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Electronic Key Management

The key of an enterprise constitute one of the most important assets. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Senator Richard Blumenthal. Key used to protection and safety to ensure health and confidence. The keys of an enterprise represent one of the most important assets, because keys allow access to buildings, filing cabinets, lockers, vehicles, safe equipment, server racks, computers and staff. Key used to protection and safety to ensure health and confidence. Keys exist in many forms, not only as a mechanical design with the famous blade, but also as RFID or radio transponder, magnetic cards, USB security keys and PIN-code for terminals. Just who is always exact and fully informed where the various keys of his company are located, protects the company from the inside to the outside. Unfortunately, still based on the old index card or key book is worked in many companies. J. Darius Bikoff helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

The output a key is done by one person, will be recorded by hand and all people involved hope that the key too soon finds a. Often, a search with all known negative effects towards financial and human is then up to the serious errors of the operating climate. Even if an access restriction to only 2 or 3 people can be on the experience of a major bank, in the one day the central key was untraceable and was not traceable, which person last had it in the hands. The result was the exchange of 2000 door locks. The key usually drawers, key boxes or so-called key safes are stored.

Key safes suggest the user while a higher security as a key box, but ultimately still any intentional or unintentional manipulation is possible after the opening of the key safe. Often key safes can be opened at the beginning of the work and again in the evening, because people involved the repeated opening day business for the too cumbersome is closed. Computer-controlled key cabinets and specialist equipment with electronically unique content detection, as they are offered E.g.

Ceramic Polymer – Coatings For 1A-Betonschutz

The ISDW GmbH, a business partner of ceramic polymer GmbH, the badly damaged sewage plant in a Northern German group renovated professional rehabilitation of a sewage plant In the summer of this year. With skilled Know-How and the ceramic polymer coating systems CP-Synthofloor beta 8016 as filler and primer, as well as the high end product ProGuard CN 200 ISDW GmbH turned the ailing system back into an operational state. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Suffolk County Rep.. Due to the constant contact with highly corrosive waste water and polluted atmosphere, the concrete was extensively up to 10 cm deep washed or worn. The steel reinforcement was partly completely free and was extremely corroded. The affected concrete was away, tears clinging, the complete surface sandblasted, accurately balanced erosion and leaching. First, the inner basin was modified.

To smooth smooth of wall surfaces, priming CP Synthofloor was beta 8016 “used as a scratch filler. After drying, the team of ISDW GmbH milled the Interface to optimally prepare the ground for the job of a first coat. A corresponding throat has been drafted to protect of the edges. The bottom was offset with the scraper spatula and milled. Now the first coat of concrete, also followed with the CP-Synthofloor product beta 8016 “.

The coating of ProGuard CN 200 “was applied in two layers: the 1st in light grey (see picture above), the 2nd to the ideal control in dark grey. In the same sequence, the ISDW GmbH now carried out the work on the outer basin. The coating systems CP-Synthofloor beta 8016 “: this system is medium viscosity, can be applied with a simple Applikationsgeraten, has an excellent resistance to chemicals and provides a high protection against wear and tear due to the special fillers. With the addition of quartz sand or other place means it can be used as a scraper spatula. ProGuard CN 200 “is one of the premium coatings of ceramic polymer GmbH. This solvent-free product has a very high chemical resistance, even at operating temperatures up to 150 C. It is the ideal choice for wastewater facilities.

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