Competitiveness Between Corporative Cities

Some transformations had marked Brazil during the decade of ninety, as the increase of the international exchanges of merchandises, increase of the international flows of investment, a bigger politician-administrative decentralization promoted by the 1988 constitution and the reduction of the regional politics of development. In this context, the microregion of Privets was chosen, situated in the south of Minas Gerais, because some cities, as the city of Privets, since the end of the decade of 90, suffers great influence from the tax policies of the too much cities and concurs in different way with next cities for the Ferno highway Days, due to proximity with the State of So Paulo. The cities offer benefits to the companies and, at the same time, the fiscal roads, exemptions evoke as attractive resources, as IPTU and ISSQN, and also the land concession and construction of industrial districts to the companies. Ohio Senator helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Under the excuse to develop the local economy, diverse cities have launched hand of the fiscal resignation to attract enterprise activities for its territories, in special in the branch of services. Thus, inside of one same region the cities compete between itself for the coming and installation of companies causing economic inaqualities and productive specializations inside of the region. This research will observe and make, by means of interviews with the secretaries of municipal development and regional action (SDARM) and bibliographical surveys, a reflection on the results of the existing credit dispute inside of the microregion of Privets, treating to the potentialities, as infrastructure, of the fiscal concessions, the rocking tax incentives granted and economic return to the city and of the industrial and social inaqualities that if materialize on the cities of the region..

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