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Homo Sapiens

Ruthless are all brandishing rifles. Thugs are all pointing the rifles; the mortars do not ask if you’re vile or you’re honest and bullets do not discern the infant from the adult. And the war makes us equal as to murderous beasts as a murderous beasts! Indifferent nature: what a Miss! Serene calm; next to the cheerful sound of creeks, to trinar melodious birds, to the jealous singing of the quadrupeds and more calm contrast completely with the roar of our constant battles. The nature is indifferent to the fratricidal excesses of Homo Sapiens continues its evolutionary course in an undefeated and silent concrete how much peace my God! How long will it last? PIM PAM PUM Fueeeego! And here we go again! It will restart A butcher Load: Trapped in a trench left by the explosion of a bomb already rotten corpses surrounded by submerged in my blood, sweat and tears resentidas tears of desperation and hatred and rancor and resentment but they don’t feel the same thing against my person? It is not my adversary as human as I? Maybe even have a wife and children a family who prays to God because he returns with life as my own family beyond this hell does Noooo! I don’t think so, it would cost me life! The adversary is my enemy is a being vile and disgusting, a wild a heartless how it killed if not I am convinced of this? And me I maintain alive if not killed those who assault me? TO THE CAAAAARGAAAAA! Bad movie: Awesome as a surreal scene in a horror film; Thus it is our day to day; in suspense, constantly in suspense: who will be the next to bite the dust? Will be maybe I? If so; should it not be now in a brothel? Surrounded by of splendid formosas models, consented and aclamado bathed in Whiskey and champagne and beer, and happy for centuries that I cannot see my family; now I can’t remember the factions of their faces; their smiles and emotional sensations, as much as I try it can’t display their faces, their countenances, not even their silhouettes, its blurry, his Ethereal silhouettes.

That This Year

It approaches the new year and everyone in one way or another we prepare to receive it. The different strata economic, sociocultural, shall be provided for this event, hoping that the watch hands marked the last few seconds of this year that will be. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy new year! It will be the cry that between hugs, grips hands and tears (perhaps), announce the arrival of the new year. But the intention of this small article is sharing something that I have watched year after year in the behaviour of some people. People who are used to repeat what they hear from others, without stopping to analyze what they are really saying.

After the excitement of the last night of the year, and the ravages of the mala noche in the first morning of the new year, in the afternoon, people found themselves the following question: and? Do this year? We are accustomed to repeat phrases or words, that We hear without paying attention to what we say. Like when someone at a meeting or in an interview repeated between prayer and prayer words and nothing. Makes me want to say to you: if it is not, then are you saying nothing or as when we ask: does your name? When in reality people are not commonly called, rather, they are called. The correct question is: what is your name? What happens is that the true intention to ask: did this year? It is learned us how it was that year received the person that we are interrogating. Because if I reply with property to that question, it would have to make a detailed detail of everything that happened to me every month of the year just ended. So the question has to be: received you the new year? So like we repeat words that suddenly were spoken by someone famous and popular and to be fashionable do them themselves, cancelling our analytical sense of what we express through speech. We learn therefore to think well before you speak, for walking not saying nonsense and a half. Original author and source of the article

The Importance Of The Religious Feeling In Daily Pay-History

Introduction: To perceive the main aspects of the religion, in view of its relevance in the formation and development since the first moment of daily pay-history is of extreme importance for an agreement on the abstract thought that later will be called of primitive religion. Then, the present study it has as main goal, to analyze and to reflect on the importance and relevance of the primitive religiosidade for the life of the prehistoric man. Then, of beforehand it is I validate to stand out that, when approaching historically on Daily pay-History of the men is of basic importance that if has accepted the incapacity if to have an absolute certainty on this period and at the same time to inform the proper reader that the research approaches on a land of doubts and only illuminated uncertainties, for hypotheses basically concluded way found archaeological research and for certifications also made through comparisons made with the present time. In this context, when launching a more critical look goes up reality that the fence, the primitive man develops a reflected, or better, a capacity to express, through its directions, a symbolic translation for its material reality, observing the harmonious mechanics of the nature and also its proper contradictions. The few the imagination becomes the man a born creator of its existence. Here it is that its imaginary one is despertado, either in the obscure and inaccessible parts of the caves, sketching the primrdios of the Art, either in the animistic totmicos rituals or also in them you practise morturias of burial or collecting skulls of its ancestor. thus is developed not alone the religious spirit, but also the proper Homo Religiosus, endowed with all the values that conduct the life and the religious feeling. Where in the most diverse manifestations, the religious sacralidade if opposes to a profane reality, secular, practical and material.


They will be understood, consequently, happened or perfected the taxable facts and been born the tributary obligation: 1. In the sale of corporal personal property: b) In all the other cases different from the mentioned ones in literal previous (Sales to beings public) 4, when the invoice is emitted or equivalent document that puts record of the operation or is pleased the price or since the real delivery becomes of the goods, according to is what it happens first. Omissis 3. In the benefit of services: omissis e) In all the other cases different from mentioned in literal previous (Services Public and Telecommunications, other services of tract successive, served to Beings Public and Originating services of the outside) 5, when the equivalent invoices or documents are emitted by that the service gives, executes the benefit, is pleased, that is indispensable the return, or gives or puts at the disposal of the purchaser the good that had been object of the service, according to is what it happens first. Seen the previous thing, we can conclude then that our legislator raises four possible situations that make be born the tributary obligation as far as the sale from corporal personal property and or benefit of services to nongovernmental beings, first of them, is the emission of the invoice, that obviously would have to be the generating fact of the obligation par excellence as much and inasmuch as it constitutes a contentivo document of all the information necessary to determine the tribute. Secondly the norm makes mention to the emission of a document equivalent to the invoice nevertheless does not define as they are these documents, we could say that a document equivalent to the invoice could be a Note of Delivery which is discarded by virtue of which this document necessarily implies the delivery of the goods which constitutes in itself a generating fact of the obligation; we could also speak of the Order of purchase, which reunites the necessary elements for the determination of the tribute, except for being a contract obligee for the parts, despite the emission of this one depends on the buyer and not on the salesman, being who the generating fact of the tribute is the sale and it purchase is not then discarded; another document used by some companies, is Pre-invoices, which doubtless reunite all the requirements necessary to make be born the obligation and determine the tribute, despite it is not a document of spread use and much less of use obligatory.

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