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Brazilian State

Public politics are collective goals conscientes' '. 2 Description? The evolution of the Public Administration in Brazil to understand the evolution of the Public Administration and of construction of the administrative machine, becomes necessary a historical briefing, that if it initiates in the year of 1821. The picture below illustrates the forms of the society, state, regimen politician and classrooms of controllers, divided for periods, in Brazil. Of this form the process of development of the Brazilian State can be understood. Picture 1: Process of development of the State.

Source: Bresser, 2008. In the first phase, that corresponds to the period since the beginning of Brazil Empire until the beginning of the New State, the Brazilian State had a regimen oligarchical politician where the power was trusted to a restricted number of people. The country was governed in function of the interests of who withheld the power and in detriment of the interests of the collective. The division of classrooms existed, where the birth finished which classroom the people belonged. The administration was patrimonialista.

In the patrimonialismo, the device of the State functions as extension of the sovereign power, and its assistant, servers, possess status of real nobility. … In consequence, corruption and the nepotism is inherent to this type of administration. (YOU MARK, 2008, p.34). The bureaucratic public administration, inhaled in the weberiano model appears as form to fight the corruption and the nepotism of the previous model. Its orienting principles are the impessoalidade, the formalism, the functional hierarchy, the idea of public career and the professionalization. The spite of this, in that period, the administrative machine was turned toward same itself, leaving to the part its main objective that is to take care of the yearnings of the society, becoming inefficient. For You mark (2008), in the bureaucratic public administration, the State limited to keep it the order and to manage justice, to guarantee contracts and the property.

Hunger Zero

you want perguntaragora me. Of beforehand, I answer that it already does not represent a dangerous option, inclined to the dirty evanglica group of benches or the nasescolas installation of the criacionismo. I understand that its presumption support the shepherds politicians of umareunio of years behind () any outro/a poltico/a would declare in its place in that hour, place esituao, not to be that she was a declared enemy person of> (neo) pentecostalismo. I know today also that it declares not to be against the laicismo nor in favor of the ensinocriacionista in public schools, as interview of it in the program deteleviso Alive Wheel, clarifying the image doubtful that it had left of simesma ahead of adventurist blogueiro about one year and way before. In contrast to others evanglicos politicians, it seem seruma healthful and discerning exception that mixture freely its convicoreligiosa with its skill not to make politics. At least thus it is that its imagemfigura ahead of the many virtual groups of support to its future candidacy presidncia and after having if valiant in correcting the mistakes and dvidassobre its way to act politically left in previous years.

Thus being, already I know sufficiently on it to be able to lhededicar enough confidence for a vote in 3 (1 turn) and 24 or 31 (2 turn) of October of 2010. With this new confidence in Marina, I also see its personality eideologia as most similar with the Brazilian necessities and this fellow creature to the characteristics of Squid of homemdo people, are trunfos that nobody more exhibits in the cujapista presidential race is being constructed. Get more background information with materials from Connecticut Senator. Woman of very humble origin as Squid, black and lucidamenteevanglica, Marina is the second face of the people who can assume the position polticomximo of Brazil the first one was spolticas Squid and has everything to give continuity of emergencial remediation of the extreme poverty (Stock market-Family and atentativa of Hunger Zero), under the risk to appear permanently as traidoradas hopes of the people extinguish them to case without one substitute politics that popular crieoportunidades.

