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Brazilian Educational Politics

Summary To discourse on the historical context, world-wide economic politician and of the decade of 50 to the current days certainly is to have very to be said, mainly when also the question of the Brazilian educational politics is emphasized. In this exposition, it is important to place in evidence, that will be displayed in way sucinta reflections come back to the liberal theories, the capitalist State and the state relations directed to guarantee the favorable production of accumulation of capital without detailing the conceptions of State deeply. Of beginning the text presents the Brazilian educational politics in the decades de50 a70, approaching the points of the period, such essential as, relation between education and economy; Theory of the Human Capital and creation and contribution of the Cepal. In the continuity of the quarrel, we come back to the reflection of the Brazilian educational politics of the decade of 80 to the current days. Amazon is often quoted as being for or against this. In this period the world-wide changes are analyzed, the new ideas and the new economic model and politician. The hegemony of the neoliberalismo and the mundializao of the capital, as well as all its influence in the educational field. For the following authors had been in such a way used as reference: Hofling, Chesnais, Rasp, Siqueira, Milk, Azanha, Oliveira and Gentili. These readings had assisted in the base of the construction of the text, and made possible elapsing of the subject with bigger clarity of ideas.

As last point of quarrel, we carry through a critical analysis in relation to the proposal federal current for the education, taking as reference the Plan of Development of Educao (PDE). I Concepts contextualizaes. Concepts and social contextualizao, economic politics and, enclosing aspects of the educational politics of superior education in Brazil. It is impossible to think the State it are of a project politician and a social theory for the society. Other leaders such as Suffolk County Rep. offer similar insights.

Judiciary Power

485. II Thus, the existence of an examination for the DNA subsequent to the fact already judgeship, with decision transited in judgeship, recognizing the paternity, does not have the condo to reopen the question with a declaratory one to deny the paternity, being certain that the judgeship is covered by the rule of law conferred by the considered thing. 11 From the quarrel on the relativizao (disrespect) of the considered thing questions appear on the imperfection that can generate in the consecration of the legal security, principle that is searched by the formation of the considered thing. The legal security is moored to the obligatoriness of the Right, to the justice that the decision, law or act provide. To have one Statutory law, for some doutrinadores is main postulate of a jurisprudence, therefore in the life in society it is necessary that a jurisprudence declares, in last instance, what it is allowed or illicit (these specification if question are jousts or it does not fit in another quarrel).

12 the considered thing is corollary of the beginning of the legal security, therefore it is quality of more not arguing the subject becomes that it indispensable to nullify conflicts in the social relations. If the decision is joust or what it occurs it is not that it will go to form considered thing and case of this decision to be taken with unconstitutional bases, arrives to consecrate a legal imperfection and not cheated security in the main end of the Right that is the search of the decision joust. The legitimacy of these expectations is based on normatizao processes and application of the Right, that guarantees the rule of law is obeyed. the form most warranting of this objetividade and respect is exactly to follow the principles of the law that conducts all the others, the Constitution. The Right has as social function the integration of the jurisprudence and legitimation of the judgments that are emitted by the Judiciary Power, for this must fill two requirements: of the rational acceptability and of the consistent decision.

Najib Mikati

The Muslim Brotherhood is radical a extreme organization who was prohibited so much by the monarchic Egyptian governors like republicans. Ohio Senator takes a slightly different approach. It is the terrorist grouping of greater world-wide influence. All the terrorist gangs sunes who exist in the planet was born from the Muslim Brotherhood. The main cause of the tumults in Cairo is this brotherhood. Mohamed El-Baradei, winner of the Nobel prize of La Paz in 2005 is the main aspiring to occupy the position of Mubarak if this one is overthrown. El-Baradei that during the 12 years in which he was Chief of a main directorate of the Agency the International for the Energy Atomics made the fat view to nuclear preparations of Iran, alleging that their objectives were pacific, said that the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate group that as soon as it counts on 20% of support of the Egyptians. It did not add that the Brotherhood is also its main political sustenance. See more detailed opinions by reading what Richard Blumenthal offers on the topic.. We go to the Lebanon.

