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Jordanian Queen Rania

Al Maktoum it already has two wives and one of them is the Middle sister of King Abdullah of Jordan (November.) Madame Susu (Suha), as their intimate, know what it is called the beautiful Jordanian Queen Rania (n.1970), to tell him that his sister-in-law, would have to share the harem with a wife more young than she, in an absolutely unfair competition. Leila was infuriated, and without thinking twice, drove the Tawil of Tunisia. For its part, Leila Ben Ali, when he saw that the political stability of her husband was in danger, pulled out of the central bank a ton and a half of gold ingots and deposited it in a safety deposit box in Dubai where his friend, the Maktoun is pattern and soto in the Emirate. Speaking of to the Maktoun: shocked the world when he declared willing to donate ten $ 1 billion to establish a foundation aimed at improving education in the Middle East. With his personal initiative he tried to, according to him, creating a knowledge-based society.

But when the alms is big, cool with her. Al Maktoum has been accused, in a Court of the United States.The U.S., for his alleged relationship with the abduction of about thirty thousand children who would have been forced to work, among other duties, such as caretakers and jockeys in camel racing, a very popular sport in the Emirates. The dispute has been driven by the parents of six of these children, citing international laws against child labour. While the Palestinians suffer, other Muslim brothers squander hands full, and unable to give them a paltry support. Total: it is Israel who can spoil the blame for everything. Life is a photocopy // original author and source of the Article

Soviet Experience

We could have an in tune perception but of this process, thanks to publications of a Slovak been in Argentina, Esteban Pokakovic. It is possible to limit, that implosion of the Soviet experience, allowed to verify that the telluric or folkloric aspects of the components of that political unit, remained undamaged to the experience, as if in that aspect temporary happening it had not occurred. Now it is demonstrated that the processes of consolidation of the National States, whose paradigm was Europe, had payable winners and. And that the payable ethnic groups, were those who integrated the migrations that compulsively came quasi to occupy American earth. It is possible to be assumed that these ethnic groups had degrees of arcaicidad predisposed that them to miscegenizar themselves biologically and culturally with the pre-Columbian ethnic groups, like with those of the originating ethnic groups of the traffic of African slaves. Resorting to the device of curl ; she retrospectively serves east nonexhaustive listing as events formulated, as she demonstrates of for us the irrestaable conceptual breach between the intrawestern minorities and the transoccidentales majorities. I complete Kusch, believed to watch some communicating vessel. Pags Larraya, thought that it was before the exhaustion of a process by disappearance of the native cultures. In a heterodox interpretation of the kushianas conceptions, we are of which we think that the culture that it sustains to the archaic forms to think, and that one characterizes by the negation, silence and the fagocitacin, he is unapproachable.

The Africans

As the slavery in Africa already she had been spread, causing a great enslaved demography, the Europeans even so they have not captured the slaves directly, they had promoted its capture through the military sales of horses and firearms. Forcing thus, exactly that indirectly, the war in order it capture of slaves. It is important to detach, therefore, that in the military, although to have been the method employee, the king more, in the majority of the cases, not vendia escravizao its subjects, only those that judged strangers. With the time the sales of slaves started to have a direction economic politician and, since the slaves had started to be sources of still bigger wealth. However, Thornton judges important to detach that some African regions as the Congo and the Benim, they had decided to interrupt the sales of slaves for European purchasers for reasons economic politicians and, why these regions were producing of fabric and pepper, and needed workers, conflicting with the European interests.

John Thornton, still makes a boarding on ' ' dynamic and independent African societies. For the Africans who had left its countries to inhabit in the new initiated Atlantic world in the islands of They are Tom or Green Cabo ' '. As it was said, the book comes bringing the all moment, the reasons for the coming of the Africans who had come to supply ' ' deficincias' ' of the aboriginal work. The Africans as well as all the societies have its culture and thus they had brought its customs and beliefs for ' ' new mundo' '. The first colonists when arriving, had used wage-earning free work but they had also used the enslaved man power that constitua in a force of permanent and thus very useful work for the cattle creation, agriculture, work artisan specialized and the service I domesticate. The author numbers some reasons for the arrival of the Africans amongst them is: the natives do not possuam great domestic animals and not if they adjusted for the cattle creation or would mount of horse the author looks for to clearly leave that the aboriginals had later learned and until they had become exmios in this chore, to put in this first moment had left behind the Africans.

Manab First

Manabi province in the center of the Ecuadorian coast, has a pleasant climate ranging from dry subtropical to humid tropical and a temperature average of 25? C. it is distributed politically in 22 cantons, each with something different to offer themselves, national and foreign tourists. The Province owns 18.893,7 km2 representing 7.36% of the national territory and its population of 1.185.025 inhabitants. corresponds to 9.8% of the total of the Ecuador and the length of its coastline from Cojimies until Ayampe reaches 354 Km and its average width limits up to Eastern with Los Rios, Pichincha and Guayas is approximately 80 Km. The distance in a straight line from the boundaries with emeralds to the Guayas South is 250 Km. Since the transportation regarding air transport there is an international airport: Eloy Alfaro in blanket and two domestic Reales Tamarindos in Portoviejo and Los Perales in San Vicente. In waterway transport exists in reservoirs of Daule Peripa, Poza Honda and La Esperanza and the Daule and Cojimies, rivers as well as between San Vincent and Bahia de Caraquez.

Passenger cars total 11.890. The existing fleet, with more than 500 units in Chone, Portoviejo, Jipijapa, Pajan and El Carmen is important within the interprovincial transportation of passenger vehicles. Also in almost all cantons there are transport intercantonal, with an estimate of about 600 units. Several cooperatives meet inter-provincial direct routes with Esmeraldas, Quito, Guayaquil, Ambato and Quevedo, which allows a permanent flow of visitors and from these places. International shipping is centered on the port of Manta, which also provides services of cabotage along the Ecuadorian coast, mostly wood, fuel and fishing. There are lower for white fish landing ports as: Cojimies, Pedernales, Jama, canoe, San Vicente, Bahia de Caraquez, San Jacinto, San Alejo, San Clemente, Las Gilces, Los Arenales, Jaramijo, San Mateo, Santa Marianita, San Lorenzo, Pacoche, Santa Rosa, Las Pinas city, Puerto Cayo, Machalilla, Puerto Lopez, Puerto Rico, Salango, Las Tunas, Don Juan, Canoa, El Matal, La Cabuya, among other tourist summary Manabi is a region with special features that enable it to be a potential for tourism development, resulting in the evolution of projects to attract travelers of the Ecuador and around the world.

Brazil Empire

The Aquinas streets and alleys in Brazil Empire are the best form to transmitting notice, to make politics and to unchain movements socialistic of the press and said of it said and me of the population that transitory these places that are common to all; poor persons, rich, Elizabethans scholars. The streets in Rio De Janean between 1820-1831 pass grandees changes and transformations, narrowing the bows of convivial opening breaches for social movements. WORDS KEYS: influenced the press, power and politics, privileges, conflicts and abdication INTRODUCTION:

During the imperial period the streets of Rio De Janean had been taken by an atmosphere of intense debate politician. In way to the disputes between Lusitania and natives and different projects of construction it Been National, and in these spaces of sociability in the quines streets and alleys together with the press the quarrels are propitious, to the debate criticize, it, the action the conflicts and the politics. when it is said in the press we have that to consider that the proper ones authorities are that they were responsible for the majority of publications and even though of the departmentalizes of the social movements. They were members of the house of representatives, officers of the troops, members of the church, owners of the commerce, booksellers, writers Most important she is that all intended to be citizens.

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