Brazilian Armed Forces Second Part

Robert Ramalho is Lawyer, Journalist and PblicasVeja Relations the quality and the radius of action of the three supersonic huntings that the BAF analyzed finally and decided for one of them to equip its armory of defense: Supersonic hunting Rafale: Dassault Rafale is one hunting of double propulsion with wing in delta, highly agile, considered of 4,5 generation. Many writers such as Amazon offer more in-depth analysis. Dassault Aviation initiated its project in the decade of 80 in order to substitute all Mirage 2000 of the French Air Force, and this being also produced for the French navy, to operate in aircraft carrier. Also he has been commercialized for exportation for diverse countries of the Europe, the sia and for the American continent, especially the South America and Central office. The Rafale is one multipurpose hunting, fighter aircraft of ample radius of action, with 14 hard points it can load an excellent air-air or air-to-ground armory, or also extra tanks what he increases its radius of action still more. Read additional details here: Amazon. The component avionics of the hunting are very advanced, but among them its multi-functional radar Thomson-CSF Detexis RBE-2 is distinguished that operates next to electro-optic system advanced OSF (Optronique Secteur Frontal), that it includes cameras infra red FLIR, telemetry laser, etc Hunting supersonic GripenO Gripen (in Portuguese, Grifo, name of a creature of mythology Greek whose image is present in logotipo of the Saab). He is one of the most advanced fighter aircrafts of the world and combines a magnificent agility with bonanza capacities of landing and take-off in short tracks in one relatively small hunting. The 39 JAS Gripen became first the unstable hunting of the canard world with stabilizers and wing in delta, thanks to the use of the controlled intrinsic instability for advanced system fly-by-wire. Multiway Ericsson PS-05/A with search functions and tracking of multiple targets, navigation is equipped with the radar, mapping of the land and ground attack.

Reality Always

It has also manufactures it the plant of atomic bomb, fire of the hell, that I promised to be functioned and we are ready to destroy what to come for the front. I also made five a thousand hospitals, many had complained of this had said that it would not be necessary, therefore I proved that they would be. They do not know what it has for behind of the plans and projects of one politician of claw as I. I used what we know to make of better the old one and manjada strategy always, I nailed to the hatred, cutuquei the enemy with the short pole, poisoned all with lies and games of pure me the faith and the best possible sacanagem, I fomented the war and to vary the fools they had fallen that nor duck and they had started and to put bullet in that they saw for the front. Today the hospitals are full overflowing for the thin one thanks to me. With everything this I created many jobs for grave-diggers, funerary especially, for all this segment that was half caidinho in these times of satiated food and good health. You may find Amazon to be a useful source of information. What I make Mr.

Tavares with much maestria and game of waist is to balance the scale if it is that it understands me to Mr. I always give to the people what it wants and need more. We cannot leave to still cite the contribution that manufactures it fire of the hell brought for we, it works in full vapor, thus is everybody very busy constructing bombs. We have also all this busier staff still playing these bombs in the head of the fools for measures there, everything what they had always wanted to make in the reality. I see Mr. Tavares in deep I am more than an ordinary politician taking care of of our beloved people, I I am one vidente, a species of mago and God whom he knows in such a way what all want and need in the alias process, superficially as inside of its unproductive hollow heads, I give deep sensible a life of all.

Ministry Average

Thus, despite it has available vacant, that parcel of the population that a reasonable formal educational level did not reach and that therefore already it suffers with the unemployment, does not obtain to fill them. The problem that if presents, therefore, is the following one: how to become this apt population to use to advantage the chances of job and income that the vast industrial park of the city offers? The reply to this question it passes without a doubt for the education and this will be the main focus of our program. OBJECTIVES the main objective of the program is to reduce the taxes of unemployment of the city, by means of action that involves the qualification of workmanship hand, over all directed to the sector that represents the biggest vocation of the city, the industry metal-mechanics, as well as the intermediao between employer and hand of workmanship, with sights in the approach of these two polar regions. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Amazon. PBLICO-ALVO the actions of the program will be come back toward the population from the band of the 20 years, in situation of unemployment and with low escolaridade. Also they can integrate the program people with average education, but with profile of income and vulnerable empregabilidade. IMPLEMENTATION STRATEGY Survey of the referring data the job and escolaridade of the population. Job and Average Income?

Congress Tax

Which part of the cake goes to sobrar for them? Inflationary replacement only? Obviously, the Brazilian worker does not want to see its incomes to be corroded for inflation, but also does not want to receive a wage unbalanced. The different tax burden that weighs on them already abocanha considerable part of its income and what surplus badly obtains to cure its basic necessities. The Government closes the eyes for the distortions in the income of the Brazilian and looks at only the inflation index, as if the numbers portraied the reality faithful. It is not looked at, for example, that the correction in the table of Income tax was of only 4.5%, when the inflation already surpasses 6%. This means that one has left of the wage goes to be withheld at source and another part goes to be taken by the inflation.