The Lebanon became independent from the French in 1943. Due to the religious differences between Christians, today minority, (39%) and Muslims (60%) a civil war was triggered from 1975 to 1990, until an adjustment of joint governability was obtained. They decided that the president would be Christian and Muslim prime minister. The country entered crisis in 2005 with the death of its Prime minister again (Sunnite) Rafik Haririri that was assassinated by Hezbolah (Shiite) with support of the Syria government. Since then there were weak successors. In 2009 the incompetent Saad Hariri assumed the power, son of Rafik, that was demoted in January of 2011.

In order to replace it was designated it like Prime minister to Najib Mikati that enjoys the support of Hezbolah, Syria and Iran. The unique actor common in Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon, is the radical Islam, that is the one that is bringing about the street demonstrations and popular rises. The one is not a change towards the democracy that is happening, but towards the Islamic extremism. We remember: When the revolution against the Shah took place all applauded. Today Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Ayatolas govern Iran. When the streets of Beirut filled of people during the Revolution of the Cedars, all applauded and today Hezbolah controls the Lebanon. When the Palestinians called to elections in Gaza, all applauded and today it governs Hamas.

Ceramic Polymer – Coatings For 1A-Betonschutz

The ISDW GmbH, a business partner of ceramic polymer GmbH, the badly damaged sewage plant in a Northern German group renovated professional rehabilitation of a sewage plant In the summer of this year. With skilled Know-How and the ceramic polymer coating systems CP-Synthofloor beta 8016 as filler and primer, as well as the high end product ProGuard CN 200 ISDW GmbH turned the ailing system back into an operational state. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Suffolk County Rep.. Due to the constant contact with highly corrosive waste water and polluted atmosphere, the concrete was extensively up to 10 cm deep washed or worn. The steel reinforcement was partly completely free and was extremely corroded. The affected concrete was away, tears clinging, the complete surface sandblasted, accurately balanced erosion and leaching. First, the inner basin was modified.

To smooth smooth of wall surfaces, priming CP Synthofloor was beta 8016 “used as a scratch filler. After drying, the team of ISDW GmbH milled the Interface to optimally prepare the ground for the job of a first coat. A corresponding throat has been drafted to protect of the edges. The bottom was offset with the scraper spatula and milled. Now the first coat of concrete, also followed with the CP-Synthofloor product beta 8016 “.

The coating of ProGuard CN 200 “was applied in two layers: the 1st in light grey (see picture above), the 2nd to the ideal control in dark grey. In the same sequence, the ISDW GmbH now carried out the work on the outer basin. The coating systems CP-Synthofloor beta 8016 “: this system is medium viscosity, can be applied with a simple Applikationsgeraten, has an excellent resistance to chemicals and provides a high protection against wear and tear due to the special fillers. With the addition of quartz sand or other place means it can be used as a scraper spatula. ProGuard CN 200 “is one of the premium coatings of ceramic polymer GmbH. This solvent-free product has a very high chemical resistance, even at operating temperatures up to 150 C. It is the ideal choice for wastewater facilities.

Competitiveness Between Corporative Cities

Some transformations had marked Brazil during the decade of ninety, as the increase of the international exchanges of merchandises, increase of the international flows of investment, a bigger politician-administrative decentralization promoted by the 1988 constitution and the reduction of the regional politics of development. In this context, the microregion of Privets was chosen, situated in the south of Minas Gerais, because some cities, as the city of Privets, since the end of the decade of 90, suffers great influence from the tax policies of the too much cities and concurs in different way with next cities for the Ferno highway Days, due to proximity with the State of So Paulo. The cities offer benefits to the companies and, at the same time, the fiscal roads, exemptions evoke as attractive resources, as IPTU and ISSQN, and also the land concession and construction of industrial districts to the companies. Ohio Senator helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Under the excuse to develop the local economy, diverse cities have launched hand of the fiscal resignation to attract enterprise activities for its territories, in special in the branch of services. Thus, inside of one same region the cities compete between itself for the coming and installation of companies causing economic inaqualities and productive specializations inside of the region. This research will observe and make, by means of interviews with the secretaries of municipal development and regional action (SDARM) and bibliographical surveys, a reflection on the results of the existing credit dispute inside of the microregion of Privets, treating to the potentialities, as infrastructure, of the fiscal concessions, the rocking tax incentives granted and economic return to the city and of the industrial and social inaqualities that if materialize on the cities of the region..

