glee? As in the neighboring republics, all the time I was wondering if there is at least somewhere at least one Cossack village has preserved their land and managed according to the Cossack tradition. Unfortunately, no. Oddly enough, not aware of such villages and the Kuban, although in the center of its capital is held regularly to music Cossack hundred, as if demonstrating the very process of regeneration. Does that mean that there profanity? Do I need the Cossacks of Russia? I am convinced that, yes, in the first place, where there is a need to protect the frontiers of the Fatherland.

For example, in the Caucasus, where they destined to play a stabilizing role. Or on the border with China. There’s a unique opportunity to restore the age-old community tradition and way of life of military service. But since the war in Chechnya, I never heard of State support is not “Cossack service” in the markets or in the militia, and real Cossack villages. Even under Stalin were also the Cossack troops, but that on the Cossacks? Once I was told about the Cossacks, Old Believers somewhere in Dagestan.

They have survived the Soviet authorities set up their own farm and they commanded, nor anyone from avoiding. But in the years of “democracy” in the bankruptcy of their farm still left without land, now they are forced to leave. And it was one villages of the strongest! So that is the case with the Cossacks are not as smooth as sometimes presented. For the West, Russia – a Russia that is the Russian state, and all who come here to there, according to Russian, which, by and large, true. But from this to the Russian people? PS: The other day called one of the tenth grade schools Maikop. They instead put the hours of the Russian language “Adygei literature.” I will not comment on that decision, especially since Russian children on it “agreed to voluntarily.” But on that same discomfort that they do necessarily have, is once again recalled.

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