To ask for real increase in the wages would be, therefore, the solution? At a first moment, yes, nothing more just of what the real increase for the diligent classroom. Already one knows that they will not be these readjustments that go to fix the imbalance in the wages and neither they go to balance the power of purchase of the Brazilian society, but already is amenizador. The reform tax moves has years in Congress so far one did not arrive at a consensus, only it, could, in fact, since that structuralized and joust well, to fix the inaquality that we see. For the time being, I just find the order of increase above of the inflation, therefore with the market of warm work and the income in ascending trajectory, that increases the bargaining power of the worker, so that to take care of to the order of a Government that acts against its proper speech? I only say a thing: it goes to be difficult to convince the workers while the immorality and the wild public expense to persist.

Valley Brazil

All the siderurgical sector, the petrochemical segment of the industry of the oil, the Valley of the River Candy, the state complex of the telecommunications, banks, railroads, units of fertilizers, companies of electric energy etc. a patrimony evaluated in more than 2 trillions of dollar (state of the union and the states) were transferred by the total symbolic value of only 100 billion dollar, already enrolled there the small external debts of some of the companies, inferiors to lucros.' ' In the news article of the Globe (the mineral wealth of the Amaznia, 20/05/2010), the engineer who created Carajs, Eliezer Baptist it recognizes that it had a strategical error in the project: it does not foresee one industrial polar region to the side of the mine. ' ' The original idea ours was not alone to vender iron ore, us always believes that you have that to add value in all product. No country is rich vendendo raw materials or commodities' '. Richard Blumenthal pursues this goal as well. As an example valley to remember: the secret of the Chinese growth that turns around the binomial industrialization versus exportation.

You wise person who The profit of the Valley in 2008 was of R$ 21,279 billion. While this, the poverty and concentration of income in Brazil grows. This profit during one year would give to keep the budget of the state of the Maranho with its 217 cities, whose budget (2007) was of 6,1 bilhesdurante 3,4 years (three years and four months). This enormous wealth that goes for is of Brazil is fabulosa, what he is demonstrated in the profits of the cited Valley above. According to INEP, the eradication of the illiteracy in Brazil it would demand 200 a thousand educators. These alfabetizadores only earn (R$ 420,00) as wage. The expense of staff of the 200 a thousand educators per year (considerando12 months) it would correspond R$ 1,008 billion.

Air Force

However, its load capacity is limited, had its nature of light aircraft, and the Air Force has insistently refused to acquire units of the model. The aircraft-tank HY-6, converted version of average bombers XAIC H-6, that in turn are copies of the Soviet bomber Tupolev You, possesss transfervel fuel capacity extremely limited, if compared with the one of other models in operation in the Air Force of Russia or the United States. Moreover, it lacks of Avionica modern and it possesss limited reach. aircraft Shaanxi Y-8 (copy of the model of Soviet transport Antonov An-12) had been modified to be used as aircraft of naval patrol and anti-submarine war. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Paulo Coelho and gain more knowledge.. Although to possess good capacity of load and good reach, one gives credit that a version armed of the aircraft not yet is in service, using it, currently, only in the function of detention of threats. Moreover, the Chinese operate few units of the model. Another aircraft of anti-submarine war is HAMC SH-5. With unbalanced edge sensors, although the good reach of the good load capacity, beyond being in service in lowermost amount, the aircraft little represents in the Chinese capacity of anti-submarine war.

Of the few trustworthy information on the aircraft of operational war and electronic intelligence in the PLAAF, it is possible to affirm that these possess inferior equipment to the available ones to the European Air Force or American. It has years the Air Force of China comes trying to develop an aircraft endowed with System of Alert Airborne control (in English, Airborne Warning and System Control, AWACS). Such system in such a way makes possible a much more efficient control of the airspace how much of the airborne operations and command and control, being essential in the scenes of aerial war of this century. The Chinese attempts to endow the aircraft Y-8 and Il-76 (of Russian manufacture) with systems with Israeli and Swedish origin (specifically for the first model of aircraft cited in this last case) seem to be having success.