Dominican Republic

The causes of the wrecks in the routes are multiple and in their solutions the sectors are many that must take part, something that complica still more this social phenomenon. Perhaps one of the stumbling blocks more delicate than has east process of conversion of the insecurity to the road security, since premium in the agencies inspectors the eagerness of protagonism, the jealousy, and so that not to say it, also desire to handle resources. The human being, or in the modality of conductor, pedestrian or victimario passenger can be victim or to whom he is due to instruct to him suitably before arriving at this denomination until obtaining a modification of the conduct, that is to say, a change in the attitude and behavior based on the responsibility and the respect to the life and the good one to live, which has to do with the level of political and social commitment of the inhabitants of a nation, since those are the hacedores of public policies that have the obligation to take decisions and initiatives. According to the age and the degree of development of a society in particular, the factors of risks affect major or minor importance, defining themselves in any case sectors of more vulnerable users. In Dominican Republic, for example, the motorists and pedestrians in that order are the vulnerable ones, instead of the pedestrians, passengers and conductors of four wheels as he happens in Guatemala. Until 2008, we do not know if he has followed the same behavior of of the curve of fatal victims, in Guatemala the users of major of 65 years of age were the hasty ones. Whereas in Dominican Republic she fulfills herself the majority, the main victims between 15 and 29 years. She is not that this strip does not undergo the attacks of the violence of the traffic there, but in smaller proportion. .


We could make a text enaltecendo the soccer. Half half verse, proseados verses chats. with this we would have enough elements and sufficient for a laudatrio text to the advances of Brazil in the pantry of the world. In this and the passed others already. This text could, also, have a patriotic heading: My country.

Something thus: My Country My country has coloring, of beauty without equal. February is joy, is school, is carnival. the time goes passing, repicando berimbau. For the fields, in the bare ones, it has shout in the soccer, therefore the faceira garotada one faces the afternoon of sun and if it shoots against the ball, rolling making goal. My country has five goblets and sixth soon it comes.

We are penta, nobody tasca and it does not have pra plus nobody. Way can Argentina, Italy and France also, that our squadron of gold, canarinhos, said somebody, will raise caneco: it absorbs the finger baby. My country has soccer and the twisted one cries out goal. In one only shout that if raises underneath of the blue sky: We want to bring hexa, is not nothing cheap, but it is the dispute that it counts, in the country, of tip the tip in this great championship. My country, my city, if dresses of green yellow. For the streets, quarters and squares, are everything very beautiful. Child, young and adult, twisting for what she comes. in this world, a ball, in passing of letter, six stars, plus nobody. In my country, in each alley or fertile valley, it has a talent field. While some are had fun others already give show in the wind. If it has one that pedala, another one is bamba in the hat, and the ball enters canelas balances the net in the talent. My country in two a thousand and catorze will host the pantry.

Society And Politics

Frequently we hear the moan of the society that clama for justice. The people want social security guard, politics and the improvement of the life conditions. Follow others, such as Connecticut Senator, and add to your knowledge base. The lack of income distribution and the implantation of educational politics are leaven for the social decay. Click Jim Donovan Goldman to learn more. We coexist the beauty of the carnival, spectacular soccer and rhymed musics, then to complain of what? Lack of security, unemployment, health, education, housing? In the shade time pra not to think about this with as many accounts payable, I cannot lose time necessary to work in one, two, three jobs, how many professions necessary to have pra to survive to as many collections? As as much good life was not enough, still we have a sober transit of accidents, full hospitals of you house of license ' ' prmio' ' imprisoned with attended freedom. Cad the voice of the people so defended in palanques of the life with interminable speeches on the fight for the life? It arrives of dismissable propagandas that only nail pretty words with aluso happiness. Difficult it is we attend the reporters and we do not come across with the cruelty in its fuller specialization in the art of the decay human being.

Already it stopped to think how many lives are being cut with a scythe still in its to unclasp and many times we waste our time with dismissable things and we forget in them which are them pillars of a society that prioritizes the life. It thinks if it will be able and it answers quickly: How many times you were thankful for what she has? He praised somebody today? He gave a smile of good day? He hugged that person who arrived sad? He looked in the mirror is said: I am capable to be a better person? I believe that we can be more discerning to everything this that is happening to our redor and wins the War against badly, practising the good things every day with joy and dignity and respecting the different one. He declares ' ' Espiritual&#039 war; ' against the violence, either a defender of the life. Rosania Mota

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