Regional Development

The region has a wealth of entrepreneurial energy. Here's the money in his report on the "round table" cited polls that show that in the North Caucasus republics operates so-called "dual factor" – Here everything has to be multiplied by two. That is who wish to have your business in the region more twice than in the whole country. But unemployment is also greater, not less than two times. A two by two, as you know, four, and this gives the four-time negative effect, which was then a very significant effect on the reduction of stability in the region.

But why has not turned out to use this potential? What hinders? Here is an example of nationwide practice. From the federal Budget for Regional Development of Russia in 2008 has contributed more than 320 billion rubles. but only managed to master the order of 10 billion rubles. What is it? In too cumbersome mechanism of their development. There's something to do.

With such a pace we are not go away. By the way, to this same problem trying to solve a Ministry of Economic Development (2007), but then transferred this function to the Ministry of Regional Development of Russia. There is a program "South of Russia" and some of the republics of the program, but they have stalled, for obvious reasons. EH: I'll finish my thought. It has long been known that a person's life – it is always a constant struggle for resources for vital resources. They are called – WID.

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