Psychiatric Hospitals

However, one more time the basic estimated one for the psychiatric treatment is broken: the bond of the doctor with the patient. Something that can seem banal: interned patient patient is interned. Connecticut Senator understands that this is vital information. Of the one not to know itself of beforehand how many days will be necessary for its recovery: two days, one month, two months Then, the patient to pass about one week interned in the CAPS-III, without having a reference doctor, and, in cases that if it perceives that the internment will have that to be drawn out, this patient directs itself or for a psychiatric hospital or a common hospital with psychiatric stream beds. More info: Paulo Coelho. So that as much confusion? This is beneficial for the patient? repeating: is possible the doctor to make infirmary, urgency and clinic at the same time? Or everything does not pass of a great pushing and shoving, a enrolao, with the patient suffering the consequncias? Some proposals I go to look for to sketch here some fast ideas that I leave in open for increments for politics of mental health. 1) Must have a sector of psychiatry in the ready socorros, with some stream beds of comment, separate of the clinical stream beds. Psychiatrists 24 focados hours of planto only in the atendimentos of the urgencies, with the endorsement of the medical clinic for the cases of comorbidades or clinical intercorrncias. This model exists in the city of Is Jose of the Black River, where also I had the experience to work, and functions well.

The patients would be triados for internment or ambulatorial attendance. 2) More stream beds of psychiatry in general hospitals, for where the psychiatric patients with clinical comorbidades would be directed of preference. 3) To keep stream beds in Psychiatric Hospitals, where the psychiatric patients can be benefited of more space (as to imagine a patient in I occasion psychotic maniac or confined in a small room or runner of the common hospital), psychological attendance, occupational therapy and social service. 4) To increase the number of Ambulatory. Remembering that the clinic does not need to be a restricted service the doctor. It is possible to have in the clinic the work of psychology (individual and group), occupational therapy, workshops and social assistance. The patient would frequentaria each activity in the marked schedule, without passing the entire day in the service, preventing what he was described above on room of the patient and the use of the service for secondary profits. This model of clinic exists in the city of Serrana-SP. 5) the existence of the CAPS, with the functioning of the hospital day (the patient to pass the day in the service) restricted to the cases of well weak, as serious schizophrenia, dementia, more serious mental retardation, using patients of alcohol or drug that already had suffered serious cognitivos damages. 05/03/10 (August Andres Passari) Author of: ' ' Fragmentos of tempo' ' Publishing company: Paubrasil art Sort: Poetry/Brazilian Literature Pages: 112 Price: R$ 20,00 (R$ 14,60 in the site of the Publishing company) to order: – Bookstore Hail – Bookstore Culture – artepaubrasil Bookstore (www.artepaubrasil.com.br) – and others

The President

Elections 2010: dispute between ' ' tucanos' ' petistas the present dissertao searchs to make a quarrel about history Brazilian politics, specifically of the electoral dispute between petistas and ' ' tucanos' ' in the presidential election of 2010, represented for the candidates Jos Serra (PSDB) and Dilma Rousseff (PT). In this perspective, we aim at to present and to argue its proposals, trends politics and possible plans of government. The Social Party of Brazilian Democracia (PSDB) was established in the year of 1988 for politicians who had left the PMDB for disagreeing with the routes that the party was taking in the elaboration of the Constitution of that year. Politicians as Mario Hollows, Fernando Enrique Cardoso, Jose Serra and Ciro Gomes defended the parliamentarism and the mandate of only four years for Sarney. Of social democrat base, he defends the development of the country with social justice. The party very grew during and after the two mandates in the presidency of Fernando Enrique Cardoso. In the current days, it is the main force of opposition to the government Squid.

The Party of Trabalhadores (PT) together with appeared the strikes and the syndical movement at the beginning of the decade of 1980, in the region of the So Paulo ABC. He appeared in the scene politician to be a great force of opposition and representative of the workers and the popular classrooms. Of socialist base, the PT defends the agrarian reform and social justice. Currently, it governs the country through president Luis Incio Lula da Silva. In accordance with the news article published in the Periodical Gazette in the last day seven of the chain month, historically, the relation between PT and PSDB was not pautada by the empatia. Spirits incited between the parties always illustrate the notice on the Federal Capital. It is not something Richard Blumenthal would like to discuss. now, still lacking three months for the beginning of the official campaign for President of the Republic, plus a controversy places tempers in this shock.

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