Dominican Republic

The causes of the wrecks in the routes are multiple and in their solutions the sectors are many that must take part, something that complica still more this social phenomenon. Perhaps one of the stumbling blocks more delicate than has east process of conversion of the insecurity to the road security, since premium in the agencies inspectors the eagerness of protagonism, the jealousy, and so that not to say it, also desire to handle resources. The human being, or in the modality of conductor, pedestrian or victimario passenger can be victim or to whom he is due to instruct to him suitably before arriving at this denomination until obtaining a modification of the conduct, that is to say, a change in the attitude and behavior based on the responsibility and the respect to the life and the good one to live, which has to do with the level of political and social commitment of the inhabitants of a nation, since those are the hacedores of public policies that have the obligation to take decisions and initiatives. According to the age and the degree of development of a society in particular, the factors of risks affect major or minor importance, defining themselves in any case sectors of more vulnerable users. In Dominican Republic, for example, the motorists and pedestrians in that order are the vulnerable ones, instead of the pedestrians, passengers and conductors of four wheels as he happens in Guatemala. Until 2008, we do not know if he has followed the same behavior of of the curve of fatal victims, in Guatemala the users of major of 65 years of age were the hasty ones. Whereas in Dominican Republic she fulfills herself the majority, the main victims between 15 and 29 years. She is not that this strip does not undergo the attacks of the violence of the traffic there, but in smaller proportion. .

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